Statum Systems- Enabling Excellent Medical Communication

Statum Systems - Enabling Medical Communication - Fred Lizza

Challenges in systemized medical communication have been mounting for years, and there have been very few companies identifying the problem and brainstorming a solution that fits. Fred Lizza, and the team of Statum Solutions have been among the few who have found the perfect way to end this significant problem plaguing healthcare. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of Most Promising Digital Health Solution Providers in 2022 is Statum Systems, a company that is enabling excellent medical communication. 

The Company-

Statum Systems is a healthcare technology start-up founded by healthcare professionals in the Boston medical community. Concerned about the fragmented state of medical communication systems in hospitals and medical centres, and especially with the continued use of traditional pagers and other single purpose applications and devices that require care team members to constantly juggle from one system to another. 

To address the issue, Statum Systems created a unified medical communications & collaboration (UCC) platform, StatumHEALTHtm, that simplifies workflows for care team members with a focus on improved patient care. Statum Systems also invented an optional device in the form of an ID badge holder that captures pager signals and sends them via Bluetooth to StatumHEALTH on the user’s smartphone. This device, StatumCONNECTtm, eliminates traditional pagers without losing the reach and reliability of pager-frequency messages. 

StatumHEALTH also collects comprehensive data regarding medical communications, and analysing it to identify opportunities for workflow, patientcare, and financial performance improvements. This data-driven component of our solution will grow in importance as StatumHEALTH collects more data and applies AI-based tools and predictive analytics to the data in future releases.

Overcoming the Challenges-

“Statum Systems is poised to explode in 2022 as we move from beta testing to commercial release of StatumHEALTH.”

Statum’s initial market response has been overwhelming.  Every physician, surgeon or medical professional who sees their solution wants it.  This is because, for the past two decades, hospitals have accumulated many special-purpose and single purpose communications systems.  They don’t interface with each other, only address one or two aspects of providing patient care and require care team members to jump from one system to another. 

Statum’s leadership team is the perfect blend of medical professionals and technology executives.  Several co-founders have deep medical experience while our CEO, SVP of Corporate Development and Advisory Board members bring many years of success in launching and growing technology-based enterprises.

As COVID has taxed hospital staff to the limit and identified a clear need for medical centres to upgrade their IT infrastructure. The medical UCC platforms will streamline care team workflows, reduce communication-based errors and delays, turn beds faster and enforce HIPAA and security compliance. Like many other industries, medical communication infrastructure is evolving from disparate point solutions to integrated platforms.  

The Products and Services-

StatumHEALTH’s competitive advantage comes from three distinct capabilities that the above-listed competitors cannot match: 

  1.  Delivery of low-frequency broadcast pager messages directly to the smartphone 
  2. A patient-centric architecture 
  3. An enterprise scale unified medical messaging and collaboration platform – not a single purpose messaging system.  

The Service Directory-

Low-Frequency Pager Messages Directly To Smartphone

Pager service providers broadcast their pager messages over low-frequency bandwidths, providing greater reach and coverage and higher reliability.  That’s why over 80% of US hospitals still use pagers – so critical messages can be received immediately in all areas, even places like radiology suites, where WiFi, 5G and cellular signals are not reliably available. Statum Systems uses multiple communications modalities, including direct receipt of pager messages by StatumCONNECT, to ensure efficient message receipt while not losing reliability. 

“By using our patented technology, we maintain the reach and reliability advantages of low frequency pager messages, but deliver rich messages directly to the users’ smartphone without store and forward delays.”

Patient-centric Architecture

Given that many of Statum’s founders come from the clinical world, the team has built their architecture from the ground up to focus their communications around the patient. Their “patient sessions” function deliver a communications forum that allows for synchronous and asynchronous communications across care providers. 

Competitive solutions do not facilitate a patient-centric method of communications that allow for all the patient’s care team members to have instant insight on patient interactions and data. Instead, competitors rely on standard peer-to-peer communications that lead to siloed communications, necessitating repetition for those not included.  

“Our patient session design enables all of a patient’s care team members to share the same dialogue and be alerted to any changes or updates to the patient’s condition.”

By unifying communications around the Patient Sessions, Statum Systems facilitates efficient communications and create a natural hub for communications data collection that provides insights never-before seen by hospital administrators/executives. 

Enterprise UCC

Statum Systems believes that after years of investing in limited, single purpose medical communications systems, the healthcare IT market is entering a cycle where these disparate systems will be gradually but consistently replaced by a unified medical communications and collaboration system.  The move to UCC’s will simplify learning and onboarding of team members, streamline workflows and improve communications – all resulting in better and more efficient patient care, faster bed turnover and few errors.  This is consistent with cycles in other maturing markets, where single purpose systems were replaced by integrated suites and platforms. 

Fred Lizza- Leading the Way-

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”

To say the least, Fred is a serial CEO. He has previously held the role of a CEO at six other software based-technology businesses. Fred is typically introduced to an organization through the investors/owners of a business, either early in its life cycle to launch and scale the business or at a later stage to re-position the company to better achieve its potential.

Fred has led multiple companies to successful exits by acquisition and he has also grown a company and led it through its IPO and secondary public offerings.  He has launched new products into the AI, ERP, eCommerce and supply chain markets.

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