Common Challenges in Clothing Photography and How to Overcome Them?

How to Overcome Challenges in Clothing Photography? | The Enterprise World

If you’re an online store owner specializing in selling clothes face challenges in clothing photography? you need to ensure that the photography of your clothing is top-notch. This is because customers don’t have the chance to feel the material and try the clothes for a good fit. They must rely on the photos to select the clothes they choose to order.

However, there are several challenges in clothing photography that store owners must need to overcome. To overcome these challenges, the photographer needs to pay close attention to detail and inject some creativity—not to mention the technical skills required.

Below are some of the challenges in clothing photography:

1. Capturing the proper fit of the garment

How to Overcome Challenges in Clothing Photography? | The Enterprise World

When working on a clothing photography assignment, the photographer has the challenge of capturing the fit of the clothing, so that those who view the pictures can choose the right size for them. It is also vital to capture the right fit so the viewers can truly appreciate the design and see the silhouette that the clothes offer.

Luckily the photographer can use models and mannequins to display the clothes during photography sessions so that the people who check the photos online can get a good idea about the fit of the clothes. The models must fit the correct sizes, and correct measurements be used to avoid misleading viewers.

2. Getting color accuracy

In clothing photography, the photographer also has the challenge of representing the clothes’ hue accurately. If there is no proper color representation, there can be issues with color consistency, and the sales may be affected. To overcome the challenge of accurately representing the clothes colors, as a photographer you need to ensure regular monitor calibration is performed. Also, you need to use reference cards and color charts to assist with correcting color disparities during post-processing. You can also ensure the correct colors in your images by hiring experts such as Squareshot.

3. Getting the correct lighting

Proper lighting is another crucial thing in clothing photography and poses a challenge for photographers to ensure they get it right. It is vital to have the correct lighting to highlight the fine details of the clothes such as the texture. It also reduces harsh shadows that can mess with the quality of the photo.

How to Overcome Challenges in Clothing Photography? | The Enterprise World

Some of the strategies to overcome challenges related to lighting include:

  • Using diffused lighting sources by using umbrellas and soft boxes. These create soft and uniform lighting on the items.
  • Pay close attention to the direction of lighting to enhance the clothing items’ desired features.

4. Focusing on texture, intricate patterns, and small details

Customers or those viewing the clothes on your online store have to appreciate every detail to consider buying them. Thus, your clothing photography has to capture all the small details, complex patterns, and textures. However, this can be a challenge, so it is vital to use some tips:

How to Overcome Challenges in Clothing Photography? | The Enterprise World
  • Use a tripod for stability and sharper focus — this is crucial for detailed shots and close-up shots.
  • Take several photos at various focal points, what is referred to as focus stacking, and merge them in post-processing for sharpness in focus in the entire image.
  • Adjust the aperture of your camera to get your intended depth of field, as you keep the clothing pieces in focus, as you blur the background if necessary


While there are several challenges in clothing photography, you can overcome them through practice, attention to detail, and constant experimentation. You may also consider hiring the best photographers and using professional devices.

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