Ana O Ramirez: Redefining Leadership through Exceptional Business Strategies

Rhisco | Ana O Ramirez: Redefining Leadership | The Enterprise World

Successful business leaders balance risk and innovation. Whether they are running a well-established institution or a startup, good business leaders inspire others with their vision. Some of the most famous business leaders in the world are known for helping others realize their full potential by honing their inherent talents and empowering them to take the lead. Ana O Ramirez (Chair of the Board of Directors at Rhisco) is an influential business leader motivated by the mantra of exceptional efforts, incomparable services, and the best client experience. She brings a new level of intelligence & technology, transforming data into a profitable asset. 

Strong Social Commitment 

Being the Chair of the Board of Directors at Rhisco, Ana O Ramirez is a leader with nearly 30 years of experience in credit, comprehensive risk management, banking, reengineering, audit, corporate governance, and mergers and acquisitions. Moreover, she is an independent non executive director and member of various risk, audit, and finance committees. Ana O Ramirez is a founder and owner of businesses in the financial and interior design sectors. Her strong social commitment is demonstrated through her position as a Vice President and Board member of the Obras  Foundation and as a Director of Productive Projects in the Sierra Chontal Oaxaca. Ana O Ramirez is a founding member of the National College of Independent Professional Non Executive Directors to Companies. 

Delivering ad-hoc Solutions 

Founded in 2010, Rhisco is located in the UK. In 2014, its branch was opened in Mexico, and in 2023, its Uruguay branch was established. Started as a consulting firm, the founders always thought of constructing various landscapes that could solve most of the problems observed by the team while consulting clients. There were similar problems and the solutions looked more like patches rather than a real way of solving the technological issues they were facing. In order to provide various services, the company has a platform that helps its clients deliver their regulatory reports and loans along with risk provisions calculation. In the consultancy arena, the company delivers ad-hoc solutions to its clients through a specialized team that includes functional, integration, and development profiles. 

Clear, Measurable, and Meaningful Goals

The main inspiration behind establishing Rhisco was to help other companies bridge the gap between business and technology, whether it is through consulting services or platforms. The company faced its most significant challenge in clearly articulating its purpose, methodologies, and the distinctive aspects of its approach that set it apart from other enterprises offering similar products. Having clear, measurable, and meaningful goals that could be understood by an organization and reflected at the individual level is Ana O Ramirez’s leadership philosophy. Moreover, measuring them through the performance review exercise and constant feedback is the way to ensure that these goals get reflected throughout the organization.

At Rhisco, the team comprises specialists dedicated to the delivery of complex risk management and capital optimization projects. The company offers a range of services and technology solutions in the areas of risk, governance, control, and capital management. Rhisco has a track record of collaborating with some of the world’s largest banks and insurers, aiding them in achieving strategic transformations and navigating the challenges of an evolving global regulatory landscape. The mission of the company is to collaborate closely with clients, utilizing both cutting-edge and proven technologies, along with their expertise, to create tailored solutions addressing specific risk and capital requirements. This, coupled with a personalized approach and meticulous attention to detail, positions Rhisco as a trusted advisor to its clients.

Balancing Risks and Innovation

To maintain stability and profitability in the organization’s functioning, it is important to balance the need between innovation and risks. Rhisco builds products whether that is through the company’s platform or its consultancy services that bring consistent and reliable income. Henceforth, the company can dedicate the resources to look for trends and review the technology. It allows the construction of new prototypes for testing if its approach and premises are correct and appropriate. 

Identifying and developing the talent for the betterment of the company requires a clear understanding of the roles of the company and what skills are essential. These requirements include soft skills, a strong alignment with ten company values, and any technical, leadership, or team skills built with a blend of internal and external training. 

Consultancy to a Technological Platform

According to Ana O Ramirez, the fundamental distinction is not technology per se, but rather the comprehension of the issue, the approach, the strategy, and the team developing the solution. A key component in helping customers to make seamless experiences through technology is to understand the way of solving their problems which may create friction. Henceforth, Rhisco finds the solution to mitigate the friction in the process of solving customers’ problems. 

To take Rhisco one step ahead, its team is going to do these things:

  •  Go to other industries.
  •  Go to other geographies with a keen focus on Central and South America.

Rhisco faced challenges in its initial days when it shifted from being only a consultancy to a technological platform company. It was a difficult transition both internally and externally. The point that triggered the growth of the company was when its process got streamlined, mainly seeking and hiring talent, and dividing its platform resources from consultancy business. It gained the trust of clients by solving their true problems. Moreover, the company understands that customer service is of paramount importance. 

