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FashWire - Fashion with consumer insights Kimberly Carney

The market is full of unique and interesting products/services, but only a few get recognized. It is the usefulness and problem-solving ability of these products/services that make these companies highly sought-after and successful.

In search of these revolutionary companies, today we talk about FashWire. FashWire is a company reshaping the Fashion industry. The company provides offerings that are changing the fixed image and carving the new era of the Fashion industry.

The company and its solutions are highly acclaimed and one of the leading names providing unrivaled products. FashWire and its team are a mix of industry experts and fashion visionaries, pooling their skills and expertise to provide a unique and unmatched service and customer experience.

The Company, and its journey so far

The company runs under the parent company – Wire Holdings, Inc. The parent company has two products, FashWire and GlossWire. FashWire is focused on the Fashion industry, and GlossWire is oriented towards the Beauty industry. 

FashWire began its journey in 2015, with its headquarters based in Seattle, Washington. The company aims to provide contemporary fashion, with a keen focus on consumer choices and demands. They achieve this through a two-sided marketplace and data-driven consumer insights. 

Their mission is to reframe the fashion world by providing consumers a unique opportunity to discover brands and trends while delivering their brand partners critical customer feedback. They are striving day in and out to provide a marketplace that has genuine products, dedicated customer support, and of course, the latest trends and designs.

FashWire was the first to be founded under its parent company, thus making it a challenge for the team. The team had to develop a service that will not only create a new trend but also a one-stop destination for women and men. 

FashWire’s high-growth two-sided discovery and shopping marketplace provides its portfolio of designers and brands vital data into consumer shopping behavior patterns. Giving fashion designers real-time valuable insights through a seamless user experience makes FashWire the digital front runner in consumer global business intelligence. 

For consumers, FashWire creates a compelling interactive experience by combining immersive swipe voting and social integration to influence the designer instantly. Through its market-leading app and web experience, FashWire customers can shop a curated edit of 30,000+ products, sourced from over 400 contemporary designers and brands from 40+ countries. The company is owned by Wire Holdings, Inc. recently launched GlossWire in the multibillion-dollar beauty industry and is backed by a range of all-star private angel investors in the beauty, fashion, and tech spaces.

The challenges were relentless, but so was the team’s spirit and zeal to bring a change. Their journey is to be ahead of the curve while creating a digital platform connecting consumers and brands in the fashion industry. 

With so many years in this journey, they have successfully created a platform where customers can shop hassle-free without any worry, and brands can put up their best products forward. 

What makes FashWire a leading fashion destination?

To get widespread awareness and maximum footfall, the team targeted fashion trade shows to directly get the platform in front of the brands and prove the technology at the tech shows. Exhibiting at ShopTalk gave them exposure to Google and they launched in 2018 with a Google partnership.

After this, the FashWire brand base began rising to over 200 by the end of 2019. During the pandemic when retail was shut down, the fashion designers and brands they connected with at the trade shows, that initially were not interested, joined the platform. Today, FashWire has over 400 designers from more than 40 countries on its platform and continues to grow daily.

This exponential rise in the success of FashWire, pushed the team to delve deeper into other industries, leading to the launch GlossWire in February of 2021, which uses the same innovative technology for beauty brands. Before the launch, 50+ beauty brands signed up to be on the GlossWire platform based on the success with FashWire. GlossWire has quickly grown to over 150 brands and proved its concept when they were named a finalist in WWD’s Project Connect.

Adding another vertical, with a successful launch, helped the team to gain more valuable insights and visibility, which propelled the growth of both platforms.

FashWire’s unmatched products, and new additions to their arsenal

FashWire is a B2B2C marketplace providing its brand partners vital real-time data and actionable insights into consumer shopping patterns. The designers and brands then receive this data allowing them to make smarter production decisions driving conversion, repeat purchases, and profitability.

