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SouthState Bank Mortgage - Financial Services Amy Buynoski

There are many names in the Banking field, only some have outclassed the others. It is their exceptional leadership attributes and vision that leaps times ahead.

Amy Buynoski is another name in that spot. She is an extraordinary leader, an exceptional entrepreneur, and a charismatic personality. She is an expert in her field, inspiring and motivating her team and budding entrepreneurs.

Amy Buynoski is the VP Builder Service Manager at SouthState Bank. She is a leading name in the banking field and is heading SouthState Bank to a new level.

Amy understands the needs of today’s borrowers. With the SouthState Bank, Amy and her team make sure that their clients receive the best of services and relentless support. She is not only changing many norms but also setting benchmarks in the Banking field!

The Company

Amy and the BuyNowTeam started their journey with the SouthState Bank in December 2019. They were lucky enough to have a staff that supported them and their team from the very beginning.

SouthState Bank’s mission is to make the mortgage process easy. They aim to achieve this by ensuring that loan officers are working closely with the client every step of the way. Amy and her team don’t look at a customer as an application, they find it important to be with a company that is as supportive and cares about the customer’s experience.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought drastic changes to all the industries and the Financial Services industry was not spared either. But the SouthState Bank fully utilized this time to outshine and set themselves apart to provide their clients with a more efficient experience through improved technology.

The face-to-face aspect of the Financial Services industry is still evolving, and SouthState Bank has been able to thrive in this new environment with its exceptional technology features and personalized customer services to each client. As now, more than ever, the client deserves to feel a more personal connection to their financial institution, and Amy and her team are proud to provide that in each aspect of SouthState Bank. 

“COVID hit and we had to adjust our normal way of going about doing loans, but through the thick of COVID, we were supported and given the best tools to end 2020 on a great note. SouthState Bank gave us all the tools we needed to be able to continue with our work. We found ways to communicate without being in the same office as other staff. Through zoom, teams, and the good old fashion telephone we kept open communication with everyone. We stayed competitive with rates by following the market and keeping up with the day-to-day news”, Amy adds.

What makes SouthState bank successful and sought-after?

In the next few years, SouthState Bank is growing and evolving to establish itself as one of the leading banks throughout the South. They are constantly working and working on finding the next direction in how to better the Bank. SouthState Bank has already witnessed phenomenal growth in the past two years, doubling its members, and is not planning to stop anytime soon. 

The Financial Services industry is growing more complex and more competitive with each passing day and SouthState Bank is striving to leave its mark for the long-term in this industry. As cutthroat as the business may be, it cannot replace how you treat people and the service you provide clients. Partners will remember the process and how they were treated. Customer service and experience will win every time.

People will want to work with people they can trust and they know care about them and their future. SouthState Bank proves itself to be such a great institution, where its members are acknowledged, respected, provided with every opportunity, and the best service possible. The team is highly dedicated and striving hard to go a mile ahead and provide the best services and care.

The Services and what sets them apart

Amy and the BuyNowTeam at SouthState Bank offer local, in-house processing, underwriting, closing, marketing, and mortgage headquarters in Atlanta. They offer Conventional, FHA, Refinance, USDA, VA, investment property loans, and construction loans.

What sets the institution apart is its Buyers Advantage Program. This in-house program includes 100% financing with at least a 640 credit score. SouthState Bank understands that borrowers’ needs today are not one size fits all and this program puts the borrower’s needs first.

The team at SouthState Bank comprises experts in the residential lending industry who keep their borrowers informed throughout the process, so they know what is happening at each step. As a team, they think outside the box when solving problems for borrowers. 

They offer complimentary second opinions for borrowers to compare lenders and ensure they have made the best financial decision for themselves and their families.

With a diverse set of mortgage loan products to fit almost every borrower’s needs and competitive rates, it is no wonder the institution receives so many positive letters and emails from customers after they have closed on their new home.

Amy and her team have had open communication with their clients from the very beginning. They call their clients and make sure they understand all their options. They also provide detailed emails with reminders of things to do and not to do including 10 Commandments of Home Buying, whiteboard videos, and in-process milestone emails.

“We are not the transaction team. We view it as being a part of someone’s story and the impact it has on them, their family, and their future. We love connecting with people. In addition, my team and I have years of experience which has allowed us lots of experience to know how to navigate through almost every situation”, Amy adds.

Also the constant effort and dedication of the team to improving their services, always going a step beyond for their clients is something that establishes trust and earns them high recognition and a rightful position in the market.

The dynamic leader – Amy Buynoski 

Amy has over a decade of success in the mortgage industry and is recognized as a top producing loan officer in the state of GA. She is a source of strength for homeowners purchasing a new home. 

Amy makes sure they are comfortable and informed through the mortgage process and is always available to listen and answer all questions. It is important to Amy that the process goes well because she understands how the home buying process affects people’s lives. It is the largest purchase most people make and Amy wants to help borrowers through the process. 

Amy Buynoski has been in the mortgage industry for 18 years. She initially took a class to be an appraiser and quickly realized that she wanted to have more day-to-day contact with people. This has been Amy’s only career. Once she started she fell in love with helping people and making the dream of homeownership a reality.

Amy’s key achievement has been moving her team to SouthState Bank while keeping up with their level of service during covid and receiving the 2021 Agents Choice Award. This was a huge accomplishment moving banks and rebranding and having their partners trust their leadership with their clients as much as they did. All this during covid!

What motivates Amy to strive harder and provide more for her clients?

Having a customer’s perspective in the process is so important. Whether it is connecting and being excited about their wedding date or first child. Fighting for a customer when they are working on rebuilding and starting over. Being able to give back to veterans that have served our country who we are so thankful for. To have a sentence in someone’s chapter is so rewarding.

I am thankful that I have a career that allows me to make a difference in someone’s life. I am also thankful that my career has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people and the friendships I have built over the years.

Amy’s views on the rat race in the market and how she handles it

“I have almost 20 years of success in the mortgage industry and have been recognized as a top producing mortgage banker in the state of Georgia. I go out of my way to be professional and communicative which is evident from the many letters and emails of thanks I have received from my customers after they have closed on their new home.”

“I am probably not the only one who has had this for the last year. The biggest accomplishment is that my kids and I survived digital learning and we are still smiling! The last year has reminded me to slow down and appreciate the small things in life. From one day to the next unexpected things can change.”

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