Prodevans: Crafting Tomorrow’s Tech through Cloud Innovation

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In the ever-evolving realm of technology, the cloud emerges as the catalyst for transformative change. As businesses increasingly adopt cloud solutions to define their future, the search for dependable and secure providers has taken on paramount significance. Among the ranks of these companies is Prodevans, a company that is successfully propelling digital transformation via open-source technologies backed by enterprise-grade support and personalized services.

Prodevans: Forging a Path to Digital Excellence

Prodevans, known as ‘Pro Developer Answers,’ is a distinguished provider of open-source solutions specializing in Cloud Native App Development, Blockchain, Cloud Infrastructure, Automation DevSecOps, and AI & ML. Operating across India and the Asia Pacific, the company spearheads digital transformation through open-source technology, fortified by enterprise-grade support and tailored services.

Prodevans offers a comprehensive range of services centered on Cloud & Container Technologies, guided by the principle that platforms are exclusively crafted for applications. 

With a mission to optimize application efficiency and implement cost-effective solutions, Prodevans maintains a steadfast commitment to technology leadership. Furthermore, the company’s vision echoes continuous innovation, ensuring clients’ prosperity by delivering exceptional solutions.

Beyond Conventional: A Peek at Prodevans’ Product Catalog

Prodevans introduces a suite of services, united under “SERVICES TO SHAPE YOUR TOMORROW.” The company’s offerings include Technology, Infrastructure, and People solutions, meticulously curated by skilled problem solvers and technologists, strategically addressing operational risks, boosting growth, and future-proofing businesses.

Spanning Technology, Infrastructure, and People, Prodevans ensures enhanced user experiences and optimal ROI at practical price points. The company consistently tailors expertise to meet business needs, delivering trusted managed infrastructure services, pioneering Cloud & ML advancements, and enabling Talent-as-a-Service access.

In uncertain times, Prodevans takes the lead with Assessment services, aiding pivotal decisions through assessments, health checks, performance tuning, and roadmap formulation. For architectural insights, the company excels, assisting conceptualization via avenues like Minimum Viable Products (MVP), jumpstarts, accelerators, and Proof of Concepts (PoC). Furthermore, Prodevans also offers expert consulting, mentorship, training, and skilled management of infrastructure and applications.

Here is a glimpse at the Evolution of Prodevans’ Solutions:

What Banks Needed

To succeed in the changing world of banking, banks need a plan. They should make UPI Payment Services (a type of digital payment) three times better for everyday banking. They also need to create a system that makes it easy for customers to do their banking on different devices like phones and computers. 

This will not only make things smoother but also keep customers happy for a long time. Plus, it can help banks save money and find new ways to make money by keeping customers around. Lastly, they should work on making new digital features available faster to stay competitive.

Major Problems Faced by Banks

Banks face some big problems. They use old-fashioned computer systems that are not very flexible. Some of their important payment systems can’t automatically adjust to handle more work, so they often have to stop working and be fixed by people when there’s a problem. Also, their different computer systems don’t work well together, which can make things confusing. 

It takes a long time for them to create and launch new things like apps or services because of slow processes. Lastly, the number of transactions they have to handle is growing super fast every year, and they need to find ways to keep up with all the extra work.

Prodevans Approach

The Prodevans approach is all about offering a comprehensive and well-thought-out solution with support from multiple OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). They start by envisioning the big picture, assessing needs, strategizing, and creating a roadmap to achieve specific business goals. Then, they design solutions tailored to your industry and unique technology setup, ensuring a perfect fit. They guide the adoption process, helping migrate, modernize, and integrate the right elements to drive transformation. 

Regular evaluation and adjustments are part of their strategy to keep things on track. Prodevans is responsible for creating a top-notch container platform with extended life cycles and Prodevans Support based on service level agreements. They’ve also developed a Performance Dashboard integrated with APM Monitoring Tools, a central tool used by banks. 

Their demonstrations showcase key OpenShift features like auto-healing, auto-scaling, CI/CD pipelines, and high availability capabilities. They achieve impressive response times, such as <300 milliseconds for the UPI Balance Enquiry Module, and seamlessly integrate OpenShift with the bank’s UPI Mobility Platform.

Banks Benefited

Banks have realized significant benefits from these initiatives. They’ve seen a remarkable 40-50% reduction in the time it takes to release applications and services, allowing them to be more agile and responsive. Developer productivity has surged by 40%, streamlining the creation of new solutions. Hardware resource utilization and maintenance costs have been slashed by 30-40%, contributing to cost efficiency. 

