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Cisive is a global provider of compliance-driven human capital management and risk management solutions. The Enterprise World is proud to introduce Cisive to the Most Trusted Global Employment Screening Solutions Providers – 2023 

For highly regulated businesses, Cisive delivers global employment screening solutions. Cisive combines technology and human understanding to create clear and actionable intelligence for HR leaders throughout the globe in a world where instant information reigns. 

The company’s core onboarding and pre-employment background screening offering provides clients with a streamlined, high-quality, and regulatory-compliant solution. Comprehensive services include background screening, vendor/contractor screening, executive screening, drug testing, fingerprinting, paperless onboarding, and electronic Form I-9/E-Verify solutions. 

In terms of the particular risks and rules that pertain to financial services, healthcare, transportation, and other highly regulated industries, Cisive is an authority. It has offered specialized solutions for more than 40 years to satisfy the particular needs of its enterprise clients. In order to meet the talent acquisition demands of enterprise clients, it introduced its onboarding suite of technologies in 2007. Since then, it has continued improving the platform. 

In order to keep up with the phenomenal growth and the clients’ increasingly complex challenges for accurate information and insights to make confident decisions, the new brand Cisive was launched in 2017. The company was originally founded in 1977 as CARCO Group Inc. 

Today, Cisive offers thorough global background checks on prospective and present workers, suppliers, clients, and business partners. Through alliance partners, the company also offers drug testing and fingerprinting services. 

Cisive – The Solution Master 

Human Capital Management, or HCM, is the active acquisition, employment, and development of a company’s employees through strategic and tactical practices, processes, and applications to maximize their economic value. The set of HCM practices, procedures, and applications should be focused on the organizational need to provide specific competencies. 

Risk management is a tactic used to anticipate and mitigate the impact of risks on a data centre. Risk mitigation, similar to risk reduction, involves taking measures to lessen the negative effects of risks and disasters on business continuity (BC). Cyberattacks, weather conditions, and other factors that can physically or virtually harm a data centre are threats that could put a company in danger. 

In today’s highly regulated environment and technology-driven landscape, employers are competing for top talent more than ever in digital-first world exacerbated by the Coronavirus 

global pandemic. As a result, they must focus on providing the best candidate experience, which normally means balancing compliance and due diligence with efficiency. 

Efficient processes that leverage the latest technology can determine whether an employer meets their hiring goals. With Cisive’s technology, employers can have both without compromise. 

Triggers of Growth 

In 2017, Cisive changed its name from CARCO Group to better communicate its focus on clear and accurate insights for HR solutions, security, and insurance/fraud prevention clients. In 2019, it took its global background screening capability to the next level by acquiring the Pre-Employment Screening division of Blue Umbrella (now Cisive Global). 

It is well-known and highly regarded as a background screening and due diligence company in the APAC region. PreCheck, the industry leader in the healthcare sector, is also a part of the company. Cisive also operates in the transportation sector through Driver iQ, and the  railroad sector, and vendor screening through eVerifile. 

These were major milestones in Cisive’s strategy to provide true, global background screening capabilities for every regulated vertical. The company is now the top choice for Fortune 1000 companies in highly regulated industries. 

The Long-Standing Success 

“Clients don’t have to make a choice between technology and quality of the background screening with Cisive.”

Cisive provides clients with actionable knowledge and clarity throughout the hiring process, guided by a purpose to reduce risk for companies. Cisive’s pre-employment screening services stand out due to their unwavering commitment to truthful reporting, legal compliance, and source material integrity. 

The company draws on its rich experience to offer the right solutions to enterprise organizations in highly regulated industries such as financial services. Cisive employs technology to automate processes where achievable, but also employs highly trained personnel for review of background investigation information at critical points. 

This approach provides their clients unparalleled insight and the most accurate information, and ensures that they overcome employment background check challenges and bring the most qualified candidates on board. The company’s accuracy rates are extremely high, and their dispute rates are very low. 

Moreover, while providing this best-in-class quality, the turnaround times compare favorably to its competitors. All these operational and background screening capabilities work in cohesion to improve the candidate experience. 

Team For The Win 

“A company’s most important asset is its people, and Cisive is no exception.”

When recruiting new talent, Cisive focuses on attracting the best people in the industry. The company accomplishes this by aligning candidates with its core values of HEART: honesty, excellence, accountability, respect, and teamwork. 

HEART represents the Cisive approach to business and has been instrumental in cultivating a collaborative culture where employees can thrive. It has been key to success, which is why these qualities are ingrained in every aspect of the company, beginning with the recruitment process. 

Over the years, The Comapny has strengthened its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and established a formal DE&I committee in 2020. While DE&I has always been part of Cisive’s culture, the company believes in playing an important role in facilitating a healthy workplace environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and included. 

Cisive CEO, Larry Neal,  says, “We believe in the value of a diverse workforce and consider it key to our continued success as a company and to catalyze innovation into the future.” 

Setting It Apart 

Cisive focuses on providing four primary solutions that set the company apart from the rest of the market: 

Background screening 

Cisive is committed to giving its clients the most accurate information possible so they may concentrate on choosing the people who will best contribute to the expansion of their company. They may rely on Cisive to handle all of their background check challenges. 

The company has been recognised as a leading pre-employment screening provider by HRO Today and is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). 

HCM technology 

With the help of Cisive’s human capital management (HCM) technology solutions, their clients acquire insightful data that they may need to grow. The company provides flexibility and customization to give the important business intelligence, from onboarding and analytics reporting to ID verification and a practical mobile app. 

As its solutions are simple to use, both for candidates and for clients, the businesses can spare some more focus on expanding. 

Executive Intelligence 

The Cisive executive intelligence branch conducts focused and actionable research to give its clients a competitive edge. It has the know-how to support conventional commercial transactions with information, from due diligence to litigation support, 

As a result, it empowers clients to boldly pursue new opportunities in the worldwide market. 


Legal compliance has become more challenging than ever before. Cisive helps clients establish ethical employment processes in accordance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) rules, the Fair Credit Reporting Act’s (FCRA) requirements, and other international laws. 

The company incorporates statutory and regulatory considerations, benchmarking, best practices, company culture, and hiring risk levels to ensure the best background screening program in the industry. 

Whether for healthcare compliance, financial service compliance, or general HR compliance, Cisive has never had a judgment filed against it for violations of the FCRA or any other consumer reporting statute or regulation. 

A Step Ahead 

Cisive joined 14 other leading, enterprise multinational labor market organizations to launch the Velocity Network Foundation (VNF). VNF is a collaborative, vendor-neutral, nonprofit organization established to define, deploy, and champion the Velocity Network. It is a globally accessible, trustworthy Internet of Careers powered by innovative blockchain technology in response to growing data privacy, security, and market pressures. 

As Artificial Intelligence in HR gets smarter and more focused on solving specific problems, the company plans to launch even further capabilities: smart matching of individuals and career opportunities, predictive analytics and smart people development recommendations. 

Mr. Neal adds further, “Cisive is going to continue to develop leading-edge technology as the approach to talent acquisition and management continues to evolve. The nature of background screening is going to undergo a revolution in the next few years, due to advances in technologies such as distributed ledgers. This will change the business models for background screening companies. We are seizing on that opportunity and will be out in front!”

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