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CIMCON Software

End-user computing is when an organization brings a full digital workspace to life. It is when you look at the end-user experience holistically that you consider all the systems required to complete the daily workload. How end-user computing comes into the picture is when instead of building an individual Point of Delivery for each desktop type, application, and database, you combine all of these systems into a single platform which will ultimately help you deliver an even more efficient user experience.

Established in 1988, CIMCON Software, LLC pioneered and remains the leader in end-user computing risk management. The Enterprise World is proud to feature CIMCON Software, a company that has been providing risk and compliance solutions for over a decade.

Enterprise World performed a detailed and exhaustive evaluation of all major risk assessment vendors in the market. CIMCON Software was selected for inclusion in our list for several reasons. First, the company has a long track record of being in the market for 25 years.  Second, it has a large and satisfied client base of over 500 customers globally in the EUC market.  Third, it offers a “one-stop solution” with a single integrated platform that can meet the needs of all customers.  Finally, it has a strong history of innovation, customer satisfaction, and support, backed by a large R&D team that will allow it to maintain its leadership position in the market well into the future. 

Let us find out more about the CIMCON Software in this feature.

CIMCON Software

CIMCON Software is a pioneer with over 20 years of experience in providing End User Computing (EUC) / Model Risk Management solutions to financial services and other industries. They have over 500 customers in 30 countries, which include the largest companies in the world, many of whom have adopted their solution as a global corporate standard. CIMCON Software has offices in the US, UK and Asia Pacific region. CIMCON Software has received a number of accolades over the years including a #1 rating from Gartner, top ratings from customer surveys for 3 consecutive years, and many other independent analysts, acknowledging it as a market leader in its field.

CIMCON Platform Overview

With the largest installed base, comprising over 500 companies around the world across a variety of industries, CIMCON Software offers you greater depth of experience than any other EUC solutions provider. Further, CIMCON software solutions are more fully developed, offer more features and support, and are more widely tested and proven.

If you’re looking to put an end-user computing risk management system in place, CIMCON Software offers you the most robust solution and best assurance of successful implementation.

Conquering the Complexities-

In the early stages, when you are a pioneer and the first to market, it can be difficult to understand where the market is and what it wants.  So you have to understand what the customers want, and then pivot quickly so that there is a product-market fit.  Once you do that and can meet the initial needs of the customer, then you rapidly learn from that to add new functionality, make the product configurable and scalable and make it enterprise-grade.  There is a big difference between being able to show a slick demo vs. having a large and successful product implementation.

During the early phase, the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in 2002 was an important factor in triggering the growth of CIMCON Software. Further, several high-profile incidents related to spreadsheet errors that resulted in billions of losses at major financial service companies helped companies realize how risky spreadsheets could be. Hence, regulations like these as well as the daily drumbeat of companies losing millions due to spreadsheet errors and fraud helped to create a market for their products.

Apart from that, the one factor that has helped the company sustain through the hard times is its dedication and constant innovation. Based on the needs of the market, CIMCON Software has been innovating its services continuously. Second is listening to customers and paying close attention to their problems, issues and pain points. 

We provide excellent customer service and strive to exceed their expectations.

The Products and Services-

CIMCON Software provides risk management products in the area of End User Computing (EUCs).  EUCs are areas where users have wide latitude in developing software applications without the traditional IT controls such as source code control, version control, and formal testing.  These mostly include spreadsheets but can also include Access databases and SQL/other code scripts. 

CIMCON Software offers a single integrated platform called EUC Insight to manage risks through the entire life cycle.  These include:

  • Discovery Module:  Scans the shared drives and other EUC repositories to help gain an understanding of the EUC landscape, perform automated risk assessments and data categorization, and view lineage/data flows at an enterprise level.
  • Inventory Module:  Maintains an inventory of high risk EUCs and models, with fields such as Author, Owner, Business Process, and other customizable fields.
  • Change Management Module:   Automated monitoring of files with cell level audit trails, review and approval workflow, and detection of high risk changes.
  • XLAudit:  A plug-in to Excel and an end-user tool to quickly find errors with a highly visual, color coded method.  Generates documentation and validates EUCs. 

