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The Healthcare industry has been experiencing tremendous changes in its working and methodologies. In this shift, it is the management side of healthcare that has to adjust to a lot of monumental changes to  keep up with changing times and trends.

US HealthCenter (USHC) provides services to consumers, employers, health plans, health systems, third-party administrators, coalitions, government institutions, and can be further customized per client need. From predictive modeling, and care navigation, to clinic handling, they cover every aspect of population health and wellbeing management.

Pioneering medical intervention – US HealthCenter

US HealthCenter, Inc.  is a Milwaukee, WI based Health Risk Management Company founded in 2003 by G. Raymond Gavery, MD, and Gavin Quinnies. 

USHC’s mission is to provide industry-leading health management science, technology, and advocacy to prevent and manage  disease. They have developed PredictiMed™AI (artificial intelligence ) suite of Health and Wellness Solutions for employers, health care providers, and insurance companies. 

Their AI based third-party validated PredictiMed™ predictive modeling  platform fully integrates lifestyle, pre-disease, chronic condition, and case management activities that are tied to your value-based plan design. The Company serves nearly 200,000 members in North America and globally through thousands of employers, insurers, and health care organizations.

Factors that make US HealthCenter a leading name in the HealthCare sector?

US HealthCenter began its journey in 2003 when the concept of disease prevention was fairly new. Due to the newness of the concept, most of their initial journey and challenges were full of creating awareness and educating the industry.

One of the factors is the resilience of the team of US HealthCenter that has made them a leading name in the industry. They have been in the industry for almost two decades, with a laser focus on disease prevention. This has allowed them to gain extensive  knowledge and experience, enabling them to test and implement a lot of different approaches and craft a few of their own.

Next is the accomplishments and recognition of US HealthCenter in the marketplace, and among their highly prestigious clientele. Their coveted customers are leaders in their domains, and US HealthCenter and its team make sure to honor their dominant position and uphold their name and respect by providing leading cutting-edge, and unparalleled services.

Another factor that adds to their superior brand image and presiding position is the breadth and depth of their technology and service offerings. They build tech and the latest innovations to enable disease prevention, leveraging their services to provide screening, testing, and Wholeistic™ Coaching.

Wholeistic™ coaching enables the RN advocate to manage the member’s entire continuum of care, much like the medical home concept of a PCP. This requires all the data to be in one spot and have the proper education and training in place. 

These are just some of the factors that establish the advantages of US HealthCenter and its services. They are much more than innovation and cutting-edge technology and service provider;. they offer handcrafted services that have become the face of the health management industry. USHC continues to set benchmarks for the whole trade, providing indomitable service and support standards.

Factors that establish US HealthCenter a notch above the competition?

US HealthCenter has been recognized by third-parties as leaders in their field several times.

  • In 2015, the Intel/GE Validation Institute validated PredictiMed’s™ ability to identify and lower the pre-disease high-risk levels, in thirteen major disease categories to a level where the preemptive intervention can be applied and thus reduce the incidence of ER visits and hospitalizations between 80 and 93%, depending on the disease category. 
  • In 2019, USHC won the inaugural Gold Health Value Award for Care Navigation, having demonstrated outcomes that illustrate migrating populations from a point of higher risk to a lower risk. 
  • In 2020, they were recognized for the inaugural Gold Health Value Award for Population Health Management, the first company to do so, by Health Value Institute. The award was given because of the unique combination of predictive modeling and care navigation that resulted in lower costs.   
  • In 2022,Validation Institute authenticated and validated USHC’s ability to predict Financial Risk Burden. This is the amount of future risk dollars on a health plan’s balance sheet for future, currently undiagnosed patients. Again, this is an industry first. 

These are just some of the honors bestowed upon them, that speaks highly of their industry leading  services, and their unmatched expertise and experience. They truly have established themselves as one of the most dominant and promising health management companies.

Service offerings  of US HealthCenter

Their tools and services help participants assess their health status,,and educate them on behavior modification, disease management, and pre-emptive intervention. They help employers predict future costs, provide targeted health education and manage employer-based onsite health services.

The PredictiMed™ AI health management system is comprised of a Personal Health Dashboard™ (PHD), Health Coach Tracker, Risk Burden  Profile, Whoelistic(™) Health Coaching, a medical, and pharmacy claims analytics tool called the Sweeper™, and a content management system. 

PredictiMed™ AI’s Personal Health Dashboard™ (PHD)

The PHD is a dynamic and comprehensive user portal utilizing a responsive design that provides a seamless, personalized user experience. It incorporates an inclusive health profile and medical history chart with periodic and episodic medical information, that can be accessed at any time and anywhere. It is a medical passport with personal, medical, and insurance information as well as a  comprehensive health and wellness management site that is encrypted utilizing the latest approaches in security. 

PredictiMed™ AI’s Health Coach Tracker 

The Health Coach Tracker  is a tool that aids practitioners in overseeing interactions with participants such as setting goals, tracking appointments, collecting data on attained/unattained goals, as well as billing the payor for encounters. 

The tracker is also a data mining tool that uses filters to perform searches to a wide array of categories, including participation, demographics, lifestyles, disease, pre-disease risk levels, biometric test values, Wellcentive™ score, and many other parameters. This allows for targeted interventional strategies that are not available on any other platform. 

WhoelisticTM Health Coaching

US HealthCenter provides not only the technology but healthcare advocacy services such as prior authorization, large case management, disease management, pre-disease management, lifestyle management, benefit enrollment, and benefits advocacy. 

This service line of Wholeistic™ coaching is significantly different from the traditional multi-specialist and siloed approach prevalent in the industry today. 

