JULY | 2022

Enterprising Women of the Year - Vol. 5

Enterprising Women of the Year - Vol. 5 features,

Karen Simon, President and Managing Partner of Emersons Commercial Real Estate, Tarrant County Division. Karen has truly established herself as one of the pioneers of her field and has brought a revolution in the whole commercial real estate field. 

She is an inspiration to countless, and especially to all women who feel that some industries are not meant for women. The Enterprise World commends Karen and her entrepreneurial spirit for what she has achieved is truly remarkable!

Emerson’s Commercial Real Estate management LLC was founded by Richard Webb, a banker with a background in real estate, and Matt Price, a CPA with a background in real estate. The company’s base of operations is in Dallas, Texas.  

Emersons Commercial Real Estate is a sophisticated team of real estate professionals dedicated to providing you all the benefits of an in-house real estate management operation – without the typical overhead, expense, and issues associated with employing your staff.

Their experienced team offers professional property management services to owners, developers, and 1031 — Tenant in Common investors. 

Katerina Trajchevska is the CEO of Adeva among such a personality who herself knows the value of her education and have social awareness about it too. She is self-made woman with kind gesture towards mankind. Wanting to help those who are needful for a guidance is an exceptional value hardly seen in today’s world.

Making people stand on their own legs is not an easy task and handling such task with same energy is a commendable job. 

In this interview with Katerina Trajchevska, CEO of Adeva, we shall know more about her journey and personality.

Adeva is a remote network of tech professionals, on a mission to enable work without boundaries. We’re passionate advocates for remote work, and our network is distributed in over 30 countries across the globe.

Adeva helps companies scale their engineering teams fast and reduce their hiring costs while providing long-term, remote opportunities for tech talent worldwide.

Zara Zamani is the Chief Solutions Officer at ChromaWay. She is a splendid example of an exquisite and charismatic leader, inspiring countless budding entrepreneurs and mesmerizing the world of business with her company’s futuristic and class-apart services.

In a conversation with Zara Zamani, Chief Solutions Officer at ChromaWay. Let’s get to know more about her company, its services, and her professional journey.

ChromaWay was founded in 2014 with our relational blockchain model, called Postchain, which proved itself to be an excellent platform for private enterprise blockchain applications.

Since then, the team and vision surrounding the company have grown exponentially. In addition to our private enterprise work through ChromaWay, we have also launched a public platform called Chromia which boasts a rapidly expanding ecosystem. 

“We strive to provide blockchain applications that are easy to use and create real value in society by providing transparent systems that enhance efficiency and reduce exploitation.” 

Leadership Talks

Katerina Trajchevska

Using Technology For A Greater Good

Adeva - Using Technology For A Greater Good | Katerina Trajchevska

Zara Zamani

Innovating the Future!

ChromaWay - Innovating the Future! Zara Zamani