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Jenny Lin COO and Board Director | CMIC Group

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There has been much advancement in the healthcare sector. New and effective treatments for chronic diseases are being invented. Clinical Research is one branch of the healthcare sciences. Broadly, clinical research determines the safety of the medications, certain devices, diagnostic products, and some treatment regimens that are to be used by humans. 

CMIC Group is a leading CRO and a provider specialized in bioanalytical services in support of TK/PK studies for pre-clinical and clinical developments. Located in Hoffman Estates, IL, the company provides cutting-edge capabilities and sophisticated expertise in bioanalytical method development, method validation/qualification, and study sample analysis for small and large molecules. As a strategic drug development partner, CMIC Group helps sponsors to overcome challenges in bioanalysis with expertise, rapid turn-around-time, and high-quality services.

Jenny has over 25 year’s executive/lab management experience for bioanalytical and analytical laboratory operations in support of drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical drug development. Experienced in business strategic planning and execution; Responsible for general lab operations, quality assurance operations, Business Development Activities, IT supports, and laboratory safety compliance. She currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Board Director at CMIC Group. 

The Organization- 

CMIC Group has over 30 years of experience in small molecule Bioanalysis and also supports Biologic, Biomarker, and Oligonucleotides analysis across countries. CMIC Group has a reputation for excellence and a strong commitment to helping improve lives around the world. With a dedication to the drug development market and continued success, CMIC Group has become a leading CRO in Japan and North America. Today, CMIC Group continues to grow and expand its facility and capabilities to meet the needs of clients and the changing drug development environment.

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Being an integrated and relatively new member of the CMIC holdings group, CMIC Group had established its solid footprint in Chicago 10 years ago.

“Even though we are the leading CRO in Asia Pacific area, we have to work diligently to establish our name brand in US market and through our excellent customer experience, unparalleled data quality and rapid turnaround times.”

The organization today stands strong on its diversified services, high-quality data, rapid data turn-around, excellent customer services, and communication. From the inception of the company, CMIC Group has quickly and steadily gained the trust of many clients.  And they now support hundreds of studies each year, many of which are challenging studies.

The inspiration and the reason for CMIC Group’s long-standing success is the CMIC CREED

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Their Products/Services-

The company invested in talent training. And a lot of business efforts were also made focusing on building solid lab processes to avoid potential missteps or misunderstand in the lab.   

With unrelenting pressure to enhance the speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of drug discovery and development, CRO companies need to be confident that their Bioanalytical testing is not only tailored to these translational goals, but fit for purpose, and delivers added value in an environment in which scientific innovation, commercial imperatives and unmet patient needs are rapidly transforming the drug-development paradigm. 

A Woman in Business- Breaking the Stereotype-

The most prominent challenge for women in the business world is balancing business and family life. However, the culture of work is shifting to allow women more flexibility, which is a welcoming change. Although it is still a challenging task, Jenny is not a believer in the concept of the glass ceiling or the gender gap.

“Competency matters the most.”   

She believes that businesses are always process-driven, once you fully invest your minds and dedications into business processes, there is no different man or woman.   

Jenny has been a selected member of the Global Bioanalysis Consortium (GBC) making recommendations for global Bioanalysis harmonization.  She serves as an editorial board member for a peer-reviewed journal and chairs for international conferences. She is the author and co-author for approximately 40 publications, white papers, and presentations. She is the inventor of 7 issued US patents.  Jenny earned her BS in Analytical Chemistry at Peking University and her MS in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Connecticut. Jenny is a member of the American Society of Mass Spectrometry (ASMS), American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), American Chemical Society (ACS), National Association of Professional Woman (NAPW), and Global CRO Council (GCC).

What Makes the Team Unique?

Talent management and talent development are key elements of CMIC Group. Both the terms are not just simple human resource key phrases, but a part of the business strategy to stay committed to hire, engage, motivate and develop the most talented and excellent employees in the industry.  What makes our team unique is craftsmanship, great teamwork, enthusiasm, and dedication. That is our belief and we exercise that every day in our labs.

“People always are the most important assets of any business”

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