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Gerry Miller CEO Cloudticity

A subsidiary of Amazon, Amazon Web Services provides individuals, companies, and government with an on-demand cloud computing platform. Simply put, AWS is a cloud services platform that offers computer power, database storage, content delivery and many other functions that help businesses grow.

AWS allows one to do the following things-

  • Run web application servers in cloud so as to host some dynamic websites.
  • Store all of your files securely and provide access to them from anywhere.
  • AWS uses managed databases such as the MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle or SQL Server to store the information.
  • AWS also allows you to deliver the static dynamic files around the world quickly using the Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • With AWS you can also send bulk emails to your customers.

Cloud computing has evolved as one of the most necessary services for the growth of a company. Once you have unlocked the full potential of the cloud, so many things come easily. Cloud computing is known for being used in many other sectors, including the healthcare sector. Cloudticity is one such organization that is empowering healthcare organizations with cloud computing.

AWS balances healthcare organizations’ need for security, compliance, technology, and performance. Secure, reliable, and cost-effective, AWS has hundreds of native services, more than any other cloud provider. It also meets many global regulatory frameworks and has a breadth of technologies that support the technical controls HIPAA and HITRUST require.

Founded by Gerry Miller, Cloudticity HITRUST-certified solutions enable healthcare organizations to unleash healthcare ingenuity by tapping in to the full potential of the cloud.

Cloudticity helps healthcare organizations radically reshape healthcare by unlocking the full potential of the cloud. Through groundbreaking automation and world-class cloud expertise, Cloudticity empowers healthcare to do more of what healthcare does best, faster: develop, deploy, and scale the industry’s next breakthrough solutions that make the world healthier.

The Cloudticity Journey-

When Cloudticity was started in 2011, AWS wouldn’t even sign a Business Associates Agreement (BAA). Cloud was brand new everywhere, especially in the healthcare industry. With no BAA and no real healthcare deployments ever on the cloud, it was incredibly challenging to tell a CIO or CISO to take his/her most private healthcare data out of a datacenter and put it in someone else’s datacenter. It was a hard sell.

The company has grown well and organically from the beginning, but there have been key inflection points. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act and the requirement to digitize healthcare data was a driver. The passage of the Affordable Care Act required healthcare insurers to make significant investments in data collection and data analytics, which are solutions that are only viable on the cloud. And most recently the COVID-19 tragedy has triggered a significant investment for healthcare in contact tracing technologies, data analytics technologies for health surveillance and disease research, machine learning models that can manage ventilator inventories and hospital capacity, and more technologies that are needed to help stop the spread and treat the virus.

We Help Change the Way People Interact With Healthcare.

The Products and Services-

Cloudticity’s next-gen managed cloud solution allows healthcare IT departments to innovate at incredible velocity and scale while maintaining continuous HIPAA/HITRUST compliance, high availability, and continuously optimizing costs. By freeing healthcare IT to focus purely on innovation, healthcare organizations can radically reshape healthcare via cloud delivered solutions.

“When you can unleash the enormous power of healthcare data, you can save lives.”

The company has 2 product suites-

Oxygen, managed cloud solutions for healthcare.

Cloudticity Oxygen, the first and only autonomous managed cloud solution, allows healthcare IT to unleash healthcare ingenuity through groundbreaking automation and world-class cloud expertise. By offloading infrastructure operations, security, and compliance, IT leaders can free up resources to focus on value-adding activities, resulting in incredible velocity and innovation for healthcare IT.

Oxygen is different from other managed cloud solutions on the market because of its fully automated approach. Automating 98% of managed services delivery, the solution provides unparalleled agility, reliability, performance, and security. Traditional managed services rely on humans to manage IT environments, which leaves room for human error that can result in harmful security, reliability, and performance issues. Cloudticity’s solution is nearly fully automated, eliminating that risk of human error and providing incredible efficiency, velocity, and agility for healthcare IT.

It also includes Managed Kubernetes and unified logging. No other competitive solution on the market offers all of that in one bundle.

Oxygen provides 200+ inheritable and partially inheritable HITRUST controls – more than any other provider on the market. This helps clients streamline achieving compliance by 10-50%, depending on the company’s unique risk profile. No one else comes close to this level of HITRUST support.

Cloudticity Healthcare Data Solutions.

