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US HealthCenter (US HealthCenter), a platform providing analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), is breaking barriers in the healthcare industry with lower healthcare costs. It is making great strides towards better healthcare delivery. The Enterprise World is proud to introduce it to the Most Promising Healthcare Companies To Watch Out For in 2023. 

Traditional medicine is no longer adequate to meet the demands of a population, and healthcare must broaden its range of offerings. Dr. Raymond Gavery, MD, and Gavin Quinnies recognized the need, and US HealthCenter was founded in 2003. 

The focus of US HealthCenter is on participation and adherence to health management programs, which results in significant savings for the customers. US HealthCenter is one of the few vendors that offer services in the pre-disease, disease, and post-disease periods. 

Due to the special combination of both founders approaching the same concepts from opposite perspectives, a highly effective strategy was created. The Personal Health DashboardTM (PHD), one of the earliest online health portals, was released by the company in 2003 within a short period of time. 

The Personal Health DashboardTM, combines the online Health Risk Assessment, DNA, biometrics, medical and Rx claims, demographic, wearable, lifestyle, and payroll data. This becomes the universal predictive model when combined with lifestyle data. 

US HealthCenter’s evidenced-based science and PredictiMed™ AI technology suite, combined with the Wholeistic™ Care navigation activates, educates, guides, and incentivizes members to manage and improve health. In 2019, US HealthCenter was third-party validated at the highest level for Care Navigation, and in 2020 for Population Health Management, also at the Gold Level. 

In spring of 2022,  US HealthCenter was proud to have  a third-party validation of its financial risk burden forecasting mode. With clients in nearly all US states and serving over 100,000 active members, 19 years of expertise, and a high staff retention rate, US HealthCenter has developed one of the broadest and most comprehensive PHM platforms available. 

Through the provision of market-leading health management science, technology, and advocacy for the prevention and management of disease, the goal with the company is to enhance people’s health and lower healthcare costs. 

The Man Behind The Curtain 

Gavin Quinnies 

President & CEO 

The fact is that running a business is challenging due to its complexities. It can be challenging to choose one or two of the many obligations that entrepreneurs must do as they have so many. 

Gavin Quinnies is a true reflection of staunch entrepreneurship. Trained in engineering and management systems, Mr. Quinnies started his career developing artificial intelligence, automated process planning, and intelligent networks in the aerospace industry. 

After that, he worked as COO for a company that manufactured and distributed metals, successfully growing it from a $20 million company to a $100 million company with multi-state operations. During this time, Mr. Quinnies created management systems for quality, sales, IT, and productivity that led the industry. 

In 1992, he launched his first incentive-based wellness program, which had a 4:1 return on investment. He stayed on as Chief Quality, Safety, and Health Officer for the $2.0 billion parent business after a successful exit that involved a multi-competitor roll-up and IPO.

Mr. Quinnies had a consultancy business for Quality, Safety, Health, and Life Sciences prior to co-founding US HealthCenter. IBM, which was aiding in the automation of the pharmaceutical industry’s new medication approval procedure, was his biggest client. 

He lives by five business tenets: know your market, manage your resources effectively, avoid early expansion, maintain concentration, pay attention to advisors, and be patient but work quickly. 

When talking about his entrepreneurial journey’s true accomplishments Mr. Quinnies says, “Applying the same principles of integrity, tenacity, and utility to a wide variety of businesses; printing, aerospace, metal distribution, consulting, and now health risk management have helped grow each organization.” 

Getting To Know Gavin Quinnies 

“I’ve lived some of them and learned from others.”

Mr. Quinnies has many preferred books on his bookshelf. The Goal, authored by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, however, stands out for him. 

The constraint theory fundamentals in that book outline the building blocks of his approach to all problems, finding the straight line between all points, the quickest path to success by continuously removing roadblocks. He feels that it is his job as a leader to identify the bottlenecks and always try to remove them from his TEAMates’ processes. 

