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“Spinning plates and juggling whilst still dashing toward the goal” 

i2i Media is a dynamic and innovative media company that is creating waves in the industry with its cutting-edge solutions. The Enterprise World is proud to introduce it to the Most Trusted OTT Solution Companies in 2023. 

Incepted in 2001, with a focus on delivering quality content and creating engaging experiences, i2i Media is quickly becoming an important name in the world of media. Founded on the principles of creativity and collaboration, the company has brought together a team of talented individuals who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 

From its humble beginnings, i2i Media has grown into a global force to be reckoned with, with a presence in multiple countries and a diverse portfolio that includes screening solutions, live webcasting, app development, and much more. 

i2i Media has successfully navigated through various challenges such as the dotcom crash, the financial crisis, and the Covid pandemic. Despite missing out on a floatation during the dotcom boom, i2i Media has managed to thrive and outperform its competitors. 

In fact,i2i Media had its best year ever during the Covid pandemic, with the launch of a new solution called the Pitchroom which has proven to be a great sales success. 

The company has a global presence with three offices located in different parts of the world. The main coding center is located in the United Kingdom, providing the backbone for the company’s technical operations. 

The sales office located in Los Angeles caters to the American market and helps the company reach out to a wider audience. The production office located in Azerbaijan, on the other hand, manages the company’s production processes, ensuring seamless and efficient operations. 

This global presence gives i2i Media a competitive edge and allows it to serve customers from different regions effectively. The company’s success in overcoming challenges and its ability to adapt to changing circumstances is a testament to its resilience and determination. 

Being in the film and TV industry means that the team at i2i Media has the opportunity to witness the magic of production first-hand. From the hustle and bustle of the set to the excitement of the red carpet, the team is always in the thick of the action. 

i2i Media works closely with clients to ensure that every aspect of a project runs smoothly, providing expert advice and support every step of the way. Despite the demanding nature of its work, the team thrives under pressure and is committed to delivering exceptional results, no matter how tight the timelines may be. 

The fast-paced nature of its work can be both exhilarating and exhausting, but the team remains motivated by the impact that its work has on its clients and the industry as a whole. When everything comes together and a project is a success, the gratitude of the clients and the celebration that follows are the ultimate rewards for hard work. 

The company takes pride in its accomplishments and knows that they are making a difference in the world of film and TV. With expertise and dedication, i2i Media is making a name for itself as one of the leading companies in the film and TV industry. 

The CEO, Philip Radley-Smith says, “The majority of new business comes from referrals which means that as a company we must be doing quite a lot right. From an individual perspective, I am most proud of the patents that we have on wearables and the potential impacts that they can have worldwide, not just as a tech solution but also as an educational solution for underprivileged parts of the world.” 

As i2i Media continues to grow, it remains focused on providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers. With a strong foundation and a clear vision, the company is well-positioned to weather any future challenges and continue its journey of success. 

The Man Behind The Curtains 

Philip Radley-Smith 

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting and growing a business from the ground up. It requires a combination of creativity, vision, and risk-taking to turn an idea into a successful venture. Entrepreneurs must be willing to take calculated risks and make decisions that will shape the future of their company. 

A humble CEO is truly a rare gem in this world and Philip Radley-Smith is a clear reflection of it. Being a great leader and an entrepreneur, he brings out energy and positivity to any project, effectively the vision of what i2i Media stands on today. 

Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey, but for those who are passionate and determined, it can lead to personal and financial growth, and the satisfaction of building something of their own. 

Further talking about being a leader, Philip says, “One thing I am very aware of is that I cannot code for ‘toffee’. The teams have all the technical skills, I just have vision and enthusiasm. When we do things well, I don’t want to take the plaudits. Things work well because the team have coded them well, they have set up the servers properly or they have worked out the correct user experience well in advance. 

Although it sounds cheesy, we’re really a team where I play a particular role and they do their skilled roles. It’s not to say that they don’t get wildly frustrated by me. I’m sure they do because in my world everything is lateral and simple. As a consequence, I keep feeding them ideas that, to me, should be obvious and simple, but I secretly realize that some things might be akin to programming the space shuttle.” 

Despite a lack of professional experience, Philip has a rich background in creative arts, having spent years touring and recording in heavy metal bands, as well as mastering several martial arts and competing at a global level. 

This artistic background has provided a wealth of experiences that are useful in many aspects of life, including leadership, teamwork, and the ability to perform under pressure. However, he recognizes that he may have missed out on opportunities to gain professional experience and build a network of contacts and partners. 

In hindsight, Philip wishes that he had taken a more conventional approach and worked for someone else, gaining valuable experience and learning the ropes of the professional world. This could have allowed him to develop valuable relationships and gain a deeper understanding of the industry. 

Nevertheless, his unique background and experiences have undoubtedly contributed to his individuality and creative thinking, and he can draw upon these strengths as he looks to pursue new opportunities. 

Philip remains optimistic and determined to succeed. He is driven by his passion for creativity and a desire to make a positive impact in the world. He is super proud of his ability to go the extra mile and launch projects in the face of crazy timescales. 

As a media person, Philip doesn’t have a social media account. He thinks, “From a commercial point of view, I am eager that we don’t get distracted by the need to constantly post and equally that we don’t give away too many commercial secrets. Personally, I choose not to have any accounts because I don’t want to spend the time focusing on my phone when I could be focusing on the business, my family, or staying healthy.” 

Getting to know Philip Radley-Smith 

As a CEO, Philip is aware of how critical it is to value others in order to lead well. He appreciates the special talents and accomplishments of co-workers, partners, and rivals, and this fosters a productive work atmosphere that inspires people to provide their best efforts. 