Moreover, the implementation has provided banks with a unified view of the health of their applications and services, minimizing downtime and enhancing reliability. This customer-centric approach has laid the foundation for future business needs and has created a seamless experience across different channels for end-users. The architecture, incorporating CI/CD and DevOps practices, facilitates the rapid delivery of UPI applications, ensuring banks stay at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Key Suggestions/ Learnings

  • When dealing with complex problems, it’s helpful to break them into smaller, achievable projects. This approach involves working closely together and using practical insights.
  • It’s a good idea to discuss responsibilities like managing OpenShift clusters, storage, deployment, and application migrations early on. This helps us find any issues and make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • We’ve found that organizing workshops to teach everyone involved, including architects, developers, and administrators, is really beneficial.
  • Working with Red Hat GLS has been helpful because they can create customized training materials that make it easier for us to learn and adopt new technologies and practices. These strategies have been key to our success and teamwork.

Unique Attributes of Prodevans

As a prominent figure in Digital Transformation, particularly in reshaping business models, Prodevans achieves dependable outcomes through a ‘Minimum Viable Product’ (MVP) approach, powered by a ‘POD-based execution methodology’ and facilitated by collaborative ‘Communities.’ With extensive experience across BFSI sub-verticals, including Banks, Insurance, Asset Management, and Capital markets, the company excels in DevOps and MSP practice on Open Source, boasting competencies in AWS, GCP, Azure, and Oracle solutions. Additionally, Prodevans offers an array of solutions, accelerators, and frameworks, spanning App Modernization, Single Sign-On, Notification, Data, UX, and Testing, featuring innovative low-code-no-code platforms.

Origin and Industry Challenges: Prodevans’ Journey of Triumph

Deepak Mishra (Founder and CEO) has been passionate about technology since the start of his career. He first started a training venture named COSS India, which was consistently ranked among the top Red Hat Partners in the country since 2003. This set the foundation for Deepak to establish Prodevans Technologies as a technology and services consultancy in 2015. With a background of nearly two decades in Technology Management for international banks and substantial consulting expertise, Deepak identified a noteworthy shortage of adept professionals within the tech realm.

Additionally, constant change brings challenges and opportunities in the dynamic tech terrain. Within this shift, Unix and Linux systems retain significance for mission-critical tasks, necessitating skilled sys-ops experts. Another crucial void emerges in Cloud and container tech, spanning Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, and Automation. This realization propelled the company’s mission to fill this gap.

Despite the challenges, Prodevans’ immersion in these technologies demands a steady influx of talent. To bridge the skill gap, the company assesses employees biannually, setting growth benchmarks. Fresh talent is equally crucial, facilitated by the company’s partnership with Red Hat Academy partner, COSS. This ensures a constant stream of skilled individuals aligned with the company’s needs and prepared through an extensive year-long training program for industry integration.

Fortifying Data Security: Protocols Embedded in Prodevans Solutions

Prodevans is deeply committed to data security, weaving a comprehensive strategy into its solutions to ensure client data’s confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility. This involves robust authentication, role-based access control, and industry-standard encryption. Furthermore, regular security audits, vigilant monitoring, and intrusion detection systems reflect the company’s dedication to security.

Prodevans emphasizes secure coding practices, network segmentation, and a robust incident response plan. Thorough data backup, third-party integration evaluation, and comprehensive security training further bolster the company’s security measures. Moreover, Prodevans’ unwavering commitment to data protection regulations and industry standards serves as a strong testament to its dedication to compliance. This dedication, coupled with its robust security measures, ensures the integrity of data security and cultivates a lasting sense of trust.

Architect of Triumph: Mr Deepak’s Leadership Journey with Prodevans

In his role as CEO of Prodevans, Deepak Mishra manages a dynamic and youthful organization, requiring him to embrace a diverse range of roles and responsibilities. With an enduring passion for technology dating back to the inception of his career, the seeds of entrepreneurship were sown. He places great trust in the leadership team, fostering their ownership, which significantly contributes to the company’s operational efficiency and ultimate success.

Mr. Deepak’s approach is characterized by hands-on involvement, where he takes on diverse responsibilities. From shaping the company’s overarching vision and strategic direction, providing robust leadership, making pivotal decisions, harmonizing immediate needs with long-term aspirations, identifying growth-enhancing prospects and partnerships, to ensuring financial health, talent acquisition, and promoting innovation – his role encompasses a wide spectrum. 

Collaborating closely with marketing and sales teams, nurturing client relationships, managing risk, and cultivating industry connections, he adeptly conveys the company’s vision to stakeholders. In essence, his resolute commitment revolves around steering Prodevans toward a realm of excellence through adept strategic management and holistic engagement.