The story which he finds most inspiring is of Steve Jobs. It is a fascinating tale of genius, intrigue, hubris, and failures and successes trailblazers make. He says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, is the most inspirational, and one I try to live by every day. Life and business can be boiled down to one simple practice: Keeping Promises. Sometimes the hardest part is knowing which promises to make. 

Milestones Along The Way 

Within the business world, each sector has its own requirements and challenges. Some of the issues drastically affect businesses and organisations across a range of industries and sectors. 

Every business strives to maintain the quality of its customer relationships, the vibrancy of its brands, and the satisfaction of its workforce. A company that is successful overcomes obstacles to set itself apart from its competitors. 

Similarly, initial challenges were faced by US HealthCenter. The concept of disease prevention was new in 2003. There were pockets of it in areas such as fitness, nutrition, and so forth, but it has been an upstream battle. 

Now US HealthCenter has over 20 years of experience in the game, yet it is still trying to change the paradigm. 

Success Speaks 

First and foremost, the company’s resilience is what has contributed to its long-term success. With an emphasis on illness prevention, US HealthCenter has been in the sector for about 20 years. During that time, it has observed many various strategies and developed a few of its own. 

Second, the achievements that have gained worth in the market. The company has received as much validation and honor as any in the industry, and its clientele is the leaders in their respective industries. 

The breadth and depth of the company’s service and technology offerings are also important. The technology was created with the express purpose of enabling illness prevention, and it is used in services like Wholeistic™ Coaching, testing, and screening. 

Similar to the medical home idea of a PCP, Wholeistic™ Coaching enables the RN Advocate to manage the member’s full continuum of care. This necessitates having all the information in one location and the necessary instruction and training. 

In addition, the business began utilising its predictive modeling and engagement in the insurance sector, constructing self-funded and voluntary benefits products with partners. As a result, it was possible to merge engagement systems and better utilize the risk management toolkit. 

Company Insights 

In order to aid in better comprehension, US HealthCenter charts enable its stakeholders to compare various data sets visually. 

This chart showcases the PredictiMed™ AI predictive model and its ability to identify and lower the pre-disease high-risk levels. 

This chart illustrates the declining medical costs for the employer. 

The chart below shows the success of US HealthCenter’s population health management by illustrating the reduction of risk over a 3-year period. 

Motivating Factor 

The simple fact that competition confirms the market makes it a motivating force. When it comes to numerous instances, US HealthCenter has been the only one doing what it is now doing for a long time. But the market has higher expectations, and there wouldn’t be any competition if there weren’t any. 

The competition also provides a means by which to differentiate. 

Further Mr. Quinnies says, “We strive to ideate, create, and curate our own solutions based on market demand. Ironically, I have learned, it is both easier and less expensive to build rather than buy. We are very proud of the distinctions we have in the marketplace, as it relates to competing against those in our shared population health space. Especially, the industry-leading validations as well as the two industry-leading Health Value Awards for Care Navigation and Population Health Management.” 

Team For The Win 

US HealthCenter keeps its teams motivated by continually challenging them and allowing them to grow their expertise. It believes in a strong work-life balance, realizing that they have aspirations outside of work, and the company works to facilitate that. 

Mr. Quinnies says, “We are proud of the fact that since founding the organization with 2 employees nearly 20 years ago, we have had a very high retention rate and have a very seasoned TEAM. We have very little management oversight, everyone works in either functional, client-based or project-based TEAMs, which adds to flexibility and diversity of work.” 

Setting It Apart 

The PredictiMed™ AI health management system is comprised of a Personal Health Dashboard™ (PHD), health coach tracker, corporate health profile, health counts, Sweeper™ medical and pharmacy claims analytics tool, and content management system. 

Personal Health DashboardTM (PHD)

The PHD is a responsive user portal that is dynamic and complete and offers a seamless, individualized user experience. It includes a comprehensive health profile and medical history record as well as periodic and episodic medical information that is accessible whenever and wherever needed. 