In 2004 USHC recognized that the siloed approach created unhappy users and low engagement experiences so they developed the  Wholeistic™ coaching approach. In doing so, they also created a five-credit course certificate program for senior-level university students in 2010, which is now available online. 

Because of this science, technology, and advocacy approach, USHC is the only organization to be validated for Care Navigation by Validation Institute (An independent, objective, third-party organization focused on changing healthcare). 

Health Counts

Health Counts is a module in the Personal Health DashboardTM that enables clients to create campaigns, activities and challenges to motivate participants.and tracks participation and progress. It also houses customer forms and documents.


The Sweeper™ claims analysis tool manages everything from medical or pharmacy claim events, and s, measuring success, to evaluating expenses, and comparing different segments of the population,ool.It also has the ability to search for trends. 

Content Management System (CMS)

The CMSallows for customization of certain content visible to users on their PHD. 

From a technology standpoint, US HealthCenter harnesses a multi-pronged approach that aids the predictive model to identify the onset of a disease before symptoms by combining objective and subjective data. It then uses proprietary AI  to identify risk burden-potential and cost-avoidance or exposure for each condition, ultimately providing savings opportunities per at-risk individual. 

Doing so, risk managers can see where their risk burden is, and analysts can visualize trends to further identify and improve the existing medical conditions for better health outcomes by helping healthcare organizations focus on proactive care management.

US HealthCenter is constantly looking for ways to collaborate with partners and clients to evolve the message of disease prevention. They continually work towards changing the paradigm from pay for treatment to pay for prevention.

New additions to their service offering

US HealthCenter is currently working with a regional health system to update and develop a care management system for diabetes. With their joint effort, they will have one of the most robust diabetes prevention and management solutions available. They expect to have their online diabetes prevention program certified by the CDC. 

They are also working with their DNA testing partners to develop new pre-disease risk algorithms for conditions that DNA can help them predict even more accurately. 

Additionally, they are continuing to develop new insurance products that engage and reward members for participating in managing their health. These include indemnity policies that increase income for those that engage in managing their health. Also, they offer self-funded group health plans that facilitate large claims prevention and member engagement. 

Finally, they are working with functional and integrative medicine providers to help predict disease, and create the tools to manage risk mitigation and chronic disease management.

The team of US HealthCenter, what sets them apart?

US HealthCenter refers to its employees as TEAMates. TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieve More.

As a tech startup founded in 2003, US HealthCenter has an extremely low turnover rate. This speaks a lot about the work environment and employee relations that Gavin has built with his TEAM.

The TEAM consists of highly skilled professionals including clinicians, software developers, and consultants. This combination of skills, diverse experience, and service implementations supports USHC’s mission of the blend of science technology, and advocacy for the prevention and management of a disease. All TEAMates work together and focus on efficiency and quality which is rare to find, and even harder to beat. 

Above all, it is the unity of  the TEAMates, and their crafting and evolving of services,that  make sure USHC’s recognition and dominant position in the market always stays strong. Their dedication to pushing past the boundaries, fosters innovation and creativity, enriching the work culture of USHC, and setting its team a class apart.

Leadership at USHealthCenter

USHC is led by one of the most skilled and expert teams in the industry. Not only are their services  industry leading, but their benchmark of standards and support make them one of the most promising healthcare management companies.

The company’s leadership showcases the bespoke services and innovative technologies that steer  the healthcare management industry. USHC’s  leader holds invaluable experience, and expertise in his field. Even with all his expertise, he holds high respect for all his TEAMates welcoming new ideas and out-of the box thinking. What makes  him unique is his exceptional attributes that radiate leadership, inspiration, and exuberance to everyone he works with.

Gavin Quinnies is the President  and CEO of US HealthCenter.

Trained in engineering and management systems, Gavin had an early start as an entrepreneur, helping start a family printing business in high school. In college, he learned management skills, running the incubator lab and establishing a new division in Mexico for a packaging machinery company. His degree in Manufacturing Engineering helped him get into the aerospace business, where he gained expertise in things like 3D printing, database design, computer integrated manufacturing, and budget management. He also developed artificial intelligence, automated process planning, and intelligent networks in the aerospace industry. 

Afterward, Gavin helped emerge a risk management process by instituting ISO 9000 quality systems and developing business software for a regional metals firm as their COO. In 1992, he started onsite health services that brought testing and coaching to the workplace. Eventually, they rolled up 13 companies on their software platform and went public, forming a $2.0 Billion organization with 100 locations in 50 states. 

Before co-founding US HealthCenter, Gavin operated a consulting company for Quality, Safety, Health, and Life Sciences. His consulting firm was retained by IBM Life Sciences to help develop the first online data and document warehouse to manage the pharmaceutical approval process; setting a new standard. It was this combination of risk management and health sciences that led him to Dr. Gavery and the creation of the US HealthCenter.

At US HealthCenter, Gavin is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Company including personnel, client services, financial decisions, software development, and sales management.

Gavin’s view on constant vigilance – a need or strategy?

Remaining vigilant in the ever-changing world is a necessary part of any leadership strategy. Listening to the markets, clients, and TEAMates is critical. 

It is impossible for leaders to know it all and do it all. Our job is to remove barriers so others can excel and thrive to help meet mutual goals, both on and off the job. 

Gavin’s take on the competition in the market, and how does he handle it?

Competition is critical to advancing change. We spent the first several years trying to change the paradigms that were entrenched, and without others in the market advancing similar approaches, ingenuity can die on the vine. 

We are firm believers in co-opetition as many of our clients can be perceived as competitors. Firms white label our technology and services to bring a population health and wellness program to the market. 

We embrace competition and the opportunity to compete, and in so, we learn how to better serve our clients and members!

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