Melooha: Peeping into the Future with Hyper-Personalized Guidance 

Melooha: Peeping into the Future with Hyper-Personalized Guidance | The Enterprise World

Astrology has always been a fascinating subject for people worldwide. With the advent of technology, numerous astrology apps are available on smartphones that allow people to access personalized horoscopes, birth charts, and astrological insights right at their fingertips.

Melooha, an innovative AI astrology app, emerges as a hyper-personalized SaaS platform designed to transcend the constraints of language and time zones, providing real-time, precise & credible guidance. 

Navigating Diverse Roles in Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Vikram Labhe (Founder & CEO of Melooha) sets the vision for the company and spearheads it by wearing multiple hats.. He takes on responsibilities encompassing Product, GTM, Analytics, PR, and more. He is the bridge between diverse facets, ensuring a seamless blend of vision and execution.

Being a serial entrepreneur, Vikram has a strong career background. Before starting Melooha, he held a pivotal leadership role in the scale-up of Fivetran, a data pipeline startup that now boasts 5000+ global customers and a valuation of $5.6 billion. Prior to that, he had profitably built & sold another startup. 

Vikram started his career at PMC Sierra, a semiconductor product company in Vancouver, Canada. In 2005, he moved back to Bangalore, India, as the first employee tasked with establishing PMC’s India R&D center. Over the next decade, Vikram transformed that into the world’s largest center, with a workforce of ~1000, spread across Bangalore & Hyderabad. 

Vikram holds a BE from Nagpur University, an MS from Simon Fraser University (Canada), and is also an alumnus of IIM Bangalore. His achievements also include a US patent and numerous technical publications.

The First Step towards Living Dreams

Vikram’s mother introduced him to the ancient practice of Astrology in his childhood, and he has been intrigued by this field ever since. Access to talented astrologers helped him to extend the outcomes of the “peaks” while minimizing the impact of the “valleys” in his life-journeys. As a result, astrology evolved into a guiding force in his life, offering direction on crucial choices and enhancing his self-awareness. 

However, it is hard to find talented & credible astrologers with a consistent and accessible presence. According to Vikram, “Astrology is not something that students who only pass a rigorous testing methodology are capable of absorbing and applying knowledge – Like the prestigious IITs or IIMs or IAS. You don’t know if your astrologer has had the capability and capacity to learn Astrology from a scientific perspective.” This realization sparked the idea in Vikram’s mind to break down astrology into a series of specific mathematical algorithms, supported by accurate planetary information available today, including from NASA.

By using the latest available deep tech (AI), he decided to solve the issues with the unregulated nature of astrology, including quality, credibility, time zones, and accessibility.

The Birth & Evolution of Melooha

To ensure the feasibility of implementing astrology using technology, Vikram delved into studying the subject in-depth through books and educational videos. Thus, he discovered that astrology is rooted in mathematics and algorithms, making it suitable for implementation using tech-driven solutions. With this realization, he took the first step toward making astrology a scalable and accessible life management tool.

To bring Melooha to life, Vikram needed a team of experts with complimentary skills. Finding a trusted astrologer to join him on this journey was a crucial first step. Fortunately, he had the privilege of consulting with a highly experienced astrologer who had a Ph.D. in Astrology, numerous publications, and extensive teaching experience. Dr. Vineeta Phatak, the co-founder, and an accomplished Astrologer, joined Vikram and brought her immense domain expertise and insights.

To establish the founding team, a technical co-founder was needed, and that’s where Bhalchandra Patil (Bhala) entered the picture. With 25 years of experience in building B2B & B2C software products and teams, Bhala was the perfect fit. He joined Melooha as the technical co-founder and his hands-on experience along with his leadership qualities made him an invaluable addition to the company. 

Melooha today has an exceptional team of dedicated leaders encompassing the diverse functions including GTM, UX/UI, Analytics, and more!

Credible Source of Guidance

Seeking guidance is one of the basic human needs. People go to their friends, family, God, and sometimes to professionals like psychologists and astrologers to fulfill this need. 

Melooha is built to be “The Trusted & Credible Guide for Every Human Being on the Planet”. It provides personalized guidance based on an individual’s unique birth details, including their specific date, place, and time of birth. 

The proof of concept, executed with the utmost success, came to fruition in March 2023. The iOS and Android apps are now live for general use. They have been designed keeping in mind that at any time, a user may either have very specific questions that they need guidance on, or are faced with a life-event which has many dimensions and so require a comprehensive report.

User-Centric Offerings

Currently, Melooha has two product offerings:

Questions: This offering is for people who have specific questions. Some examples of the questions are:

  • When will I get married?
  • Will I be rich?
  • How will be my stress this month?

In this interface, users can inquire about the most pressing questions on their minds. They have the option to select questions from a suggested list or type their own questions. Melooha engine promptly processes algorithms and provides real-time answers.

Reports: This service is tailored for individuals seeking guidance on intricate situations that typically require answers to multiple questions. Melooha assumes the responsibility of alleviating users from the task of contemplating which questions to pose in such complex scenarios. Some examples of the reports are:

  • Personality: This report helps empower the user with self-awareness, by providing them insights into their strengths & weaknesses.  
  • Romance: This report provides an overview of the user’s love life, emphasizing auspicious times, potential challenges, and much more!: 
  • Wealth: This report blends astrological insights with actionable advice, helping users make informed decisions in their financial journey.