The PHD is a secure, encrypted medical site that also has a full health and wellness management website and a medical passport with personal, medical, and insurance information. 

Health Coach Tracker 

The Health Coach Tracker supports practitioners in managing interactions with participants, including goal-setting, appointment scheduling, data collection on goals reached and not attained, and charging the payor for visits. 

The tracker is also a data mining tool that employs filters to run searches on a variety of categories, including participation, lifestyle categories, pre-disease risk levels, values from biometric tests, Wellcentive Score, and many more factors. 

This makes it possible to use focused interventional techniques that aren’t supported by any other platform. Based on the analysis of health risks and habits, the administrative reporting dashboard offers a private executive summary report. 

Wholeistic™ Coaching 

In addition to offering technology, US HealthCenter also offers healthcare advocacy services. Comparing this service line of Wholeistic™Coaching to the traditional multi-specialist and compartmentalized method common in the industry today, it is clear that the former is much superior. 

The Wholeistic™ Coaching technique was developed by US HealthCenter in 2004 as a result of their recognition that this leads to dissatisfied users and low engagement experiences. A top health science institution requested the Company to develop a coaching certificate program for senior-level students using this novel strategy. Then, in 2010, we produced a 5-credit course that is currently accessible online. 

Care Navigation 

Due to the use of science, technology, and advocacy approach, US HealthCenter is the only organization to be validated for Care Navigation. 

It is a sub-discipline of care coordination that aspires to steer patients to the most appropriate and effective clinical provider. According to the Validation Institute, what put PredictiMed™ AI over the edge was validated analytics leading to pre-emptive interventions that can reduce the incidence of ER visits and hospitalizations between 80 and 93%. 

Health Counts 

Health Counts is an effective incentive tool of the PredictiMed™ AI ecosystem, acting as the key agent for managing engagement and tracking health behaviors. It enables clients to create campaigns and activities to motivate participants, ultimately ensuring the tracking of group participation progress. 


The SweeperTM analysis tool controls everything from medical or pharmacy claim events to trend analysis, success measurement, expense analysis, and population comparisons. Additionally, the content management system module enables personalization of specific content that is made available to users on their PHD. 

In terms of technology, US HealthCenter uses a multi-pronged strategy to help the prediction model detect the beginning of disease before symptoms appear by merging objective and subjective data. Then, using in-house analytics, it determines the possible risk load and cost avoidance or exposure for each disease, eventually presenting savings options per person at risk. 

In aggregate, risk managers can see where their risk burden is according to benchmarks financially. This analyst can help visualize trends to further identify and improve the existing medical conditions for better health outcomes by helping healthcare organizations focus on proactive care management. 

Stepping Ahead 

“We listen to our clients and the markets.”

US HealthCenter is ahead of the pack most of the time, but things move fast. Its venture into the insurance industry and the custom-built products is a huge part of its recent success. Unlike many others, it also validates and qualifies its products and services through a third party. 

The company is the proud recipient of two industry-leading and one-of-a-kind validations. One that it has received every year since 2015 in Pre-disease Predictive Modelling Accuracy and its newest validation is of this year in Health Risk Burden Financial Forecasting. 

To create and upgrade a diabetes care management system, US HealthCenter  is also collaborating with a leading health system. US HealthCenter will have one of the most effective diabetes prevention and management options available thanks to the combined efforts. Additionally, it anticipates having a CDC-approved online program for diabetes prevention. 

To create new pre-disease risk algorithms for illnesses that DNA can help forecast more accurately, US HealthCenter is collaborating with its DNA testing partners. 

It also keeps creating new insurance plans that encourage and reward customers for taking an active role in controlling their health. Among these are indemnity contracts that boost income for people who take care of their health. Self-funded group health plans also support member involvement and the reduction of significant claims. 

In addition, US HealthCenter joined forces with practitioners of functional and integrative medicine to develop tools for risk reduction, chronic disease management, and disease prediction. 

The future appears promising for US HealthCenter.

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