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IT has a significant impact on business functions. Technology infrastructure affects business culture, efficiency, and relationships. Today’s business is more dependent on technology than before. From a better telecom to an important option like online payment, we have to adopt Information Technology. If a business dreams to expand, then through online marketing it can reach out to customers around the globe within a short time.

Mobile app development is becoming more popular in the world. Nowadays many start-up companies and many huge industries are also implementing their mobile applications to improve their business and attract more people for more customer participation.

The whole world today is familiar with the truth that the future is going to be completely digital. If a business doesn’t adopt digital processes then it is holding its growth back.

Dot Com Infoway is a bunch of driven by passion people on a mission to make businesses future-ready with their cutting edge IT solutions offerings.

Under the experienced leadership of Mr. Venkatesh C R, Founder, MD, and CEO at Dot Com Infoway, the team of domain experts is making smart efforts to innovate smart IT solutions and empower businesses.

The company

Dot Com Infoway is an IT company that has been in operation for 20 years now. From the get-go, they have always been an organization that offers enterprise, offshore solutions. It didn’t take long for them to diversify their services, as is fitting in a field that is as dynamic as the one they are operating in.

While Dot Com Infoway is known and recognized primarily for their mobile, web, and software solutions, they also offer services that do well to complement them. These include digital marketing, app, and business consultation, and even educational solutions, among others. They attribute their success to manifold versatility.

Also, in the period since their founding, they were always towards their mission and vision of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and becoming a top IT company in India. And happily today they are already seeing the fruits of their labor.

The early days

Dot Com Infoway is one of the more fortunate IT companies that were able to ride the waning years of the dot-com boom as smoothly as possible. Like every business, they may have been substantially undermanned in their beginning years, and there are the usual challenges of winning the trust of customers and managing their finances. The competition arguably wasn’t as fierce then, too – at least, compared to now, but it was still a constant problem.

Your best teacher is your last mistake.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

And then the growth started

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact point in time responsible for the growth of the company. At best, the closest would probably be the time in their history when they started receiving a growing stream of new and returning clients. It can also be the period when they started achieving one of their primary goals of becoming a reliable offshore company. These were the catalysts for the company’s expansion abroad, without which they would not have enjoyed such robust growth.

Fortuitously, despite all the challenges that they met, they’ve always found a way to overcome and turn them into opportunities for continued growth.

In a field like IT, any game-changing opportunity might be just around the corner. Some might get lost in the torrent of changes regularly occurring and other opportunities that spring up. So you have to be quick and savvy in recognizing and grasping the ones that you know will propel the company going forward. But, ultimately, it’s also a collective effort of outdoing ourselves to always achieve clients’ goals.

Their Offerings

First and foremost, Dot Com Infoway is an app development and digital marketing company. Since these two are vast fields in and of themselves, they also offer services that are, more or less, directly related to them. For one, they also offer web and software solutions in which services like UI/UX design, business consultation, web development, digital marketing, and educational solutions are included.

DCI’s mobile solutions, on the other hand, also encompass essential services like app consultation and server management. As a whole, DCI’s entire collection of services is already innately unique. They complement one another, after all, and you don’t have to look further than our mobile app development and marketing services to see this.

Dot Com Infoway’s clients often avail of more than one type of service when partnering with them as a result, which is obviously conducive for both parties.

Dot Com Infoway follows a well-architectured software development methodology. Tailored to meet international standards and client expectations, their Methodology ensures proper risk management, seamless work flow and deadline-oriented development. It has built-in processes to monitor stringent adherence to quality, consistency in performance and accomplishment of project milestones.

Dot Com Infoway’s software development process spans effective lifecycle models like the Waterfall Model and the Agile Model. Their uniquely designed methodology helps them to orchestrate the development processes in a highly productive, performance-enhancing way.

Taking innovation to the table

Mr. Venkatesh says “Once I see any kind of service that offers plenty of opportunities for the company and is open to being mastered by my team of developers and software engineers, I always make it a point to study and analyze it before making my decision. Of course, it has to be related as much as possible to the fundamental services of DCI.

DCI might have plenty of services being offered now, but these spectra of services were not suddenly offered overnight. It is still a lengthy process of figuring out the value and viability of the service before and after the company starts offering it.

“Oftentimes, it takes keeping me updated with the latest trends. Fortunately, I have a natural passion for doing this; I have always been fascinated by innovation, after all,” he commented.

Looking Ahead

DCI’s educational solution called EduKool is a fairly new offering that was designed to uplift most educational systems worldwide. It takes the effort out of administration by streamlining most of the essential processes involved, like managing students, classes, teachers, school curriculums, and other educational aspects.

These can all be done remotely with the aid of EduKool’s main features such as its ERP, its independent LMS setup, and EduKool Classrooms. The ERP is designed to be an all-purpose platform on which plenty of administrative tasks can be automated to help save campus managers time. The LMS and Classrooms, on the other hand, are designed to scale with the students’ learning and also bring the unique benefit of offering a “digital school” that can appropriately and competently meet the learning and instructional needs of students and teachers.

