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Corvus Janitorial Systems - A Better Tomorrow | Justin Douglas | The Enterprise World

We believe in Making Lives Better.

Corvus Janitorial Systems, a franchisor of janitorial and office cleaning services, was established in 2004. Through their nationwide network of locally owned and run franchises, they offer regular cleaning, disinfection, and custodial services to commercial establishments. The Enterprise World is proud to introduce Corvus to the Most Trusted Disinfection and Sanitization Services Companies in 2023. 

Since its inception, Corvus has evolved as a leader in commercial cleaning and franchising. With a singular founding objective to Make Lives Better, the company has never been more relevant or important in changing times. Corvus Janitorial Systems stands strong with four principles – Service, Excellence, Authenticity, and mostly importantly, Community. 

Having people at the core, the company believes in duty, ethics, integrity, and relationship and its actions are a clear reflection of those values. They revolve around unchanging building blocks. 

Corvus Janitorial Systems has a beneficial impact on people’s lives by supplying clients with clean, healthy, dynamic workplaces that encourage safety and productivity. The organization focuses keenly on being consistent with the key values that it has cultivated, right from the CEO to the field agents. Moreover, every client of Corvus gets a unique commercial cleaning program. 

Equally important is the way in which Corvus’ franchise program supports the mission to improve lives with company ownership and the freedom it provides. 

With such an empowering foundation, no wonder Corvus Janitorial Systems has been recognized as a Top Disinfection and Sanitization Company for 2022 by ManageHR Magazine, as well as by other industry publications. The company has 21 regional support offices across the United States with more than 1,000 franchisees. 

Let’s have a look at some of the statistics on the industry. 

Industry insights 

The cleaning industry offers a bagful of opportunities, rapidly advancing. It saw a sharp increase in growth, and the coronavirus outbreak was one of the underlying causes. It has completely altered the cleaning industry’s trends and statistics. 

  • $100 billion is the size of the cleaning industry as of 2022. (Source: Statista/BLS) 
  • 6.1% is the compounded Annual Growth Rate, through 2027. (Source: Market Research) 
  • 2,298,400 is the number of people employed in Commercial Cleaning. (Source: BLS) 
  • 80% of families are projected to use residential cleaning services by 2024. (Source: OneDesk) 
  • The global market for commercial cleaning industry trends could bring in $468.2B in revenue by 2027. (Source: Grandview Research) 

Whether it’s for homes or businesses, cleaning will always be a necessary service. Being well aware of its constantly evolving trends, Corvus’s Founder and co-CEO Justin Douglas is set to leave Corvus’ footprint in the cleaning industry and bring about change. 

The Founder that Started it all 

“Grit, persistence, tenacity, and getting after it pays off.”

With a history in managing staff, and building teams, the founder and co-CEO of Corvus Janitorial Systems, Justin Douglas, has sixteen years of leadership expertise. 

Justin is a true reflection of staunch entrepreneurship. The fact is that running a business is challenging due to its complexity. It can be challenging to master one or two of the many obligations that entrepreneurs have to consider. 

Given this reality, Justin and the Corvus Janitorial Systems team have consistently provided value to their clients and handled any issues that may have arisen. They have worked hard to improve, have the appropriate mindset, and remain laser-focused on their long-term objectives. Justin’s opinion is that it’s essential to effectively and consistently address a genuine consumer issue. 

His entrepreneurial journey’s true accomplishments have been finding, hiring, and collaborating with exceptional individuals. Justin bases all of his success on his dedication to working with exceptional people, capable folks with high moral standards, and people the business likes, admires, and respects. 

Books are Justin’s source of inspiration. He further says, “I read 2-3 books a month. One of my favorite books is Made in America, a biography of Sam Walton. Though there are lots of takeaways from the book which I enjoy, the fact that he started Wal-Mart at age 44 after a series of false starts is particularly inspiring.” 

Milestones Along The Way 

Within the business world, each sector has its own requirements and challenges. Some issues drastically affect businesses and organisations across a range of industries and sectors. 

Every business strives to maintain the quality of its customer relationships, the vibrancy of its brand, and the satisfaction of its workforce. A company that is successful overcomes obstacles to set itself apart from its competitors. 

Similar challenges were faced by Corvus Janitorial Systems, especially when they were  a start-up. Lacking a track record by which potential clients and franchisees would want to evaluate the company, having to implement procedures and processes successfully, as well as the obvious challenge of needing to assemble an excellent staff were the prominent challenges. 