Their other services include-

  • ACCESS TO SQL MIGRATION– CIMCON Software can migrate your legacy Access databases to a Cloud or on-premise SQL Server back end and a web-based front end. The company has extensive experience and a pre-built library of tools to help achieve this migration quickly and efficiently.
  • CLOUD MIGRATION– CIMCON Software helps customers migrate their EUCs and Models from standard file servers to cloud repositories such as AWS, Azure, Box, SharePoint, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Linked files are identified so that they can be handled separately, while other files can be immediately moved to cloud storage. They also have a Link Fixer Module that will fix and update all links to files once they are moved to the Cloud.
  • TRAINING– They offer training services that are geared towards users, administrators, and “train-the-trainer”, and can be scheduled on or offsite.
  • SYSTEM INTEGRATION– CIMCON Software system integration services include an analysis of existing business systems and applications, an understanding of customer’s business needs, and designing and executing a plan to integrate their solutions with existing applications to optimize the product implementation and maximize your return on investment.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT– The company also offersboth remote and onsite technical support under maintenance contracts (e-mail, phone, fax or remote diagnostic support)  Onsite technical support can also be provided if required to address issues related to a customer’s specific server, database, network or desktop environment.

Our large and global client base helps us innovate and keep us on the leading edge in our market segment.

CIMCON Overview

Innovation is the Key!

The company makes it a point to continually evaluate the market trends and get feedback from the customers to improve the quality of their products. This give a very good idea of not only how customers are using their products, but also what are the additional use cases or other requirements that it can fulfill, and then that drives the product enhancements and roadmap.

There are several exciting things that the company is working on. For example, the transition to Cloud is now happening at a much faster pace than before. So the company is working on enhancing its current Cloud-based products and services. Further, customers are looking to automate more and more of the business process without manual intervention, so they are also looking to enhance this even more.

Sanjay Agrawal- The Entrepreneur-

Mr. Sanjay initially worked for 4 years as a compliance consultant out of college, and realized that compliance was very manual, error-prone and an expensive process for most companies. He then founded CIMCON Software to develop easy, automated tools that can help companies become more productive and achieve compliance at the same time.

The biggest achievement of his entrepreneurial journey, Mr. Sanjay says has been that he started with an idea and then grew the company into becoming the market leader in its segment. Along with way, we pioneered many new methodologies and modules, developed a client base of some of the most admired and recognizable names in the industry, and won many accolades from leading market analysts, including a #1 ranking from Gartner as well as #1 rankings in independent customer surveys for 3 consecutive years.

This is what he has to say about “Entrepreneurship”:

The reward of Entrepreneurship is to be able to pursue your own passions.

Sanjay Agrawal

There are many stakeholders and you must keep everyone happy.  This includes your employees, customers, and shareholders.  All are interrelated and you cannot do any one without the other.  You need to do this at all stages of the company.  You must listen carefully, monitor trends, anticipate changes, and continually adapt as needed. 

“Innovation is the key to success and growth.”

These are normally large financial service companies and often have unique needs for example to integrate with other existing systems.  With CIMCON’S large R&D team, the company was able to go the extra mile, be very responsive to their needs, and often exceed their expectations. 

The Enterprise World has always been keen on finding that one thing that pushes the entrepreneurs to their limits, a book they read which inspired them to start something, some specific part of the book that is close to their hearts, anything that keeps them motivated. This especially helps the budding entrepreneurs get a perspective of what they are doing.

Here is what Mr. Sanjay replied and surely you can give it a go and find something that might inspire you!

The biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is of course a classic must-read not only for entrepreneurs but for anyone in the technology industry.  I also like “The Innovator’s Dilemma” by Clayton Christensen.  Christensen coined the term “disruptive innovation”, and explains in the book how new technologies can cause otherwise great firms who do everything else right to fail, and how firms can look for signs of innovation that can turn into major threats.

And the person he finds the most inspiring.

Elon Musk.  He has taken on big problems that we face as a planet i.e. climate change and addressed them on a very large scale.  I admire his vision, what he chose to do, his courage to take on established industry players, and his execution.  It is very rare to have all of these.

And his one last favorite quote?  Mr. Sanjay says everything begins and ends with the right mindset and attitude.  This one thing can help you attain great heights or it can limit your potential.

If you think you can or you can’t, you are right.

Henry Ford

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