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Learnship - Digital Language Learning Solutions Thomas Engelbertz

Learnship – Digital Language Learning Solutions – Thomas Engelbertz

Digital learning solutions have forever changed the way L&D professionals approach business communications skills development – for the best. Language assessments can be far more accurate. Learner skills mapping can be far more granular. Training content and format can be far more targeted. And performance tracking is far more precise.

Digital learning not only enhances the traditional classroom approach: it surpasses it. Over the past 15 years, digitalization has improved learning program design like never before, giving access to the best trainers regardless of their geographical location, and to a multitude of interactive resources. It also makes progress measurement and global comparisons across functions – and even across organizations – possible. AI-powered tools even give us the ability to predict learning outcomes and make adjustments to courses if necessary. In a nutshell, digitalization gives program owners the means to make every single course successful.  

This is where the EdTech companies come into the picture as they provide future-proof technology that is driving the world of education forward. Without it, education and training would have ground to a halt during the COVID-19 lockdowns. And EdTech will continue to be a huge enabler post-pandemic because it provides instant access to high-quality education anywhere, anytime. 

This is also one of the key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through the democratization of access to education, EdTech will play a huge role in advancing our global community, in turn fostering global economic growth and prosperity. 

One of the thriving EdTech companies is Learnship, a language-learning solution provider run by CEO Thomas Engelbertz

Learnship was founded with a mission of providing digital language learning solutions that meet global enterprises’ requirements of flexibility, content quality, and skills relevance. The company developed a pioneering, cutting-edge product for online face-to-face business education that was as engaging as traditional classroom-based training. 

Today, Learnship helps companies to thrive in markets globally by breaking down cross-cultural communication barriers. To do so, the company has been focusing on improving the way people learn any language and behavioral skills they need to thrive in intercultural working environments – and unleash their full potential. By adopting this client-centric, data-driven, precision learning approach, Learnship delivers business impact to corporate clients worldwide. 

As a start, the company helps each organization to identify its unique business communication challenges in a client-centric process and then takes advantage of the excellent global support infrastructures to deliver tailored solutions that actually work. Thus, Learnship simplifies language training, providing an intuitive, one-stop-shop platform giving access to regular reports, course management tools, data insights, and an exclusive range of language and cross-cultural communications products. 

Learnship’s Exclusive Product Portfolio

Learnship’s product portfolio covers all the skills that international organizations need to break down intercultural and language barriers. All the products are built around the company’s unique Learnship Halo™ technology platform, designed to accelerate processes for a fuss-free, streamlined learning experience. 

One of these learning experiences is the Solo program. Solo is designed for efficient, scalable language learning for the people. It offers personalized, bite-sized modules that are easy to fit into busy schedules and allow learners to progress at their own pace. It also includes several useful business resources such as news articles, email templates, and industry word lists as well. 

Learners can also embark on a personally customized program that includes regular interaction with their trainers in the virtual classroom to improve their language proficiency via the company’s long-standing Elevate courses. These courses are available in as many as 12 languages. Along with this, Learnship also offers individual learner programs for executives who want to focus on their own documents, challenges, and timeline. 

Sprint— a blended learning solution combining digital pre-work and trainer-led sessions in short, high-impact courses focusing on specific language skills, such as negotiations, presentations, remote project management is just another learning solution provided by Learnship. This solution is ideal for the fast development of overall business language proficiency and is based on an ever-growing, overarching skills taxonomy and adds supreme value in upskilling geographically distributed cohorts to benchmark levels in precisely selected communicative competence areas. 

With groundbreaking products, Learnship has evolved into the world’s leading provider of premium, online face-to-face foreign language training serving over 2,000 corporate clients globally – including Mars, IBM, NTT Data, and Salesforce.

The Learnship Squad 

The entire team of the company is a passionate one and all of them share the same dedication to learning and improving international communication and collaboration. The team is traversing more than 20 countries and 50+ nationalities with thousands of years of collective experience in the learning industry. 

Thomas is glad he has the most talented team in the industry with leading capabilities not only in education and software but also in customer service. The employees are diverse and thus the team is an extremely globally distributed one. It understands the needs of its enterprise clients as well as the students and caters to them accordingly. The team is optimistic about making the world a more connected place via delivering excellence to Learnship’s clients and students.

Under the Guidance of Thomas Engelbertz

Thomas has a background in the digital, telecommunications, and software sectors during which the majority of his roles involved supporting enterprise customer success. He is a massive language enthusiast and can speak 6 languages. Additionally, having performed a CEO function in international environments for many years, he has personally experienced the pitfalls of language inequality. This thereby encouraged him of having a fully equipped and developed team – without any communication and cultural barriers. 

Thomas understood that in order to deliver the best value of the services, Learnship should be able to focus on three mainstays of a customer-centric— premium quality learning experience, the highest level of service, and cutting-edge digital technology. Thus, he made it a point to deliver the best measurable return on expectations for clients by demonstrating clear business impact.

When asked about his opinion about the responsibilities of online knowledge providers, Thomas says, “I think our responsibilities are twofold. Obviously, we want to provide high-quality products and services to companies and learners worldwide. However, Learnship is also committed to facilitating access to education for people who can’t afford it – not just the clients who can. Our Voice for All program supports NGOs around the world with a strong focus on projects that help people in vulnerable situations.”

Ability to Stand Out from The Crowd

When asked about what sets Learnship apart, Thomas stated, “We go to great lengths to maximize our clients’ return on investment and time. Our comprehensive portfolio of courses and learning formats, – including mobile learning, e-learning, blended learning, face-to-face online learning, and on-site training – allow us not only to offer the courses that optimally match client learning preferences and needs but also deliver the best value for money and maximize ROI on a global scale.”

“With languages, you are at home anywhere.”

Edmund de Waal

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