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Sen Kugan Country Director (UK) iPay Total

B2B payments are prone to many complexities. And banks have made just incremental improvements in the nature of corporate transactions. This has given digital transformation a tremendous scope here. The FinTech start-ups have made some of the biggest developments like the instant, real-time, cross-border payments. Over the last few years, the FinTech industry has undergone massive changes, and the results can speak for itself.

Businesses can be considered a high-risk merchant if they operate in an industry identified as high risk by the credit card processor, or if there is a significant risk of financial obstacles inherent to the business model.

iPayTotal can assist you in creating your high-risk merchant account and provide you with customized credit card processing solutions. We can guide you through the banking underwriting process.

The Company-

iPay Total is a rapidly growing provider of high-risk payment solutions for various businesses. It offers customizable payment solutions at competitive prices while providing multiple layers of security. The company’s tailor-made package includes an arrangement of a merchant account (MID) with one of its international acquiring banking partners, with an award-winning payment gateway service, reporting tools, integrated fraud-prevention, and free dedicated lifetime support.

The organization brings transparency and standards to the high-risk payment processing industry, providing businesses with the most competitive deals in high-risk merchant accounts suited to their needs. The company offers these solutions in integrated packages that will perfectly adjust to the client’s company card payment requirements.

iPayTotal is a global payments company , they can assist merchants in creating high-risk merchant account and provide them with customized online fraud-free credit card processing solutions. We believe that merchants deserve better. They take time to understand any businesses operational challenges and present cost-effective solutions to improve inefficiencies, and in turn, increase profitability.

We provide a system that delivers a seamless experience and drives growth.

As the world’s digital demands continue to rise, iPay Total is proud to have their in-house developed white label gateway solution with one of the best payment technology today. And as the company grows in parallel to such demands, they also want to acknowledge their great relationships with international banking institutions around the world to provide IBAN and SWIFT banking solutions.

A Journey towards Success –

Success, like every growth, needs nurturing. In the business industry, thousands of ideas are generated, and millions are rejected. However, iPayTotal Ltd was not such one idea. iPayTotal Ltd was an idea started by three people three years ago, and their aims were clear: they were going to make it work. They planted this small seed, but they didn’t hope for it to just grow on its own; they nurtured the growth of the company to put it up on its feet where it is today. Through intricately handled meetings, teams and designs, they went up against every obstacle, only to come out stronger and bigger.

There were hindrances and hardships, but there was more hard work and ambition. Every entangled situation was thought over to provide the best service that iPay has till date. And with this, iPay Total is proud to say that it is now an international company, with offices in countries like United States, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India and South Africa, providing services from Payment Acquiring to IBAN Accounts to Prepaid Cards, with partnerships and alliances with the top-level banks and financial organizations all around the globe.

The company has faced many different challenges over the years. They have struggled initially understanding various fraudulent activities and then worked on to provide high safety systems. Now their international payment gateway provides powerful built-in fraud prevention filters and monitoring tools based on client behavior, ensuring any suspicious activity is blocked.

We believe that every idea needs encouragement, and with our services, we want to make your growth conducive, because greatness starts from small beginnings.

The Products and Services –

iPay Total focuses mainly on high-risk merchant accounts. The company partners directly with banks specializing in numerous high risk industries all in efforts to get legitimate approvals and processing solutions. Their online payment gateway is an independent platform for providing safe and secure payment processing for PSP /ISO and merchants. Their PCI DSS Level 1 Certified cloud payment platform allows consumers to pay merchants securely for goods and services online, mobile, and over the telephone.

Below is a short overview of services iPay Total provides in a most satisfied customer experience.

  • iPay Total provides end-to-end merchant account payment solutions for businesses and consumers around the globe.
  • iPay Total can set up with International bank accounts – SWIFT or IBAN, to keep the money flowing even if companies were not able to contact high street banks.
  • The company can register and set up offshore /European companies with banking solutions.
  • They can provide a Crypto backed Bank Account and debit card.
  • Financial Licensing and other legal projects.
  • iPay Total also offers outsourced payment consulting services to high-risk clients with complicated setups or special requests.

From the very first moment of contact with iPay Total, the team will work to have a complete understanding of merchants business by listening to them in a compassionate and competent manner.

We leverage our advanced knowledge of payments to set merchants up in a matter of hours with a low, transparent rate plan, which will save them most of the money.

To take the company forward needs considerable planning and organization to step up in terms of products/services.

