Denisse Centeno-Lamas – An Empathetic Leader Making a Profound Impact on the Society

Denisse Centeno-Lamas A Leader Making a Profound Impact The Enterprise World

In recent years, mental health has gained tremendous importance. Proper counseling and seeking help has helped people overcome some of their worst fears and the most challenging situations. Its importance cannot be overstated, especially in theLatino and Hispanic community. 

Mental health has often been stigmatized in the rich cultural traditions and close-knit family values of certain communities. However, the narrative is now slowly transforming and shifting with the growing awareness of mental health’s significance. As this community faces unique challenges, such as immigration, acculturation stress, trauma, underpaying jobs, and language barriers, accessible and culturally sensitive mental health support is essential. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Most Successful Business Leaders to Watch in 2023 is the story of one such impactful leader, Denisse Centeno-Lamas, who is assisting people with their emotional and mental health needs. 

Denisse Centeno-Lamas- Leading the Way

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Denisse Centeno is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Florida. Over the last few years, Denisse has been an active advocate in the field of suicide prevention. Additionally, she has also served as the President of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention- Central Florida Chapter for almost 5 years, from 2014 to early 2019. 

Currently, she serves as the member of the National Board and the Leadership Council Diversity Workgroup Chair. Also, she is the founder of the AFSP Puerto Rico Chapter where she serves as the president. 

In February 2023, Mrs. Centeno-Lamas became certified as a #SoulShop™ Trainer, an interactive workshop that equips faith community leaders and other people of faith to prepare their congregations to minister to those affected by suicidal despair. Additionally, Mrs. Centeno-Lamas is a former adjunct instructor at the University of Central Florida. 

Mrs.Denisse Centeno-Lamas is also registered to supervise Clinical Social Work Interns, and regularly supervises employees while they work towards licensure. Mrs. Centeno-Lamas is a member of different associations and organizations. Throughout the years, Mrs. Centeno-Lamas has received several awards and recognitions. In 2012, Mrs. Centeno-Lamas followed her dream and created Hispanic Family Counseling Inc. where today, she serves as the CEO for the agency. 

Currently, Mrs.Centeno-Lamas is working on her dissertation to obtain her Doctorate in Social Work at Walden University. 

“My leadership philosophy is simple – Don’t give up!”

The key to success is to be persistent. There will be people who will underestimate you, who will try to pull you down. But you need to focus on your goals and keep trying and speaking up until you are heard. 

Founding Hispanic Family Counseling, Inc.

“My inspiration to start the company is deeply rooted in my passion to serve others and improve their lives.”

Denisse Centeno founded Hispanic Family Counseling Inc. in 2012, with an aim to serve the Hispanic Community in Central Florida in a culturally sensitive manner.  

“Our focus is to assist with emotional and mental health needs.”

The firm’s professionals are trained in suicide prevention. As of July 2023, the company has serviced more than 12,000 clients in Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Brevard, Polk, and Lake Counties in Florida. 

The company’s staff and majority of the clinicians are trained and certified in suicide prevention. The staff and specialists have been carefully selected, from which the vast majority are completely bilingual in order to provide services in the language of the community’s preference. 

Challenging the Challenges

“One of the biggest challenges was insurance companies accepting me as an in-network provider.”

Surely, it has proved to be a pivotal step in the journey throughout. It is a testament to the dedication and expertise Denisse and her team brings to the table. Denisse Centeno and her team have worked tirelessly to ensure that the company’s services meet the highest standards and that the clients get comprehensive care. 

Another challenge Denisse Centeno faced during the initial days of her business was having the cashflow to invest in the expansion of the company’s services. But prudent financial management has allowed her to take the right steps in the expansion of Hispanic Family Counseling Inc’s services. 

“This step towards growth aligns with our bigger vision of not only maintaining but also enhancing the quality of care we provide.”

With these elements in place, the company is well-positioned for the future, ready to continue delivering top-notch services and making a meaningful impact in the community.

Hispanic Family Counseling, Inc. and its services


Hispanic Family Counseling Inc.’s focus to assist with emotional and mental health needs by providing high quality services in the language clients feel more comfortable with. The extensive experience and quality of their clinicians will help clients cope with life’s situations while giving them professional tools to enhance their everyday life. They will match clients to an available counselor who fits their objectives, preferences, and the type of issues the client is dealing with. Different counselors have different approaches and areas of focus, so it’s important to find the right person who can achieve the best results for each client. They offer Home-Based Therapy, Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Couples Therapy, Behavioral Analysis and more.


The HFC team develops and facilitates individual, team, and organizational growth through customized workshops, training, and programs focused on diversity. They will partner with you to create a customized approach to advance integrated care. In addition, they  provide training, education, and awareness on mental illness and substance use disorders. They have several different trainings for you to choose from whether you are an individual or an organization: Mental Health First Aid, Self-Care, Suicide Prevention, Working with the Hispanic Community, and more.

Target Case Management (TCM)

A Targeted Case Manager provides specific case management for adults, children, or adolescents, and their families, to improve their quality of life and maintain the greatest possible capacity to function within the community with the purpose of optimizing the functioning of individuals who have complex needs by coordinating the provision of quality treatments and support services, efficiently and effectively, such services include mental health, social, education, health, vocation, recreation, advocacy, transportation, legal services, among others. 

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) 

PSR is a treatment modality that provides rehabilitation for behavioral disorders. A PSR Facilitator assists individuals in rediscovering skills and accessing the community resources needed to live successfully and with a self-identified quality of life. PSR approaches clients in their chosen goal settings such as jobs and housing and then trains and supports them in those settings. Similarly, other training, such as social skills training takes place in an individual’s natural environment.

Psychological Evaluations

Psychological evaluations allow the psychologist to assess symptoms, to determine a diagnosis, and to provide recommendations for treatment. It can be initiated by the client, or by a referral from a specialist already treating the client. A psychological evaluation includes a clinical interview session, sessions for administration of tests and assessments, and a session to discuss the findings. Its purpose can be for determining eligibility for a gifted school program, as a pre-assessment for bariatric surgery or pain management devices, assessing intellectual ability, identifying a learning disorder, and diagnosing an Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or autism spectrum disorder.

Hispanic Family Counseling Inc. offers different evaluations according to the client’s needs such as psychometric, psychological, psychoeducational, and personality tests, for political and immigration purposes, as well as for bariatric surgery and VAWA (Victims of Abuse/Domestic Violence).

Medication Management

Hispanic Family Counseling Inc. offers clients medication management which is the process of supervising prescribed medications to clients to make sure those are taken accurately and accomplishing the planned result. Its purpose is to improve the use of medications and its administration to clients while reducing side effects and complications. 

What the Future Holds?

“Moving ahead, we aim to create a financially stable business, one which not only provides a wide range of counseling services, but one that also prioritizes convenience and the well-being of our clients.”

HFC’s vision for the future is to create a healthcare environment where the individuals and their families can have easy access to comprehensive care all under one roof, which will also further act as a catalyst to simplify the complex landscape of medical services. 

In situations like these, financial stability is especially important as it will allow the company to continually invest in cutting-edge medical technologies. It will also help them attract top-tier healthcare professionals, and ultimately expand their service offerings. 

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