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The Influential Women In Business: 2019

The Influential Women In Business: 2019 features,

Featuring for the cover story is Binti Pawa, the brain behind TheStreet’s reach. Binti has held vital roles at various companies, including brands such as InStyle, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, Travelocity, and many others. She is a true motivation for many who work in various domains.

At TheStreet, she is responsible for leading, developing and integrating SEO and content strategies to increase TheStreet’s audience. TheStreet is a leading financial news and information provider that has produced unbiased business news and market analysis for individual investors.

Jenny has over 25 year’s executive/lab management experience for bioanalytical and analytical laboratory operations in support of drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical drug development.

She currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Board Director at CMIC. CMIC, Inc. is a leading CRO and a provider specialized in bioanalytical services in support of TK/PK studies for pre-clinical and clinical developments.

Marina, with her successful 18 years of corporate career by Procter & Gamble, Philips, Billiton, Sara Lee, The Boston Consulting Group and eBay, decided to become an entrepreneur and started the venture mYngle. She first saw the potential of the internet while she was working as a consultant project. That is when she realized that it would disrupt entire industries and forever change the way people buy/sell/interact.

Ellen has had a background in trucking industry that began back in 1980, and later started Women in Trucking. Women in Trucking Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, address obstacles that might keep women from entering, or succeeding in the trucking industry, and to celebrate the success of its members.

Ineke Kooistra has been CEO of YoungCapital since 1 January 2013. With over 5.1 million international connections, YoungCapital has the largest online network for young talent in Europe. YoungCapital is specialized in young people, because they think they are more important than ever because of the rapid digitisation. They encourage innovation: provide new ways of communicating, collaborating and solving problems.

In Interview with The Enterprise World features Sheri Atwood, the financial facilitator and Shilpa Mittal, a leader in language solutions.

Magazine Profiles

Marina Tognetti

Speaking the Success Lingo

Marina Tognetti mYngle

Jenny Lin

Building Organizational Quality Systems

Jenny Lin COO and Board Director | CMIC Group

Ellen Voie

A Champion of Change

Ellen Voie President & CEO Women in Trucking

Ineke Kooistra

Empowering Young Talents

Ineke Kooistra YoungCapital

Interview with TEW

Shilpa Mittal

A Leader in Language Solutions

Sheri Atwood

Your Financial Facilitator

Sheri Atwood Founder and CEO Supportpay

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