Stems Of Success 

“We’re an independently owned, strategic business – forever curious and ready to transform the way cleaning and franchising are done.”

The initial catalyst for the expansion of Corvus Janitorial Systems is delivering a service/product which solves a basic problem, and does so consistently, efficiently and effectively. The company helps make its franchisees’ lives better through business ownership, and the independence and confidence that comes with it. And in turn, franchisees provide amazing office cleaning to customers which allows for healthy, vibrant workspaces. 

Corvus Janitorial Systems helps individuals and existing owners of small office cleaning companies either expand their businesses by becoming a franchisee, or by launching their own janitorial businesses. The company differs in terms of the unique sales and marketing techniques that drive revenue to the franchisees. Additionally, Corvus is unique in the market for having the lowest fees and costs. 

Justin says, “I admire our franchisees. They bravely start their businesses from scratch, usually motivated by providing a better life for themselves and their families, and commit to upward mobility through effort, energy, and thoughtfulness. I’d rather see our franchisees profit, and realize that if they do, we will perform just fine.” 

The second parameter is the company culture. For Corvus’ expansion, Justin gives the credit to the team. The focus of the company has always been on the individuals and their relationships. Growth started to take care of itself as the company’s culture took root, thanks to the onboarding and maturation of fantastic team members. Without great people operating in the right culture and atmosphere, success doesn’t occur. 

Emerging In The Industry 

The cleaning industry now has brand-new products and services for the first time in a very long time. In contrast to the past, business owners now prioritise disinfection. 

The commercial cleaning sector has undergone improvements that are now standard practice, allowing team members at companies to report to work healthily and securely. These innovations include electrostatic spraying, disinfecting high-touch surfaces, and more frequent cleaning. 

“Electrostatic cleaning is an important disinfection measure”

While there are a number of efficient disinfection techniques, such as the towel and bucket method or disinfecting wipes, electrostatic disinfection is suspected to be the most efficient technique as both a preventative and reactive strategy against most infections. 

Corvus Janitorial Systems offers a wide range of commercial cleaning and disinfection services in addition to electrostatic cleaning. Thousands of companies across the United States trust Corvus for their commercial cleaning and disinfecting needs. 

Team For The Win 

“Our people come first.”

The company’s success is not just a result of the caliber of its work; it also results from the attitude, strategy, and treatment of its team members as well as of its clients, franchisees, and communities. Putting the needs of the team members first entails viewing them as complete individuals and appreciating the challenges, opportunities, and skills they bring to the workplace every day. It implies that everyone matters and that people’s prosperity and well-being are prioritised. 

Apart from significant financial rewards, Corvus Janitorial Systems provides its team members with the needed appreciation and gratitude. They openly discuss the company goals and how their efforts can contribute to cumulative success. Another unique aspect is each team member has an understanding of the Why behind their work. 

The company has built a team-centric atmosphere where the team members feel safe, recognised, and challenged in their work. It takes active efforts to understand team member’s personal goals and help build a path to achieve those goals. Justin believes that together the team is  a strong contributor to a meaningful whole. 

Justin says, “Ultimately, our team is extremely unique in that we approach our work not as a career, but as a calling.” 

A Step Forward 

Corvus Janitorial Systems approaches its office cleaning clients like the partners they are. They always focus on understanding the specific needs and rhythms of the business along with other details so team members can provide the terrific, customized service every client deserves. It is far from just a transactional relationship with clients. 

Going forward, Corvus aims to do the same. The company believes in giving Corvus franchisees a best-in-industry experience, so they are always reinvesting into the system to ensure franchisees are receiving the tools and assets to succeed. 

A recent significant investment by the corporation in IT infrastructure will benefit franchisees’ administrative, accounting, and collection efforts. Additionally, Corvus Janitorial Systems has invested significantly in sales and marketing tools in the hopes that this will boost the top and bottom lines of franchisees. 

Words of leadership 

Justin Douglas, CEO 

“At Corvus, we say that if you take care of the little things, the big things take care of themselves, and that’s true. There is no silver bullet, no hack, no shortcut, you have to show up every day, do your best, execute on the things that matter – yes have a vision, but do the work that needs to be done – and if you do, the win will take care of itself.”

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