Cloudticity Healthcare DataHub™ and Healthcare DataView™, the next generation of healthcare data solutions on AWS, empower public health organizations to improve population health management through powerful cloud-native data ingestion and real-time analytics.

Healthcare DataHub and Healthcare DataView are different from anything else on the market. Traditional healthcare data solutions require expensive hardware which can take months to scale. Cloudticity’s solution can be deployed and scaled in moments, without the need for hardware.

Traditional solutions are fickle and struggle to ingest healthcare data. They reject a lot of data when it isn’t a perfect match. It can take months just to get the data in the environment. The Cloudticity ingestion engine is flexible and intelligent. The company is able to get the data in the environment in a matter of hours, allowing public health agents and government officials to implement population health management activities that are driven by the most relevant surveillance data available.

An addition to the current set of services is the Healthcare DataView. What is exciting is, with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has seen a HUGE surge in demand for DataHub, and they also created DataView in reaction to the demands they were seeing. DataHub and DataView are essentially solving public health / COVID-19 data challenges for some of the hardest hit states.

While the Cloudticity team is devastated by the state of the world, they are honored and floored that they have a solution that can actually help. From helping public health organizations manage ventilator inventories at hospitals to identifying co-morbidities and performing contact tracing, Cloudticity’s solution is being used by several states to respond to COVID-19.

Why Cloudticity?

  • Cloudticity is the first AWS partner to score 100% on the managed services competency test.
  • 70% of help desk tickets are responded to within one hour.
  • 98% of issues are automatically identified and resolved without our clients creating a ticket.
  • There’s never been a breach of a Cloudticity-managed solution.

“We’re mission focused. We’ve had a single mission from day one – to make every human on earth healthier through the work that we do – and we make all our decisions in line with our principles. We don’t chase dollars, we chase success for our clients and the patients that they serve.”

Gerry Miller and the Team-

Gerry Miller is a successful serial entrepreneur, healthcare fanatic, and professional investor in private ventures. From starting his first company in elementary school to selling his successful technology consulting firm in 1998, Gerry has always marched to his own drummer, producing a series of successes. Gerry’s first major company was The Clarity Group, a Boston-based Internet technology firm he founded in 1992. Gerry presided over seven years of 100% aggregate annual growth, and sold the company in 1998 when it had reached $10MM in revenue. He was recruited by Microsoft to become their Central US Chief Technology Officer, eventually taking over a global business unit and growing its revenue from $20MM to over $100MM in less than three years. Gerry then joined ePrize as Chief Operating Officer, where he grew sales 38% to nearly $70MM while improving operating efficiency, quality, and both client and employee satisfaction. Through his investment company Muse Holdings, Gerry actively works with portfolio companies to ensure success. His current muse is Cloudticity, which Gerry founded in 2011, where he focuses most of his time managing the day-to-day activities of bringing healthcare systems to life in the cloud.

It’s an entrepreneur’s responsibility to build a great team and to lead them, not drive them. To be in front, to be the “chief cheerleader,” and to bring the best out in everybody. To encourage them as they do things that others say is impossible.

With a leader as ecstatic as Gerry is, the Cloudticity team is as unique and dedicated as it gets.

Cloudticity Team

Cloudticity team has developed a culture in the company. This starts with bringing the right people in. Then, by building an environment where people can be successful. In a way Gerry likes to think of himself as a “bulldozer,” in the team, clearing all the debris out of the way so that everyone can be successful.

It is very important to set a very clear success criteria, and trust that you have the right people and processes in place. This culture the Cloudticity team has developed is not only about the results, but the process too. They have recognized that failure is not ultimate, and just a part of the process. And to combat the consequences of failure, it is necessary to create a very safe place for people and to encourage them to try new things, and embed it in their minds that failure is a part of the process.

I get nervous when people aren’t failing because it means they are not pushing themselves hard enough… You need to make sure people have a safe environment to express themselves.

For a team that is dedicated and hardworking, politics need to be eradicated. This simply means that you blame the process and not the people. All of these elements combined can build an opportunity for a team to succeed as something greater than a group of individual people.

Ultimately the goal of the entrepreneur, according to Miller, is to drive success in the organization.

“The man who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the man doing it.” –Ancient Chinese proverb

It’s the world’s job to say it cannot be done. It’s the entrepreneur’s job to just go and get it done anyhow.

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