Users have the flexibility to access the report within the app or download it as a PDF. Melooha is committed to delivering a comprehensive and user-friendly experience, offering real-time answers to specific questions and detailed reports that cater to evolving situations. As a customer-centric app, Melooha prioritizes the user’s needs and satisfaction. 

Blending Ancient Wisdom with Machine Learning 

Melooha takes pride in its deep technical skill-set which has enabled the app to build algorithms true to the definition of machine-learning. The algorithms are built on ancient texts and the company has tried to remain true to the interpretation by working with well-respected and erudite astrologers. These algorithms can be learned and improved over time through feedback provided by the users. Additionally, Melooha enables natural language interfaces powered by in-house algorithms working in tandem with LLMs. 

Being the “World’s Most Accurate Astrology Engine”, Melooha’s credibility & accuracy is at the core of its functioning. 

Additionally, there are certain life events that humans should not get answers to, like “timing of death”. Moreover, certain ethical questions should not be answered, like “Will I be able to commit a certain crime”. Melooha has taken a conscious call not to guide on any such life events. 

Impact of AI on Astrophysics 

A bridge between wisdom and technologyThe fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Astrology has ushered in a new era of celestial exploration, revolutionizing how Melooha perceives and engages with this ancient practice. AI’s integration into astrology has not only streamlined calculations but also elevated the precision and depth of astrological insights, offering a bridge between millennia-old wisdom and cutting-edge technology. 
Democratizing access to astrological insights 
The integration of AI in astrology has democratized access to astrological insights. Melooha is an AI-powered astrology service platform offered as iOS and Android apps. The AI algorithms offer convenient and user-friendly interfaces for individuals to explore their astrological profiles. This accessibility has significantly widened the audience’s engagement with astrology, fostering a renewed interest in understanding cosmic influences. 
Personalized and accurate insights 
AI has also empowered us to offer hyper-personalized astrology at scale. This has made commonly used features, often accessed through the reading of generalized zodiac sign bulletins now much more personalized, accurate, and available on everyone’s cell phone.
Confidential Services 
The services are now highly confidential, courtesy of artificial intelligence, enabling users to communicate freely without fear of judgment. This allows users to pose queries that they might not typically direct toward a specific astrologer.

Foundations and Values at Melooha

Vikram firmly believes that titles are a reflection of an individual’s roles and responsibilities, and not an entitlement. Every team member is driven by a shared purpose—to build the “World’s Most Accurate Astrology Engine” that is recognised as “The Trusted & Credible Guide for Every Human Being on the Planet”. For every Melooha’et, this is more than just a job; it’s a commitment to a collective purpose & vision. To strengthen this commitment, all Melooha’ets are also part owners of the company through the Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP). This sense of ownership permeates everything they do at Melooha, creating a culture where trust, collaboration, innovation & transparency thrive. 

Core Values: 

  • Credibility: Uphold the authenticity of astrological insights by basing them on ancient texts.
  • User Delight: Create a memorable, and emotionally resonant experience that leaves users genuinely happy and satisfied.
  • Privacy & Ethics: Maintain the highest standards of privacy and ethics.

Core Characteristics Every Melooha’ets Upholds:

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
    • Proactive, resourceful, and comfortable with ambiguity
    • Contribute to the overall growth & success of the company
  • Solution Focussed
    • Capable of wearing multiple hats and handling diverse responsibilities
    • Thrive in a dynamic environment and be open to learning & evolving
  • Passionate
    • Genuinely passionate about the company’s purpose & vision 
    • Strong alignment with the core values & culture

Endless Commitment to Redefining Astrology

Earning the title of “The Best AI-Powered Astrology Apps to Watch Out” is a testament to Melooha’s dedication to innovation and excellence. This recognition highlights the never-ending commitment of the team to redefining astrology through advanced AI techniques and providing users with hyper-personalized, real-time guidance. It validates the team’s efforts to transcend the limitations of traditional Astrology. The company is now honored and motivated to continue pushing boundaries, and empowering individuals on their life-journeys. This recognition fuels the passion for transforming the Astrological landscape and solidifies Melooha’s position as a leader in AI-driven astrology.

Vision for 2024 and Beyond

As the Founder & CEO of Melooha, Vikram stays informed about the latest trends in AI-powered Astrology through a comprehensive strategy. In the dynamic realm of early-stage startups, agility is key, and as the founder, he embraces the need to be nimble. Engaging with industry publications, attending conferences, and participating in webinars offer valuable insights. 

The expansion plan of Melooha revolves around reaching a global audience. By the close of 2024, the app will be available worldwide, with a special emphasis on key markets such as India, North America, the UK, Australia, and the Middle East. Prioritizing features according to real user feedback is the approach to ensuring the platform caters to diverse needs.

Melooha’s future is marked by ongoing evolution, with a commitment to improving user experiences and introducing features that deeply resonate with an expanding and diverse user community. This customer-centric approach, coupled with a culture of continuous learning, empowers Melooha to incorporate cutting-edge trends and provide users with the most advanced and gratifying Astrology experience.

The infusion of AI into astrology heralds a revolutionary chapter for this vibrant industry. At Melooha, AI is perceived as a formidable companion that elevates the accuracy and availability of Astrological insights. AI empowers Melooha to dismantle barriers, rendering Astrology more individualized, precise, and universally attainable.

As the app ventures into the future, Melooha is dedicated to spearheading innovations in AI-driven Astrology, delivering users unmatched guidance and experiences. The app encourages readers to embrace this transformation, where technology and tradition converge, unveiling novel insights for comprehending and navigating life’s intricate voyage.

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