The same goes for their video conferencing software, Zingallo, which serves as a one-tap solution for smooth online collaboration and communication. We built this video conferencing platform with limited resources and working from home. It caters to numerous industries whose communication needs can be adequately met through a single platform. These industries, not least of which, are those in healthcare, finance, banking, IT, and education. Zingallo was built during the lockdown period when the world was reeling from the unprecedented effects of COVID-19 pandemic. It’s dedicated to bringing fast, secure, and high-quality video conferencing that anticipates issues still prevalent in this kind of virtual communication.

Evidently, both of these products seek to address the most pressing problems of the time – an endeavor that we at DCI have always had a lot of passion and dedication in.

Technology – The key to the fast-paced growth

The sheer global reach that most IT companies now have practically directly means more opportunities to acquire clients. Most tasks can also be done remotely so it is easy and even recommended for companies to establish standard work-from-home setups.

Just the very existence of mobile ways of collaboration and working already means fewer delays, better productivity, and even faster ROI. In short, technology has also transformed the business to the point that it can already greatly influence the latter to change how it is structured, at least in terms of the processes involved. That alone speaks volumes about the formidable effect of tech on how business is now typically done in these contemporary times.

Venkatesh says, “Businesses should develop a keen eye for trends. They are where you can get ideas from, after all, and they often provide the most opportunity in the digital landscape.

Secondly, they should always get to know their audience better. Find out what their problems are and come up with effective solutions to them. This is, of course, easier said than done, but as long as you know the direction you are going, you will eventually find something that works. And this only demonstrates the importance of perseverance, of maintaining your focus on your goals.”

Mr. Venkatesh C.R. – a passionate leader in IT

Venkatesh C.R. is the Managing Director and CEO of Dot Com Infoway, one of India’s premier IT services company. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to start an IT company, but it takes an entrepreneurial mastermind to transform obstacles into opportunities in the software industry.

When Venkatesh C.R. entered the web space in 1996, the Internet was still a distant new technology in India. It was a time when Google was just born, Microsoft was still crawling and Apple was learning to walk. The Internet was unheard of in tier-II cities like Madurai. But passion makes headway through any thick and thin, and Venkatesh’s interest in emerging web technologies made him pioneer the Internet revolution in Madurai. As President of Internet Users Community of India (Madurai Chapter) for four years from April 1996 to June 2000, Venkatesh C.R. was instrumental in bringing Internet access to Madurai.

Venkatesh’s IT career had a modest start with CRV Infotech, a web design company founded in April 1996. With a minuscule group of fewer than 5 employees, CRV Infotech offered web design and development services to clients across the globe. Under Venkatesh’s able leadership, CRV Infotech did a spic and span job and earned the reputation of a web company with enormous growth potential.

He started his first venture CRV Infotech in 1996 and then founded Dot Com Infoway and Galatta Media  in 2000. He also is the co-founder of Magzter.

An entrepreneur should always be focused and keep an open mind to actively look for opportunities to grow his enterprise.

Mr. Venkatesh C.R.

Talking about the responsibilities of an entrepreneur he says, “An entrepreneur should always be focused and keep an open mind to actively look for opportunities to grow his enterprise. He should also be willing to uplift every team member in his company, so mentoring should never be left out of the equation. Lastly, he should never stop educating himself because a lack of knowledge and skill often leads to poor decision-making, which often heralds failure.”

The achievements of DCI are myriad and speak for themselves, and Mr. Venkatesh considers them as his own personal achievements. He has seen his company succeed and he feels fortunate that he has also been able to offer mentoring support to other start-ups as well.

The team

The workforce is more like a family at DCI. What makes them unique is the chemistry that they have enriched through years of working together. In mobile app development, good chemistry between the team members is always preferred over anything else as it instantly translates to better productivity and morale.

Venkatesh says “As for how I look after my employees, although it may seem too sentimental to say this, I actually regard them as my children.” He always does his best to make sure that they will reach their full potential so he never tires of mentoring them. He says he is glad – and he is pretty sure that most employees share the same sentiment – that they have stuck with the company through thick and thin. 

Mr. Venkatesh’s thoughts on Constant Vigilance and Rat Race in the market

Constant Vigilance is a need because, without it, your efforts at corporate governance will always be flawed. You can never put 100% of your weight on your decisions if you don’t practice it, nor will you be able to quickly identify problems that might arise. Constant vigilance could mean the difference between squashing an issue with relative ease and climbing an insurmountable mountain with herculean effort.

 As long as you know your competition and what they and you have to offer, you don’t need to worry about being overtaken. As an old Sun Tzu adage goes,

If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

Additionally, you have to be willing to go the extra mile when doing market research. So really, it’s all about equipping yourself with knowledge and information essential in your industry and, of course, never closing your doors to innovation.

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