There are two main units in which Rhisco specializes in: 

a) Platforms: With the help of its various platforms, the company provides technological solutions to regulatory reporting and loan and different risk provision calculations. 

b) Solutions hub: Its ad-hoc solutions to clients with a team of functional, integration, and development roles generating turn-key products.

Rhisco entered a competitive market for regulatory reporting and loan provisions calculations but differentiated itself by 

Rhisco | Ana O Ramirez: Redefining Leadership | The Enterprise World

Executing Exercises with Potential Customers

Despite initial competition and a seemingly saturated market, Rhisco’s innovative approach has gained traction. Primarily by fostering innovation and allocating resources to research and development (R&D), it has been acknowledged that companies can risk obsolescence unless they embed a distinct commitment to R&D in their core identity. Loan provisions calculation, a useful thing for the platform has contributed to the success of Rhisco. The company performed the following main things to step ahead in the market: 

a) It collaborates with the product director and commercial team to align marketing efforts, ensuring a compelling message that emphasizes why the platform is the best in its class.

b) It supports the motto by executing an exercise with potential customers to use the platform before buying it.

c) It coordinates the implementation and support teams to make sure that customers have a drive in a real-life environment and have a preview of its great customer service.  

d) It monitors the application of platforms, considering scenarios both with and without support from the implementation team. The platform analyzes the data it gathers to identify specific features or areas where users spend time and the extent of their engagement.

Experts from diverse Backgrounds

Rhisco aims to comprehend whether certain features need streamlining or if there are features that provide very low value to customers. To mitigate potential risks, Rhisco supports its decision-making data to understand that data is not perfect. Henceforth, the company analyzes and understands what data tells by communicating with customers. Some players in the market or potential customers can deliver a better understanding of what are the risks in the process and provide a specific plan to deal with them. The company incorporates reviews along the road and understands the situation transformation that it has to be able to reassess, restate the risks, and modify the mitigation actions accordingly.  

At Rhisco, the interdisciplinary team is comprised of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds operating across multiple countries. They share a passion for challenges and technology. Working collectively, they design innovative solutions, pushing boundaries to creatively mitigate potential risks and drive business growth. The team’s collective strengths lie in its capacities, extensive experience, and shared enthusiasm. 

Significant Specialization in Solving Issues

To generate efficient processes and reduce regulatory risk, it is essential to systematize the integration of regulatory reports. Additionally, having regulatory and business validations is crucial to provide certainty regarding the data used and ensure consistency between reports before delivering them to the authority. Rhisco offers the technological solution and its team of experts helps clients to successfully implement regulatory transformations, bringing relevant resources, experience, and support to the end of the processes on the table.

Rhisco | Ana O Ramirez: Redefining Leadership | The Enterprise World

Rhisco supports companies operating in highly regulated sectors and highly competitive markets, including top-tier international and domestic companies, financial and non-financial, niche companies, and tech service companies. The company solves strategic issues for clients that require significant specialization and results with little margin for error.

Designing Realistic Routes

Rhisco offers advice and specialized independent reviews where its delivery integrates expert criteria and balanced professional ethics with a business sense. The company generates the greatest value for clients by identifying for them the elements that they must implement or mature, the businesses they can obtain, and the increase in efficiency that is within reach. It designs realistic routes for companies to advance in their level of maturity. Customers are free to challenge the company’s approach to solve strategic problems innovatively and generate profitability for their company. 

Designed and created by Rhisco, Tegra® is a technological platform for quantitative analysis and dynamic management of business rules applied to data. Focused on profitability and risk management, regulatory reporting, and business and financial reporting, Tegra® solves challenges for entities that require:

  • To perform several analyses on the same set of data, applying different rules for each analysis.
  • To ensure the consistency of the information used in the various analyses through business and regulatory validations, obtaining certainty in the information.
  • To have transparency in the transformations and enrichments of information carried out from the origin to the output.
  • To demonstrate traceability in the analytical process, in the users participating in the process, and in the inputs used for the different outputs.
  • To achieve autonomy from Rhisco and the internal technology area regarding control over the business process, with information security and access control standards.
  • To have the flexibility and scalability to evolve the use of the platform to new analyses and improve its performance, without limitations due to the volume, frequency, and complexity of the information.

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