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Antonio Raimondo- Easyray

Today, where internet presence is a thing that matters the most to a company’s growth, web development and mobile app development are fundamental and play a vital role. With the on-going pandemic, it is needless to say that having a website and/or a mobile app will be the new basic for a company. Companies will look to have an attractive website, because that’s what will count.

For some, it is challenging to give the customers exactly what they need. Their demands can sometimes be quite different, out of the box. Featuring for The Enterprise World’s The 10 Creative Mobile App Development Companies is Easyray, a place where ‘Ideas come to life!’

Easyray is a Company made up of highly motivated professional people. At Easyray people are always up to date in the field of computer science. With a huge amount of experience, their aim is to excel in every project.

Our approach to work is proactive we don’t waste time.

Easyray is the kind of company that focuses on the clients’ goals and provides them with a strong and talented team. They take pride is all their projects and aways look forward to achieve the best!

The Easyray software house was born with the ambitious idea of ​​being a strategic interlocutor for companies of any sector and size, and is able to design software solutions in Windows, Mac OSx and UNIX environments according to the latest standards.

With their professionalism and the experience of a young and dynamic team they offer the development of multiplatform Mobile Applications (Apple, Android, and Windows 8), design and development of Websites and applications for Facebook, solutions based on various types of POS, training courses, search marketing activities etc.

The quality of services makes Easyray not just a supplier, but a real business partner, always ready to follow the transformations and natural evolution of a company in all aspects.

Easyray customers are based worldwide with projects in Dubai, London, New Zealand, etc.  They are a company that out shines their competitors when it comes to working with those based outside Italy. To bridge this gap, the company has also laid focus on employing English speaking IT technicians; this has helped them gain a wider outlook.

The Company-

Easyray was born in 2001 as an independent group that develops applications in ASP, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, C and C ++ and in 2006 it became part of the University of Pisa as a highly qualified ICT group that deals with project planning and digitization. They created the UniPOS system (to digitally archive the results of university exams), which has become the official system of the University of Pisa, Milan, Brescia and Alma Mater in Bologna.

In 2008 Easyray was acquired by the Pisa Research Consortium (CPR) and became the IT department for members (Tuscany Region, Province and Municipality of Pisa, University of Pisa, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, ScuolaNormale Supe- than, CNR, etc.) and in December 2012 it separated from the CPR, becoming an independent brand. Easyray has continued its collaboration with the University of Pisa and is still working with CPR members on over 30 projects and has a portfolio of over 60 private companies.

Cutting through the Complexities-

A difficult journey is usually the one that leads to success. Being a company based in Italy, and wanting to expand their horizon, communication became a problem. In many cases it so happened that there couldn’t be good interaction with the client because of a language barrier. This led to delays and communication difficulties.

Apart from this, their main challenge was to learn and understand what the best approach to tackle a new project was. But over time, they have gotten a better perspective of what works, and have employed new methods and simpler confrontation towards their clients.

In the initial days, a company is always focused on one thing, something which is “the revenue machine” if you will. But this largely limits its potential, where they could have explored new arenas, they focus all their energies on a single factor. For some it serves well, but for them working in the technological field, without innovation there cannot be much of a growth.

To avoid stagnancy, they dived into different waters, explored their potential. What gave impetus to their growth was the fact that they decided not to dedicate them to a particular sector but to be able to bring innovations in different fields.

Easyray Journey

The Growth Quotient-

Communication is the key! When you are able to understand what your client needs, you are good to go! But if that does not happen, you may face setbacks you don’t want.

Easyray’s long standing success accounts for a good communication with their clients, from the very first contact to the publication of the project.

We are always very available

They work with this motto, even at times if it isn’t easy, because each of the clients likes to be followed in an exclusive way. They try to collect all their doubts, their requests, even when these arrive at advanced development and make them go back to work. But when the team finally sees them satisfied, they are happy.

The Products and Services-

Easyray is able to realize any type of trend, at 360 degrees. Their customers are diversified and their product portfolio includes all the trends, from those of recent years to those present, with an excellent projection to those of the future. The most developed trends of recent times concern ecommerce systems, home delivery, booking, blockchain technology and all those where processes tend to be dematerialized.

They apply the technology trends that will dominate 2020, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and big data analysis, exploiting the best technologies available and suitable for specific situations. They don’t stop at developing the web application: instead the team will start from the analysis of the needs and the workflow at your company in order to create the software more suitable to its characteristics and issues.

Easyray is a very dynamic company and are easily able to get into the minds of clients and help them clarify the project ideas; just as they are particularly receptive to new technologies. Their team is curious and flexible. This has helped them to enter the New Year with great enthusiasm.

Easyray has developed and is developing many products and services such as-

  • Cryptocurrency bank (in the banking and financial sector)
  • Various types of e-commerce apps (for different categories of products and accessories)
  • Catering, booking and delivery (for catering)
  • Social
  • Products for the welfare of the animal world
  • Carpooling and many more.

A product is not only the object itself, but also includes services, people, places, organization and ideas. Easyray’s creativity, their computer knowledge and marketing knowledge will know how to enhance your brand! Their customized and brandable solutions according to the customer needs can be purchase in various ways.

At Easyray, they have dedicated a team of creative designers and developers to help your business to focus on your goals and achieve success. When you work with Easyray, you will have direct access to your team for prompt feedback and development process. They work with a single motto of-

Making your project a great project.

Antonio Raimondo- Leading the Way

The biggest responsibility of an entrepreneur is to know how to create a serene and collaborative work environment. Only in this way is it possible to guarantee the customer an efficient and punctual work, which guarantees compliance with the guidelines of a project.

Gaining a customer’s trust is critical and I believe this is even more difficult than developing a product.

Passionate about the world of technology since childhood, he started studying the subject very early on and trying to develop innovative solutions. After high school he went to university, graduating in Computer Engineering. Even before graduating he was collaborating with some professors in the study of innovative ICT solutions.

Once he graduated, he was hired by the University of Pisa as director of the research & development department of Engineering, dealing with projects of international character. In the meantime he has spent several periods around the world at some of the most prestigious international companies. Once back in Italy, he founded Easyray with the aim of becoming a reference point for the sector.

I continue to have various collaborations with many Italian universities and to hold lectures and conferences all over the world.

The factors that most distinguish us are the desire to learn, the desire to grow, the desire to achieve results that seem impossible, the desire to bring innovation and the desire to amaze the world. Once these 5 factors are taken on, there are no limits to the results that can be obtained!

The Work Culture-

We strongly believe in the concept of group and team.

At Easyray, all colleagues are encouraged to bring ideas, advice and share experiences. Periodic meetings dedicated to the comparison and mutual enrichment of visions, inspirations and methodologies are planned. It is essential to listen to employees, their needs and concerns. Knowing how to listen, understand and propose solutions are the pillars of a team’s success. Theirs is above all collaboration and, like any collaboration, sometimes it also leads to some divergences, divergences that almost always lead to optimal results.

“Our ability lies a lot in being able to immerse ourselves in the most diverse situations, in a working day it can happen to work for a bank, for a hospital, for a company … certainly situations with a high technological impact are those that most stimulate us.”

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