Adapting to the Future: Staying Ahead with Trends and Insights

Prodevans holds the belief that staying attuned to market trends and advancements is pivotal for upholding peak innovation and unwavering security. Through a holistic strategy, the organization melds various approaches to navigate the evolving landscape adeptly. Here are several methods through which the company remains informed about the latest trends and advancements:

  • Cultivating Continuous Learning: A culture of ceaseless learning prompts teams to engage in regular self-improvement through workshops, webinars, and conferences spanning DevSecOps, cybersecurity, cloud technologies, and software development.
  • Harnessing Online Communities: Actively engaging in online forums and platforms like Reddit, Stack Overflow, and dedicated DevSecOps forums facilitates peer discussions, knowledge sharing, and insights exchange.
  • Leveraging Podcasts and Webcasts: Capitalizing on podcasts and webcasts centered on DevSecOps and technology provides seamless learning opportunities during commutes or downtime.
  • Forging Vendor Partnerships: Robust alliances with technology leaders grant access to early updates, new features, and roadmap insights, ensuring preparedness for impending technological shifts.
  • Fostering Internal Knowledge Exchange: Regular internal knowledge-sharing sessions stimulate cross-functional learning as team members present novel discoveries, bolstering proactive learning pursuits.
  • Pursuing Certifications and Training: Investment in pertinent certifications validates expertise and ensures alignment with industry standards.
  • Nurturing Experimentation: Allocating time for hands-on experimentation and prototyping with nascent technologies bolsters agility and innovation through firsthand evaluation of emerging tools and methodologies.

Milestones in Excellence

Prodevans boasts an array of significant accomplishments, including the establishment of 50+ global customer relationships and the cultivation of a certified bench pool of 180+ industry-skilled personnel. The company has successfully delivered 300+ open-source projects and played a pivotal role in creating opportunities for more than 50 interns to become certified professionals. 

  • Trusted Excellence 2023: Prodevans earned the prestigious “Most Trusted Cloud Computing Solutions Provider 2023” title, validating its dedication to secure and innovative solutions. This honor strengthens reputation and client trust and spurs continuous improvement, motivating the team to excel and uphold stakeholder confidence.
  • Impactful Initiative at KL University: Notably, Prodevans initiated a transformative project in collaboration with Red Hat, making a remarkable impact on the KL University campus in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. This innovative endeavor paved the way for over 1000 students to access lucrative job prospects at the nexus of technology and education.
  • ZTrust by Prodevans and Red Hat: Prodevans also launched its collaborative Single Sign-On (SSO) solution, ZTrust, in partnership with Red Hat and Prodevans Technologies. This solution is accessible on the Red Hat website. ZTrust offers a powerful remedy for the security, compliance, and simplicity challenges that customers often encounter, making it a remarkable addition to Prodevans’ offerings. 

Team Synergy and Culture at Prodevans

At Prodevans, the teams are steadfastly committed to pioneering advanced cloud and container platforms, collaboratively tackling intricate hurdles, and delivering outstanding solutions. Prioritizing work-life equilibrium and professional evolution, the company places a high premium on employee welfare, offering abundant prospects for career progression within the dynamic domain of cloud and DevSecOps. 

Notably, 90% of the staff are certified in more than two technologies, and an impressive 80% add a new certification each year, with examinations remaining a standard practice. All these endeavors aim to ensure that the individuals at Prodevans are equipped with continuous learning, preventing them from being left behind in the constantly evolving realm of technology.

Founder’s Advice for Industry Leaders: Navigating Success in Tech

In the midst of the ever-evolving technology landscape, Mr. Deepak provides valuable advice to fellow leaders and organizations: Cultivate a culture of continuous learning and collaboration. As the dynamic terrain is navigated, the embrace of ongoing education and teamwork becomes crucial for maintaining lasting success. Being well-informed, adapting to emerging challenges, nurturing innovation, promoting collaboration, and setting an example as a leader all contribute to strengthening companies for the future. The investment in teams, celebration of milestones, and assessment of the impact of an unwavering commitment to perpetual growth are all essential. This top-down approach not only ensures thriving amidst change but also propels the enterprise to pioneer new realms of accomplishment.

A Future Forward: Prodevans’ Ongoing Commitment

In the rapidly evolving realm of technology, the significance of trust, innovation, and adaptability cannot be overstated. As we delve into the journeys of trailblazing companies like Prodevans, it becomes evident that the convergence of these elements paves the way for unprecedented success. The relentless dedication of Prodevans to fueling digital transformation via open-source technologies, backed by enterprise-level support and personalized services, has rightfully led to its current success.

This accomplishment serves as a testament to Prodevans’ dedication to delivering secure and innovative solutions, solidifying client confidence, and setting new industry benchmarks. As the technology landscape continues to evolve, the imperative of continuous learning, collaboration, and a growth mindset, as advocated by industry leader Mr. Deepak, becomes the compass guiding companies toward not just navigating change, but thriving within it. By embracing these principles, organizations can shape a future where innovation knows no bounds, trust is unwavering, and success is the only destination.

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