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Enterprising Companies of the Year in 2022

Enterprising Companies of the Year in 2022 features,

FashWire: The company runs under the parent company – Wire Holdings, Inc. The parent company has two products, FashWire and GlossWire. FashWire is focused on the Fashion industry, and GlossWire is oriented towards the Beauty industry. 

FashWire began its journey in 2015, with its headquarters based in Seattle, Washington. The company aims to provide contemporary fashion, with a keen focus on consumer choices and demands. They achieve this through a two-sided marketplace and data-driven consumer insights. 

Their mission is to reframe the fashion world by providing consumers a unique opportunity to discover brands and trends while delivering their brand partners critical customer feedback. They are striving day in and out to provide a marketplace that has genuine products, dedicated customer support, and of course, the latest trends and designs.

FashWire was the first to be founded under its parent company, thus making it a challenge for the team. The team had to develop a service that will not only create a new trend but also a one-stop destination for women and men. 

FashWire’s high-growth two-sided discovery and shopping marketplace provides its portfolio of designers and brands vital data into consumer shopping behaviour patterns. Giving fashion designers real-time valuable insights through a seamless user experience makes FashWire the digital front runner in consumer global business intelligence. 

Seven Six: The idea behind Seven Six tennis sparked from a serendipity meeting at French Open in Paris back in 2016. I met with one of the best technical tennis coaches in the world. He brought me ringside to the heart of Roland Garros where he teamed up with the best female tennis players at the time. His story about tennis, challenges, and opportunities, and his problem to scale his tennis coaching knowledge ignited my entrepreneur DNA.

This weekend inspired me to help tennis players improve their game in a new, engaging, and effective way. For the next 6 months, we conceptualized Seven Six tennis, and I jumped off the corporate path where I was a director of a telecom company in Norway.  

Being a tennis player and tennis dad myself I experienced that the tools and tennis coaching are not too engaging, and I also wanted to give tennis players to get visualized coaching from the best tennis coaches in the world. Up to now, this has been a possibility only for the few with big coaching teams and a tech lab.   

When we started building Seven Six there was no other concept that could provide instant technical feedback on your game without being in a laboratory with sensors, expensive cameras, and coaches. There were some great applications out there, but they were somewhat manual, meaning that coaches had to draw lines and explain the technique and send it back via email. Also, the products available were harder to scale and monetize. 

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