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We live in a world that is changing rapidly, a world where global reach and connections double almost every minute. In a situation like such, being active on social media becomes the most important thing. That takes care of a company’s reach and the social engagement, and ultimately helps to grow business.

Led by Ana Aldea, Founder and Agency Leader, Datasocial is a digital marketing firm that has specialized in inbound marketing and which is now a HubSpot partne


“We don’t believe in intuition but in data. From them we develop the viability of a project or make adjustments so that it can be started.”

Datasocial are experts in helping brands and media execute their digital strategies and accelerate their growth, and they can do so because all of their decisions are based on data.

If we went with the rest, we would tell you that we do grow hacking data driven. But we are not.

Cutting Through the Complexities-

Starting a business is not easy, even less when you are caring for a newborn baby at home. You have o give it all to see it grow, and above it all, you never can predict anything! When she started Datasocial, Ana spent many work hours of work and personal effort.

However, it is still a young company that has not reached the age of five, but they have grown so much because their offer is very much in line with what the client needs.

Since she founded Datasocial, Ana has always oriented it towards growth with a very pure entrepreneurial vision of knowing how far we can go; however, two milestones have allowed them to reach a different level:

One is the addition of company entry-level middle managers, an incredibly talented team that she is very proud to have on board. The next milestone has been the company’s growth in the partner ecosystem, which has given them a definite push to continue growing even in the pandemic’s middle.

I think there is no reason for the success of the company, but a sum of several.

The most important ones are two: effort and talent acquisition. Ana founded Datasocial with her resources. They had no external investment, and the titanic struggle to start it was a personal effort based on many hours of work a day, a lot of personal and family effort, and she even had to ask her father for money.

The second is that she quickly understood what her mission was within the company: to surround herself with better people. And that’s something that not all founders are drawn to doing, for ego reasons.

The last reason is that Datasocial has always been customer-oriented, by putting their employees at the center of everything. If a company takes care of its employees, they take care of customers.

The Products and Services-

Datasocial offers “full flywheel” services: marketing, sales, and services. They differentiate themselves from competitors because they have a powerful team of in-house technical professionals, which allows them to help companies integrate and connect with other relevant platforms in the age of digital ecosystems.

Their values are also different; they are a very transparent company that even follows an open books policy, which was an anomaly in the sector until recently.

The company is excited to launch their educational platform to complement the Hubspot academy. Hubspot is making an incredible effort to provide the academy with content in Spanish and also with an astonishing teacher like Juanita Moreno, but they wanted to do something more oriented to on-boarding clients, and that is why Datasocial has launched this platform.

The Work Culture-

Datasocial has a very clear and defined culture from the beginning, based on honesty, transparency, and diversity promotion, and respect. They are a company committed to values that they should no longer have to defend in 2020, such as feminism or non-discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, etc. It seems incredible that we still have to be explicit about this.

Having such a clear north star helps everyone being aligned and knowing why they do this regarding employee motivation. As it is an issue that worries them a lot, and they are also full remote, they do weekly motivation surveys to detect any deviation.

Ana’s Views on the Competition-

‘Luckily, we are in a market where there is room for everyone. I very much admire the companies of my competition and have great friends in companies with which we compete daily and with which we collaborate whenever we can. I believe much more in collaboration than competition.

I respect and admire my competitors, but I don’t need them to motivate me. I am motivated “by default.” I am doing this to know how far we can go and not to prove anything to anyone. My commitment to being the best is with clients, not with the competitors.’

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