FashWire aims to provide consumers a unique opportunity to discover brands and trends by leveraging technology to engage shoppers across all channels. User interaction is a key differentiator and combining that experience with deep data and hyper-curated content makes FashWire a highly coveted solution for emerging and established brands.

With this unique approach to understanding consumers and providing organic discovery of worldwide fashion, they have achieved immense success in the Fashion industry. 

FashWire’s team is constantly enhancing its technology to integrate into its platform, to elevate the user experience for consumers and brands. To achieve the same, they recently added AI capability to help consumers quickly find relevant products and similar items without the hassle of searching.

Also, the team is continuously expanding and localizing its platform, making it more accessible to brands all over the globe. For their existing brands, they offer a comprehensive set of tools to grow their presence. These tools and advantages provide every brand a similar ground and an equal fighting chance. Through their innovation, FashWire continues to democratize digital sales for brands around the world.

Fashwire offers a multitude of opportunities that will showcase your brand and engage readers. Fashwire can create custom programs and content integration opportunities that will bring your message to life and help you achieve your marketing objectives.

If you would like to become a fashion brand on the FashWire platform, please contact info@fashwire.com.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”

Winston Churchill

Leadership at FashWire

It is a daunting task to bring a unique platform in the Fashion industry, with insights and analytics support to brands, enabling them to understand consumers better. This unique platform requires a team of experts, skills, and immense experience.

More than this, the company and the team require a visionary leader, who is a charismatic personality, not afraid of challenges, most importantly understands the industry and aims to revolutionize it with unparalleled services.

Kimberly Carney is the Founder and CEO of FashWire and GlossWire. 

Kimberly holds 15+ years of experience of owning a multi-brand women’s and men’s specialty boutique in the contemporary fashion space. This experience gave her a unique brand perspective for selling products.

Additionally, she holds 20+ years of experience in mobile and tech (formerly AT&T Wireless and DotCom companies). It’s the combination of tech and industry experience that gave her the technological and in-depth knowledge to launch FashWire and GlossWire.

Over the years of an extraordinary entrepreneurial journey, Kimberly and her company have been bestowed with many honors and awards. Some of them are –

  • 2016/2017: Raised and completed the first round of funding.
  • June 2018: Official FashWire launch with a Google partnership. They landed in the Top 10 of the app store.
  • September 2020 Winner of Startup Grind’s Inaugural Pitch Battle.
  • October 2020 Oprah Magazine: Named in Adam Glassman’s Top Picks.
  • December 2020 Fashion Group International recipient of Rising Star Award for New Retail Concept.
  • February 2021: Launched GlossWire and landed at #2 in the app store.
  • August 2021: Unilever Prestige and WWD Project Connect named GlossWire as a finalist for its grant initiative.
  • September 2021: Women in Supply Chain winner.
  • October 2021: International Trade Council’s Go Global 1st place winner for Women in Business.

Team of FashWire and GlossWire

FashWire and GlossWire both have very strong teams and the great thing is that there is a deep bond beyond the professional environment. Both teams support one another and has fostered a culture of mutual respect.

This unique combination of solid leadership, communication, and productive collaboration has enabled the teams to strive harder and provide the best possible services to their consumers and brands.

In FashWire and GlossWire, the whole team plays a key role. Since the team understands each other and their differences in views and ideas, they work in sync by complementing each other and working together as a close-knit family.

Both FashWire and GlossWire offer its brand partners IG Lives, Pitch Competitions, personalized interviews, and more as part of building an empowered community.

Kimberly’s views on constant vigilance as a need or a strategy

It is both – you accomplish more by staying constantly vigilant. If you are constantly vigilant in doing the things that improve your company, your team efforts, driving business and overall strategy, you make yourself and your company more valuable and attractive.

Kimberly’s take on the competition in the market

Competitive environments don’t scare me and I thrive on challenges. But much of what we do is new and defining new solutions. So I worry less about what others do and focus on the things that we can influence and how we can keep driving our growth forward to improve the value for our customers.

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