Simetric: Mastering Digital Innovation in IoT and Edge Technology

Simetric | Mastering Digital Innovation in IoT and Edge Technology | The Enterprise World

The future is being shaped by the synergy between IoT and Edge technology. The formidable presence of IoT companies in the areas of technology stands as one such precedent for upcoming organizations. While the world becomes increasingly interconnected and reliant on data processing, Simetric has emerged as a relentless force to redirect the revolution in IoT and Edge Technology. The visionary leadership of Simetric’s tenured leadership team, including Kevin Bandy (President and Chief Strategy Officer) featured in this article. has spearheaded Simetric’s journey toward innovation and excellence. 

 Unifying IoT Ecosystems and Workflows 

Allen Boone, the CEO and co-founder, established Simetric in 2017 when the team recognized an underlying and critical need in the IoT industry. It identified a lack of support and expertise in IoT cellular connectivity management and created a unified management pane for companies of all sizes to centrally manage all IoT connectivity devices. The company started developing in 2018 and looked broader at what the next phase of IoT could become. This was to strengthen connectivity and device performance to enable companies to not only unify non-conforming IoT platforms and ecosystems but also move IoT business process execution to devices and workflows effortlessly across the abundance of operator IoT platforms.

Helping Companies Sustainably Evolve 

Simetric had a unique vantage point to realize that IoT was a widely used technology landscape that helps enterprises run sustainable businesses that currently do not have standards. Many legacy technology leaders have pursued proprietary standards that would only require everyone to throw away what they have invested in and start a new one. Simetric  created an extensible platform to unify  network and device controls. The company  envisioned that the control should be in the hands of the customer for their own digital transformation and that of legacy IoT was a critical issue  to address. 

Since the beginning, the mission of the company has been centered on helping customers address, manage, and simplify the highly redundant and complex landscape of legacy IoT efforts. Simetric helps customers to achieve adoption and growth of new IoT and Edge devices along with their legacy deployments that are a result of having multiple, disparate carrier platforms where no industry standards exist. Now, with Simetric’s solution, it is unified IoT and Edge device control that solves the fragmentation and creates a standard way of operating in a single pane of glass.

Global Management of Cellular-Enabled IoT Devices 

Simetric offers an industry-first, IoT lifecycle platform that enables the discovery and management of all cellular IoT and edge devices, split across carrier and satellite networks, in one unified workflow management pane. However, the company faced some challenges at the time of its establishment. Having a unique perspective from the leadership team’s careers at various companies like Cisco and Microsoft, its team saw first-hand how many companies were aggressively running businesses through IoT and Edge technologies, yet every carrier and tech OEM had very disparate offerings

Moreover, enterprises had no unified controls for business-critical operations. No company was approaching the market with a holistic solution that solved the challenges of the day, much less for scale and to plan for future growth.

As one of the leading companies in IoT Connectivity Management Platforms, several factors differentiate Simetric from its competitors. The company offers global, instantaneous discovery and management of cellular-enabled IoT devices across carrier, Edge & satellite networks. It provides a patented workflow that automates expense management for ‘prescriptive’ like budgetary controls and bulk device actions, as examples, across networks. The API architecture of the company extends the programs seamlessly into services offered by partners (i.e., ServiceNow, Cradlepoint) to bring the entire IoT ecosystem into a unified workflow.  

Enriching IoT Security With Device Compliance Configuration 

Simetric focuses on addressing and enriching IoT  security to protect  data and devices for enterprises of all sizes.. Unfortunately, the fragmented landscape of IoT plays well for cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Although there are some phenomenal end-point and IoT security companies, Simetric is an additive layer of protective value with its workflow and platform architecture. 

The platform offered by the company delivers enhanced visibility into wireless network utilization. Increased awareness of network activity and the ability to establish customized device protocols contribute to the unique ability of enterprise customers to identify and address individual device anomalies. Simetric process automation rules can not only alert device administrators but also can execute actions automatically and in unlimited bulk by temporarily disabling cellular network access of the affected device

Interoperability and Integration

“Data security and integrity are crucial for handling Industrial IoT data transport, management, and analysis. The Simetric platform ensures data security in motion using application gateways and web application firewall technologies, as well as TLS and OAuth-secured web services. The wide area network is unable to access and decrypt data at rest due to encryption and isolation measures implemented by the Simetric platform. 

IoT ecosystems often involve diverse devices and protocols. The platform bestowed by the Simetric ensures interoperability and integration with various IoT devices and technologies. However, it does not operate on the business payload and therefore does not limit its ability to run bi-lateral APIs to the network and to the devices. The company witnessed the limits of the OEMs and set out to establish an infinitely horizontal platform that enriches workflow in both directions. This affords the enterprises the unified control they desire on existing investments and relationships as well as gives them control on how and when they migrate IoT devices for full lifecycle management.“ says Kevin Bandy, President and Chief Strategy Officer.

Customer-Led Innovation

Kevin Bandy, the President and Chief Strategy Officer of Simetric, dedicates his attention to customers, partners, and product development on a daily basis. Customer-led innovation means every team member is accountable for results and staying in front of the needs of the market. While talking about team achievements.

Kevin says, “I am pleased and thoroughly impressed by the accomplishments of our team. The Simetric platform is uncontested in its value and abilities. We are doubling YoY in devices under management, but what we have built also has a broader vision.” The fragmentation of the IoT landscape was something his team truly desired to resolve, so he set a goal to be strategically linked to other technology leaders to bring a uniform, extensive workflow to the entire IoT ecosystem. Now, it is delivering on that vision and the industry is noticing. 

Being recognized as one of the “Top IoT Connectivity Management Platforms- 2023”, Kevin says that this acknowledgment is an appreciation of the efforts of every employee of Simetric. The acclamation is for each member of the Simetric who is working for its sustainable success. 

Striving for Continuous Improvement

Kevin prefers to stay updated with the ongoing industrial trends and developments. Simetric is fortunate to be integrated with 250+ carriers, and 2,500+ customers along with industry-leading companies that it has strategic partnerships with. The input received by the company is multifaceted and shows up as workflow and continual additions to the feature set in the platform. To be a customer and partner-driven company comes at the core of its culture and commitment to striving for continuous improvement and operational excellence.  

The company will continue its active partnerships with the likes of ServiceNow, Cradlepoint, AT&T, Tata Communications, and others to bring IoT and Edge technologies into a seamless, unified workflow. Those collaborations will have direct benefits to every company, regardless of size, as well as differentiating enablement for the managed solutions the carriers will be able to offer across IoT and efforts like connected auto. 

Being a successful leader in the field of IoT and Edge technologies, Kevin says, “IoT and Edge technologies will redefine every business procedure in the coming years. Bringing what is in use today into a unified workflow is not only the best execution strategy for how any business evolves but also the best way to harvest the budget wasted on legacy approaches. The returns Simetric customers see on unified IoT workflow are routinely 15:1 and higher.” 

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