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This article is all about Contactout. ContactOut is a recruitment intelligence tool designed to help users find email addresses and phone numbers for prospective candidates and have personal emails for 75% of people in the western world. So from this article, you will know is ContactOut Worth Your Money

There’s always that point when you’ll need to find someone’s email address. Perhaps, you are looking to contact a potential business partner, or maybe you’re looking to know who’s the right person to reach out to in a company. In any case, finding emails can be a very tedious task; you will practically need to scour the Internet for your target’s contact information, and even then, you are not sure if you’ve come across the right email address.

This is where email search tools come into play. These software tools make it easy for you to find the right contact information of whoever it is that you want to reach, and some even make it a point to provide you with verified email addresses. ContactOut is one such tool. ContactOut is an email finder that allows you to quickly find the email addresses of your target contacts, and it even verifies the email addresses for you so that you can be sure that you’ll get to the right person.

In this review, we will look at ContactOut and see what makes it a great email finder software — or if it’s worth your investment.

To Know that ContactOut Worth Your Money lets see some Features of ContactOut:


Let’s first take a look at ContactOut’s features. ContactOut offers a number of features that make it a great email finder tool.

Features-ContactOut Worth Your Money- Best 5 Features | The Enterprise World

1. Chrome Extension/Sidebar

ContactOut’s main feature is a Chrome extension that lets you find the email address of anyone on GitHub or LinkedIn. It adds a sidebar overlay on these sites that reveals your lead’s contact information, including their personal and business emails and phone numbers. The sidebar also lets you find missing email addresses through your prospect’s work or business domain. This is made possible by ContactOut’s powerful email search algorithm that can find email addresses even with limited information.

2. Dashboard

ContactOut gives you access to a dashboard that contains all the information that ContactOut has been able to gather about your target contacts. The dashboard lets you view all the email addresses that you’ve saved through the tool, as well as any other information that may be useful to you, such as your contact’s work and academic background. It also lets you manage your contacts through folders and download your list as a CSV file.

3. Search Portal

Another major feature of the tool is a search portal that lets you find leads based on a comprehensive set of filters. It lets you find people based on the company they’ve worked in, their educational background, and their location, to name a few. This tool fetches even those leads that you can’t find on LinkedIn.

4. Data Enrichment

In addition to finding email addresses, ContactOut also enriches your leads’ data. It fills in any missing information that you may have about a lead, such as their job title, company size, or location. This is made possible by ContactOut’s vast database of over 200 million professionals. Just upload a sheet with your list of emails, LinkedIn profile URLs, or company domains, and the tool will return a complete list with all the other information that you need.

5. Mail Merge

ContactOut’s Mail Merge feature inserts each lead’s information into your message so that you can send a tailored email to each of them. You can send messages as you research your prospect’s contact information or right in the dashboard.


ContactOut’s pricing starts at zero. However, using the tool for free severely limits your use and locks you out of some of its wonderful features. If you are looking to invest in the premium version of the tool, here are the packages that you need to look at:

pricing-ContactOut Worth Your Money- Best 5 Features | The Enterprise World


Price: $29 per month/$348 per year

The personal plan gets you 1,800 emails and 180 phone numbers per year. It works on standard LinkedIn only and can find both personal and work emails. However, only one user per company can use the Personal version of the tool.


Price: $99 per month/$1,188 per year

The Sales plan gives you access to a higher volume of contact information at 6,000 emails and 600 phone numbers per year. This plan provides both work and personal emails and works on LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and Sales Navigator. Plus, it has limited integration with Salesforce and major applicant tracking systems (ATS).


Price: $199 per month/$2,388 per year

Recruiter is the highest tier in ContactOut’s standard packages, and it provides users with a whopping 12,000 emails and 600 phone numbers yearly. It works on all versions of LinkedIn, including Recruiter Pro. It also features full integration with ATS and Salesforce.


ContactOut offers custom pricing for teams. The quote depends mainly on the size of your team and your specific data needs. For large organizations, this may be their best choice.


So how well does ContactOut deliver? We’ve conducted some tests with the tool and found that it works quite well. ContactOut was able to find the email address of our target lead with just a few pieces of information. We also found that ContactOut’s search portal is quite comprehensive, and it was able to find leads that we wouldn’t have been able to find through LinkedIn alone.

What made the tool stand out among other competitors in its space is the fact that it can find your leads’ personal email addresses. This is a big plus, as it allows you to reach out to your leads even if they’re not using their work email address. ContactOut’s data enrichment feature is also quite handy, as it fills in any missing information that you may have about your lead.

Another thing worth noting is that the sidebar is rather unobtrusive, unlike in other similar tools that practically take over a significant portion of your window. It is also very straightforward when it comes to delivering contact information. The menu is also quite organized and does not look cluttered despite the number of features on board.

The only drawback of ContactOut is its price. The tool can be quite expensive for its volume of credits. It may be unfit for people scraping massive amounts of data, but if you are looking to make an accurate list of leads, ContactOut will surely deliver.

Final Verdict

All in all, ContactOut is a great tool for professionals who are looking to quickly generate a list of leads with accurate contact information — folks in the recruitment and sales niche will surely find it very useful. The tool’s apparent focus on finding personal email addresses is also another thing we love. It simply gives you a more targeted way to contact your leads, which can make a big difference in your conversion rate.

The tool’s interface is also quite user-friendly, which makes it easy to get started with ContactOut even if you’re not tech-savvy. On the downside, ContactOut can be quite pricey, but we think that the features and accuracy of the tool more than make up for it.

So, if you’re in the market for a good email search tool, ContactOut is definitely worth checking out. It definitely is worth every penny.

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