What is E-marketing? Pros and Cons.



There is a huge been a spurt in business ventures and start-ups, especially since the wake of the pandemic. This calls for radical ideas and innovation in many fields, most importantly, marketing. The traditional marketing strategies and methods have been effective in recent times, but the pandemic and the norms it brought pushed the need for reform in the marketing industry as a whole.

E-marketing has been there since the past decade, but the momentum has radically changed in the past years. As the competition in the market gets fierce, companies strive to aim for the podium, and OLM (Online Marketing) can prove as a crucial advantage to fetch that goal. The population of netizens is on the rise, with nearly 80% of the world population seeking the internet for information.

The Internet has become a rich source for E-commerce websites and companies to reach the target audience and have a pan world presence. Another factor expanding the importance of E-marketing is the rising expenditures on advertisements, email marketing, etc. OLM has become a need for any business in today’s time, if you still wonder, read on to know the good and bad of the same.

Any marketing is Good marketing?

Marketing has again come into the limelight and enterprises are sparing no cents to win the race in the market.

Pros of E-marketing :

Wider Audience Pool

Undoubtedly one of the best pros of E-marketing, a pan world reach. Now an enterprise is working on a multinational level since day one. This makes reaching the target audience accessible and cost-efficient as no physical outlets are required.

Visible Results

As every transaction, inquiry, etc. is done online, it becomes easy and accessible to track traffic, popularity, etc. of products/services. Enterprises can keep a track of sales, feedbacks, etc. all with a click, making tracking of business performance simple.

Convenience and Connection

With everything working over the internet, enterprises can work 24×7, and customers can access the same at their convenience and comfort. This is a crucial advantage as it saves time and cost as there is less expensive as compared to offline stores. 

Excess of everything is bad, and E-marketing has its cons too. Some of the cons of are:

Legitimacy and Clarity

As there are a lot of websites, it becomes difficult to judge the legitimacy of the same. Another factor that gives the clarity away is ads that fill the pages, making potential customers turn away.


E-marketing, however easy it sounds, requires specialists with experience and the right skills. To get maximum footfall or traffic, one requires knowledge of SEO, SEM, etc. that requires specialization.

Reach and Reality

As OLM offers wider reach, areas with less connectivity, the elderly, and illiteracy are deprived of the benefits of the same. As online businesses run on word of mouth publicity and feedbacks, people often post negative feedbacks to put down the competition.

Marketing, making business easy?

E-marketing has surely benefitted customers and enterprises alike, but the question of its viability and sustainability remains. It is surely changing the new normal but also rising concerns. OLM is growing and tends to provide a platform where anybody can start a business of their own. This has brought a lot of products/services at competitive prices but also doubt on the source of legitimacy.

The question of its relevance remains, as it dwells too deep into a person’s personal space. As nobody likes recurring emails, messages, notifications, etc. but where does one draw the line? This remains a question for enterprises and marketing agencies, whether they want E-marketing to be a boon or a bane. 

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