Philip has a lot of respect for Sir Winston Churchill. Although Churchill made mistakes, in his opinion, he persevered till the end and was the right person at the right moment. This admiration for Churchill serves as a reminder of the importance of perseverance and determination in leadership. 

Philip was able to overcome his dyslexia obstacles and reading difficulties in his early years in order to acquire a solid education. Although he never developed a passion for reading, he prefers to keep active and engaged physically as opposed to sitting around. 

Philips says, “A quote that I like to use is, Life is made of memories. For me, the meaning is much deeper than five words. It’s about making sure you feel the wind in your hair, that you give yourself the chance to feel the sun on your skin, that you remember the times when your children were laughing, and how you feel when your favourite song is played.” 

A Dynamic Approach to Business 

Philip considers himself to be a flexible problem-solver who can adapt to changing needs and circumstances. He values being able to respond to new challenges and opportunities in real-time with creativity and spontaneity. 

Constant vigilance may not always be necessary and can limit one’s ability to effectively solve problems. Instead, being a freestyler allows for a more dynamic approach to decision-making and leads to quicker, better solutions in fast-paced environments. This adaptable and responsive mentality is essential for success in today’s business world. 

He adds further, “I am very conscious that I could spend 18 hours at my desk when in reality that is shockingly unhealthy. Having the privilege of being a martial artist, I am very aware of how the body works but more importantly what I can put it through and still deliver. Ironically, some of my black belt gradings have been my greatest achievements because they are the times that I have had to dig the deepest.” 

Roadblocks Along The Way 

Within the business world, each sector has its own requirements and challenges. Some of the issues drastically affect businesses and organizations across a range of industries and sectors. 

Every business strives to maintain the quality of its customer relationships, the vibrancy of its brands, and the satisfaction of its workforce. A company that is successful overcomes obstacles to set itself apart from its competitors. 

Similar challenges were faced by i2i Media, especially being a start-up. In 2001, streaming technology was in its early and limited stages, with challenges such as server and data center limitations, and exorbitant bandwidth costs. 

Nowadays, technology has advanced greatly and made streaming much more accessible. However, Philip feels that if i2i Media was a start up in 2023 it might struggle to compete against established players in the industry. 

Triggers Of Growth 

The success took off when people recognized the potential for niche content and the ability for users to upload their own files. This was before the rise of YouTube which created a digital gold rush of sorts. 

The company received offers for its digital space in 2003-2004 but declined, as the focus was on niche content that provided direction and presence. Winning the Streaming Media Europe award for Europe’s first Internet TV channel in 2001 solidified its position as a pioneer in the industry. 

Initially, the vision of i2i Media was to be a broadcaster, but a lack of a clear business model led to providing solutions for commercial organizations, especially in the film and TV industry. With the advent of mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone, i2i Media shifted towards app development and has since acquired a significant number of global customers. 

Success Catalysts 

An effective customer service strategy is one of the key factors behind the success of i2i Media. As a strong advocate of customer service, Philip believes that a company only exists because someone needs its product. This perspective drives i2i Media to constantly strive to provide exceptional service and find innovative solutions. 

i2i Media embraces change and is always willing to take on challenges to maintain a high level of energy within i2i Media. To avoid being bogged down by excessive management and bureaucratic procedures, Philip keeps the company structure lean. 

While there are necessary security policies in place for handling sensitive data and assets, he tries to minimize any practices that might hinder the team’s direct connection with customers. In order to avoid the impediment to the team’s ability to interact directly with customers, he discontinued a recent ticketing scheme. 

Philip adds further, “One of my biggest concerns is whether I am truly taking care of my team. It can be easy to become absorbed in my own projects and vision, but I understand that without the team, none of it would be achievable. I hope that I make the team feel valued and an integral part of i2i Media, but I can’t be certain. I am grateful to have a team that trusts me, works tirelessly when needed, and shares my belief in the importance of exceptional customer service.” 

What i2i Media offers 

i2i Media’s primary focus is the film and television industry, as streaming media and OTT solutions are a natural fit for this sector. However, the principles of secure data transfer and administration that i2i Media utilizes can also be applied to healthcare and education, leading it to venture into these areas as well. 

Moreover, i2i Media is delving deeper into Artificial Intelligence and recognizing the potential that webcams offer. It is working on innovative solutions related to recruitment, dating, and sales presentations. 

Philip says, “I am fortunate to hold some patents in the area of wearable computers and we are constantly exploring new possibilities in this field. I look forward to the day when people can wear their mobile phones like a wristband for convenient connectivity, or unwrap it and use it as a flat tablet interface.” 

Setting It Apart 

The advantage that i2i Media has is Philip and his passion for personalized solutions, which sets i2i Media apart from any competition. Its competitors offer pre-made solutions, essentially widget-like products with varying interfaces and templates, but ultimately offer the same solution. 

“I can see the appeal of a widget-like approach for its ease and simplicity, but just as we don’t all wear the same style or color of clothing or drive the same car, I believe not all customers want the same cookie-cutter solution.”

A Step Ahead 

Moving ahead, i2i Media is looking into Artificial intelligence. The favourite products so far are wearable computers and AI interactions with webcams, but both require a significant investment of time. 

Philip is aware of the danger of overwhelming his team with too many new ideas and projects, and believes that you have to be selective to keep the team’s focus.. The company recently considered integrating video with Alexa but rejected the idea due to potential negative consequences for society. It is aware that new projects have both commercial and societal impacts them. 

Philip says, “We currently manage multiple projects well, but some upcoming projects are so big they may require a new company structure and new teams to handle them. The dilemma is that it is very easy and comfortable to stick with safe options, but to really move forward you have to take risks and walk into the dark. This creates a challenging catch-22 situation.”

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