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Most Promising Health Management Companies in 2022

Most Promising Health Management Companies in 2022 features,

US HealthCenter: US HealthCenter (USHC) provides services to consumers, employers, health plans, health systems, third-party administrators, coalitions, government institutions, and can be further customized per client need. From predictive modelling, and care navigation, to clinic handling, they cover every aspect of population health and wellbeing management.

US HealthCenter, Inc.  is a Milwaukee, WI based Health Risk Management Company founded in 2003 by G. Raymond Gavery, MD, and Gavin Quinnies. 

USHC’s mission is to provide industry-leading health management science, technology, and advocacy to prevent and manage disease. They have developed PredictiMed™AI (artificial intelligence) suite of Health and Wellness Solutions for employers, health care providers, and insurance companies. 

Statum Systems: is a healthcare technology start-up founded by healthcare professionals in the Boston medical community. Concerned about the fragmented state of medical communication systems in hospitals and medical centres, and especially with the continued use of traditional pagers and other single purpose applications and devices that require care team members to constantly juggle from one system to another. 

To address the issue, Statum Systems created a unified medical communications & collaboration (UCC) platform, StatumHEALTHtm, that simplifies workflows for care team members with a focus on improved patient care. 

Statum Systems also invented an optional device in the form of an ID badge holder that captures pager signals and sends them via Bluetooth to StatumHEALTH on the user’s smartphone. This device, StatumCONNECTtm, eliminates traditional pagers without losing the reach and reliability of pager-frequency messages. 

Crimson Interactive: is a leading solutions provider for diverse languages. It assists authors and researchers worldwide in getting their research published in renowned, international journals.

With clients spread across 125 countries and excellent quality delivery and innovation under its wings, Crimson Interactive has soared high, growing from strength to strength, with each adventure, each achievement, each exploration. 

We are pleased to boast of some clients such as Panasonic, MIT, Netflix, American Express, with whom we continue to enjoy long-standing associations. Crimson Interactive is headquartered in Mumbai, with offices in Japan, China, Korea, and the US.

The three flagship brands of Crimson Interactive—Enago (English editing), Ulatus (language translation), and Voxtab (transcription)—work to deliver specialized language solutions to authors. 

Ulatus is the world’s leading translation and localization provider, being number 1 in India. It has been recognized among the World’s top 75 translation service providers and the top 10 Pharma and Life Science Tech Solution Providers. It helps authors and researchers with translation requirements reach a global audience and delivers localization to specific markets.

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