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Enterprising Women of The Year features,

Amy Buynoski is the VP Builder Service Manager at SouthState Bank. She is a leading name in the banking field and is heading SouthState Bank to a new level.

Amy understands the needs of today’s borrowers. With the SouthState Bank, Amy and her team make sure that their clients receive the best of services and relentless support. She is not only changing many norms but also setting benchmarks in the Banking field!

Amy and the BuyNowTeam started their journey with the SouthState Bank in December 2019. They were lucky enough to have a staff that supported them and their team from the very beginning.

SouthState Bank’s mission is to make the mortgage process easy. They aim to achieve this by ensuring that loan officers are working closely with the client every step of the way. Amy and her team don’t look at a customer as an application, they find it important to be with a company that is as supportive and cares about the customer’s experience.

Leading this premier institution is an exceptionally talented and experienced faculty. Heading this prestigious faculty is the principal Phoebe Wasfy. She is a leader through her core and an educationalist by profession. 

Phoebe Wasfy brings her immense and diverse experience, merging it with the splendid culture and extremely talented faculty of the school, which creates an institution that brings education to another level, and prioritizing the overall growth and development of students is what sets it apart!

Philopateer Christian College is a Pre-K to gr.12 school. The organization was established in the year 1999 by the Egyptian Coptic Community. The institution is based in the city of Mississauga, Ontario. During the inaugural year, around 40 students (K-8 at that time) were schooled in the basement of the Canadian Coptic Centre. 

Over the years, the institution, its infrastructure, and the student body have grown manifold. Now, the institution includes state-of-the-art infrastructure and exceptional programs, comprising high school too. 

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Celeste Fralick, Senior Principal Engineer and Chief Data Scientist, McAfee. Read about her insights and professional journey.

McAfee began in 1987 as an anti-virus software company. Throughout its long history, it has acquired companies, been public, been acquired (by Intel Corp., in 2014), spun out to be private (2017), currently public, divested its Enterprise business (summer 2021), and recently entered into an agreement to be acquired by an investor group led by Advent International Corporation (“Advent”) and Permira Advisers LLC (“Permira”). McAfee is a pure-play consumer online protection company and is led by Peter Leav, CEO and President. Throughout its evolution, McAfee products, technology, and people continue to be proven leaders in the cybersecurity industry.

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