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Diagsense - The Seventh Sense! | Tidhar Tsuri | The Enterprise World

Companies offer great solutions and services. But not many offer a sense of surety, safety, and most importantly, trust and loyalty.

As we gear up towards an automated future, there are a handful of enterprising companies that are carving a dominant position and amassing an immense reputation in the market as one of the most advanced yet intuitive AI predictive solutions providers. 

Diagsense has developed a state-of-the-art statistical algorithm designed to detect evolving malfunctions in mechanical systems and pipelines long before they become a real problem. 

Leveraging unique advances in arithmetic approaches and artificial intelligence, their prediction algorithm is among the most accurate in existence today. Their solution is already saving clients (down) time and money!

Diagsense – A Boutique AI House

Diagsense is an elite company that delivers AI predictive maintenance algorithms and software, which benefit a wide range of applications. The company was established in 2013, with its base of operations in Kfar Saba Israel, Central.

The Predictive software can be deployed on a cloud, on-premise, on a dedicated computer, or be embedded inside the client products as an edge solution. They are working with clients who maintain critical assets, and customers who can’t tolerate working with a commercial solution.

They are always looking out for clients who are seeking accurate solutions that fit their needs without any miss detection or false alarms.

Most of their clients are Integrators and SCADA companies who are looking to answer their client’s requirements and provide them with models and algorithms that they can integrate inside the client’ Control Systems.

1. Factors that triggered the growth of Diagsense?

Diagsense started its journey with the leak detection system for the Oil & Gas Industry.

However, they didn’t succeed in penetrating the market as no company in the space will engage in any business with a start-up, and that too with someone who does not have any prior implementation experience in the industry.

2015 was a big change as they made a little pivot and started analyzing equipment residing in the pipelines – pump, boosters, valve, and heat exchanger. The Covid period allowed them to focus on the things that matter and what they’re good at – Algorithm Development.

Also, they realized that they mainly provide services for SCADA companies or MES companies who are looking to add value to their customers and provide predictions regarding their assets condition and insights that bring  them real value, growth, and scalability.

It is the prowess of their services that has enabled them to create a dominant position in the market and achieve exponential growth over the years. From a standing revenue of $50k-100k a year for about 6 years to increasing it 3x, 5x, and so on.

What made this boost in growth and development possible was the team Diagsense understanding of their strengths, and big values that make the difference. This has enabled Diagsense to deliver a tailored solution for the end clients, to provide them with an accurate model that answers all their requirements.

Today, they are looking to grow, they strongly believe in partnership and making connections with companies abroad that provide supplementary solutions to them. As they plan to grow together with their clients and provide a system that will serve them much better.

2. What establishes Diagsense’s long-standing success?

It is owing to the team’s dedication and the company’s unmatched service arsenal that has allowed them to outperform industry standards and set benchmarks. The company strong belief in their motto – “Keeping the continuity of the machine life” – with zero unexpected failures. This has always kept them going and field them to create many trustful-ready solutions that are highly sought-after and respected across the industry today!

Their aim today is to enhance a factory’s productivity and production lines reliability. In other words, providing real value to factories and answering their pain. Deploying a solution that can be integrated with their current MES or SCADA system and solving problems such as high depreciation, unstable process, poor quality, unexpected stoppages, and optimizing the process.

This has enabled team Diagsense to outperform and establish itself as one of the most trusted and reliable names when it comes to providing future-ready and advanced maintenance algorithms and software.

3. Futuristic Services of Diagsense

Diagsense focuses on the bigger picture, on the process, and provides solutions for production lines and other complex systems. They do so by analyzing all the parameters that influence the process, enabling them to predict, avoid failures, enhance the system throughput, and ensure optimum and maximum performance.

They believe a tailored solution integrated within the factory’s current platform will be much more useful and accurate than deploying a separate standalone system that handles the insights. Their model of working is project base + support if needed, instead of subscription + setup fee.

Today, Diagsense provides modules, algorithms, and software that can serve a wide range of clients and applications and can integrate with the client’s SCADA/Control System, MES system, and other proprietary dashboards. As a result of their work, clients have accessibility to immediate insights which helps them improve organizational functions and performance, for example:

Production Line – anticipate the following events:

– The unplanned stop of the line due to a malfunction

– The rate of work on the line – output

– Amount of depreciation

– Product Quality

– Predictive Maintenance


– Anticipating energy consumption of the factory heavy consumers

– Automated climate control

– Energy efficiency project

4. How does Diagsense’s services class apart from the competition in the market and new additions to their service arsenal?