At iPay Total, they consult members of the team about development plans and also seek the views of merchants and other business associates. Their aim is to always provide their merchants first class High Risk Merchant Account services at the most competitive fees. Be it for IBAN accounts opening, obtaining offshore accounts and financial licensing…

At iPayTotal Ltd, we combine our technical skills with our simple, straightforward approach

They escalate solutions and possibilities to help clients scale deliberately, increase profitability and achieve long-term viability. Their commitment is a promise to themselves to live the values that their employees created; Pioneering, Courageous, Open and Focused. Their four values are the heart of everything they do and inspires how they work together as a distinguished team.

With this overview, iPayTotal has recently launched their new product MOBAM. MOBAM is a highly scalable and PCI-certified payment orchestration platform for White Label Clients and Enterprise Merchants. The modern, easily extendable architecture provides intelligent routing and cascading as well as state-of-the-art risk management functions as well as centralized reconciliation and settlements along with plugin-based integration of Acquirers and Payment Service Providers. Our white label payment gateway is being used by many clients globally.


  • Auto Merchant Onboarding Auto Assignments to the Boarding network
  • AI-based document and identity verification
  • API integration with more than 100 banks and PSPs.
  • Custom API development Reporting based on multiple parameters.
  • Referral Agent and BANK integration and Management Charge back and Refund
  • Management Financial Report generation


MOBAM™’s future is to build the most demanded business features such as:

  • Virtual Card Instant Generation
  • IBAN generation
  • Swift Account Transfer
  • Crypto Payments
  • Crypto to Fiat Currency

If you’re looking for a merchant on-boarding system and payment gateway that operates under your own brand, MOBAM is just what you need. MOBAM™ offers fully brandable, easily integrated white label solutions, including payment processing, Software as a Service (SaaS), and standalone packages with the highest level of technology and security in the payment card industry.

Sen Kugan- Leading the Way-

Sen Kugan is the Country Director (UK) at iPay Total. He is the recipient of the Global Client Excellence Award 2019. His key successes include-

  • Developed and implemented a key client relationship and sales process for UK & Wales.
  • Developed successful tender and project managed several high-profile jobs ranging from matters of great public significance to highly televised global affairs (first in UK history of company).
  • Gained genuine rapport and loyal custom from top firms such as; Addleshaw Goddard.
  • Conducted in-depth presentations and training on bespoke case management systems to judiciary and law firms (a UK first).
  • Rapid success and promotions within the organization.
  • Held the record for most client contracts sold/signed (1 day=Over 30, 1 month=over 500).
  • Employee of the month on several occasions.
  • Developed and maintained long standing relationships with internal and external stakeholders for continued custom.

I believe that there is always room for an entrepreneur to learn more and there is always opportunities to innovation and constant improvement of a business.

The Team-

We make our employees feel valued and appreciated.

At iPay Total, the company ensures that they are providing employees with necessary tools to conduct their duties and on-going support, ensuring each employee is appreciated and conducted regular staff engagement activities. In order to look after the employees and to maintain a healthy relationship with them, the seniors of the team make sure that they are always approachable if they need anything, thus resulting in their trust and loyalty. Ensuring employees well-being and mental health is paramount ensuring equality of work load and opportunities for progression.

iPay Total prides itself on having a diverse team where everyone is unique and have excellent communication with their colleagues and they focus on goals and results which makes their team unique.

We all live in an extremely competitive world, and the one who survives it comes out as the best. But sometimes, it also takes a toll on us, a little failure or a small set-back makes us question our abilities. Sen Kugan’s message to all surviving the competition would be-

It’s about self-management and taking full responsibility of myself. You can and you must pro-actively organize and live your life. No one else can do it for you.

Managing Your Life is Much More than Career Management: Work (career, wealth) is just one aspect of life. There are other crucial areas which need to get adequate and regular attention in order to lead a fulfilled life: social area (family, friends, recognition), health area (sports, relaxation, diet, well-being and fitness), and spiritual area (fulfillment, religion, love, philosophy).

Write Down Your Personal Vision and Mission of Life: Ask yourself what’s really important for you, what you would like to achieve, what you are really good at, what your values are, and what you want to look back on at the end of your life?

Determine and write down what you’d like to achieve in each of your life areas. This allows you to anchor your personal life vision in your ongoing schedule. At the same time it will add meaningful content to your life. There always will be external tasks and deadlines which you will need to comply with. It’s a fact of life. Still, in order to master your life, you will also need to set your own priorities in order to concentrate on your important professional and private goals. You need to control your day in order to control your life.

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