What sets the Diagsense team and their services apart is their ability to craft precise and organization-oriented solutions that best meet and exceed their client’s expectations. They achieved this by creating a successful portfolio of hand-crafted solutions that offered great benefits, ROI, and growth opportunities to their clients.

They shifted from a company that provides a SAAS product into a company that solves problems and delivers services/projects.

The critical success factor behind Diagsense’s class-apart services and ahead of competition standards is the strong collaboration between manufacturers, integrators, IoT & MES/Control System providers, and Innovative AI companies.

“Only together, by joining forces, can we provide an ultimate platform for factories”

Tidhar Tsuri, CEO, Diagsense

The company believes in constantly evolving and adapting new technologies that make their solution offering more valuable and beneficial for their clients.

As they deliver solutions, and no solution is like each other, they constantly face new challenges.

This is what drives them to innovate and create solutions that enable their clients to achieve maximum performance and growth. Also, the biggest reward to team Diagsense is their client’s success!

5. Innovating the AI sphere – Leadership at Diagsense

A successful organization is made up of a lot of things, but achieving success requires a lot more than just services, standards, and expert personnel. It requires core values that showcase throughout, a feeling of trust, reliability, and a vision that makes clients want to work with the company. These are just a few things a company cannot do without great leadership.

Diagsense has one of the most prolific, capable, and visionary leaders as its flag bearer. A leader who is not afraid to face challenges, always supporting his team, and inspiring budding entrepreneurs.

Tidhar Tsuri is the CEO at Diagsense.

Tidhar feels delighted to share his personal story with the biggest transformation he ever had – Diagsense Venture.

Tidhar completed his graduation in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from Ben Gurion University. He started his professional journey as an SW engineer working in start-ups as well as giant companies such as Motorola and the Israeli aviation Industry. His biggest transformation started in 2014 – the year he established Diagsense.

Back then, Diagsense was a promising startup company. “10 years ago it sounded like science fiction – the machine will notify us in advance about any failure long before it turns into mechanical distraction”, Tidhar adds.

So, he established a company with friends, where most of whom are engineers with no background in management or any business experience.

“Today, I understand that to achieve something you never gained before, you need first to become someone else, somebody who does it naturally, YOU FIRST NEED TO BECOME A CEO who can raise money, a man who knows to talk with investors and partners and other companies CEO who might become your clients. In other words, you need first to break down the habit of being yourself. In my case: stop being an engineer who focuses on the technology in the product and development. and become a CEO and be open to the world and grab opportunities”, Tidhar adds.

Tidhar talks about the responsibilities of an entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur sweeps everyone away with his enthusiasm and connects the other founders to his vision, it’s not an easy task, and things don’t always go in the direction you want, but that’s what’s interesting, you have to know how to get out from all kinds of unexpected situations and reach the goal you set for yourself and the company and harness everyone to the mission.

The entrepreneur is responsible for everything – you are the CEO of the company, and you are the CEO of yourself first. And you create your reality, all the things you acquire till now, are a sequence of thinking and actions that you took till now.

And if you are not pleased with that, then you need to start to do things differently. Repeating the same things and expecting different results is Insanity. By the way, this is Einstein’s quote.

At the bottom-line entrepreneur is the creator, he responsible that things will get done! He is the glue that connects each other to the same goal.

6. Team of Diagsense 

The team of Diagsense works with a sense of freedom, enablement, and holistic growth culture. They get many facilities and freedom which allows them to dedicate themselves to making unparalleled solutions for their clients.

The team works with perfect synergy, understanding their clients, and working towards how they can grow with them. It is this loyalty and trust that Diagsense and its team generate within their clients, pushes them to excel, and makes the best solutions for their clients!

“Whether You Think You Can, or Think You Can’t … You’re Right”

Henry Ford

7. Tidhar’s take on constant vigilance as a need or a strategy?

You need to be aware of market trends, you need to be aware of your client’s and prospect’s needs, and you need to be aware of your employees’ struggles and difficulties.


You don’t need to worry about what will happen because the universe is constantly changing. You just need to be aware of that and make natural and careful decisions to improve your current situation by taking small steps toward your goal.

8. Tidhar’s views on the competition in the market and how does he cope with it?

It’s a kind of a race, and you need to learn to enjoy it. Instead of getting stressed, imagine that you are a player in a big game, and the world is your board. Enjoy the way you’re doing in that game, and thank god every day that you are still in this game.

Embrace the difficulties and look at them as an opportunity, with every challenge you overcome you are ready for your next stage in the game of life!

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