Seceon – Where Cyber meets Security

Seceon - Where Cyber meets Security Chandra Pandey

Cybersecurity is one of the growing concerns of companies, especially after the pandemic. As work from home becomes the new normal, the important data and information is being stored on local devices and sent over online, making it susceptible to threats and attacks.

Also, the cyberattacks are evolving, at a much more rapid pace than the solutions themselves. What we need in today’s era of digitalization is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution provider, which offers industry-leading services, with an assurance of trust, reliability, and safety.

Seceon aiXDR and aiSIEM platform are built from the ground up to deliver “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Digital-Era”. Seceon has more than 130 partners using the platform to deliver cybersecurity services to more than 5600 customers around the globe. Platform has democratized comprehensive cybersecurity, which offers customers CMDS ”Continuous real-time Monitoring, proactive Detection & auto Stopping of threats and breaches”.

It is made possible with multiple millions of hours of R&D and innovations done by a laser focused team committed to delivering affordable solutions to customers of any size. 

Seceon - Where Cyber meets Security | Chandra Pandey

Diagram shows Seceon aiXDR

Platform supports multi-tenancy from day one. Team relentless efforts and dedication to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity to the end customers has been recognized by 166 industry awards and recognition. 

Seceon, delivering promises, perfecting cybersecurity

Seceon is a global provider of the most advanced Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence-driven cyber threat detection and remediation platforms for Enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP). The platform empowers Enterprises and MSSPs to analyze operational security data, proactively detect threats and vulnerabilities, and automatically contain and eliminate them in real-time.

Platform provides defense-in-depth “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for the Digital-Era” through the coalescence of Seceon’s Dynamic Threat Models, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with actionable contextual awareness.

The company was started in 2015, and right from day one the team had a single focus and goal – “To provide comprehensive cybersecurity”. They did not wish to create another or a better version of the existing products/services, because they know that those solutions will not solve the evolving security issues, especially evolding and sophisticated multi-steps  attacks. 

Also, the team wanted to innovate and differentiate itself from the companies working in the cybersecurity space. They believed if they kept on doing the things that they used to do, no matter how good of a product or future service they create, it would not make life easier for the cyber security team. So, they created a whole new platform, which eliminates the need for having tons of different products, providing a one-stop solution platform for all cybersecurity needs.

The platform is user-friendly, making it easier to operate and solve problems. Their platform does proactive threat detection, automated containment, and much more. Their success and staggering growth are due to their platform approach with multi-tenancy to enable customers of any size to afford a CMDS, which was impossible before due to cost and complexity. 

How Seceon engraved its name as one of the best and leading Cybersecurity solution providers?

Cybersecurity is a noisy market, with many companies saying and offering the same thing with little or no differentiation. Also, with no comprehensive solution and lack of time to evaluate solutions, the customer ends up buying multiple products and struggles in making them work together.

Seceon team came to realize this quickly and focused on customers, which are looking for disruptive innovations instead of trying to convince those stuck with silos. Currently >95% of industry lacks proper CMDS solutions, which become more evident with Ransomware attacks as organizations were not detecting them or detecting them too late in the process when encryption has already started. 

What Seceon and its team did was to set a standard for the whole industry and mark their presence as a comprehensive cybersecurity solution provider, enabling their clients to get a one-stop solution for all their CMDS security needs. Once they got a few key partners, that helped Seceon propagate to the next level of scaling and grow as a team and company.

Seceon’s award-winning aiSIEM™, aiMSSP™, and aiXDR™ platforms are built on the OTM platform to support enterprises and MSSPs with flexible deployment options.

Seceon - Where Cyber meets Security Chandra Pandey

Factors that pushed Seceon to success and established their position in the market

The first factor that pushed them to success was the strong commitment at all levels of organization to the success of their partners. Word started spreading around, putting them in the spotlight, and enabling the team to have big name MSSPs and Service Providers  under their brand.

Also, with the cyberattacks on the rise, like ransomware, and cyberattacks grew complex, Seceon is the leading vendor that provides solutions that effectively tackle the changing attacks and threats specially Ransomware, supply chains, vulnerabilities exploits using multi-steps and multi-vectors attacks missed by most of other products due to lack of context and situational awareness.  

The turning point of their growth was when RFA, ADT cybersecurity, Airtel, or NTT Communications Solutions started using their platform. This enabled them to have a widespread name, and recognition, propelling the company as one of the leading companies in the cybersecurity space. 

Seceon’s success and dominance in the market are not only limited to their exceptional services and support standards. It is the innovation that drives the company ahead into the future. The team is always driving the innovations in cybersecurity to ensure customers have the best platform to keep them ahead of cyberthreats and breaches. 

What fuels their innovation is the company and team’s commitment to their partners, “To deliver comprehensive cybersecurity to the end customer”. The team is laser focused and dedicated to enable and help their clients, being with them every step of the way. 

Whether it’s CMDS “Continuous real-time Monitoring, proactive Detections and auto Stopping of any threats and breaches, database security, cloud security, office 365 security”,  Seceon brings a comprehensive solution, because that is critical. As organizations require better solutions, and one-stop partners, Seceon truly lives and exceeds those expectations and provides unmatched cybersecurity solutions.

A Platform offered by Seceon

Seceon’s Open Threat Management (OTM) platform scales to millions of assets to collect raw data such as streaming logs, network flows, and identities from all apps, devices, network infrastructure, and cloud infrastructure including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, IoTs, and IIoTs, to provide comprehensive visibility of users, hosts, applications, and services.

Diagram featuring the CMDS approach :

Seceon - Where Cyber meets Security Chandra Pandey

Platform ingest data from all the applications, services processes, OSs (Logs, flows, Intensities) and performs vulnerability assessment and brings everything in context with situational awareness to surface the threats, which matters. 

They offer 24×7 support to partners and customers,  always available to take care of any issue, challenges. Their goal is to empower their partners so that they can scale and grow significantly.

They offer ML & AI based automated solutions, to make sure that not only the solutions get rolled out quickly, but also produce successful results that get the customers to see the value of the platform, adding on to their growth. 

What sets Seceon apart and how do their services keep up with the changing times and trends?

So from the competition point of view, companies in the cybersecurity space are still stuck into the feature product. What Seceon has done was not an easy feat to accomplish. They have put in more than two million hours of work, effort into the platform so far, and are always adding more innovation, features, etc.

The biggest edge over the competition is their platform. Now clients don’t have to go and buy separate products and services like network detections and response, network traffic analysis tools, user entity behavior modeling, SOAR, ML, AI, dynamic threat modeling, threat intelligence, etc.

Seceon’s solution puts SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, ML, AI,  DTM, TI, NBAD, VA on a single platform and makes it work as a single solution, achieving all goals.

They’re innovating and helping organizations to move into the Golden Era of digitalization and prosperity. They are providing the best and most secure solution, and to achieve that they leave no technology and stone unturned. The team’s motivation, expertise, and knowledge is something that makes Seceon ready for any challenge or any changing time or trend.

Leadership at Seceon

Seceon, both as a company and a product is very unique, owing to its unrivaled services, benchmark support and service standards, a team of highly skilled experts, and a vision to create a space where cybersecurity is no longer a threat to a company or end-customer. For all this to work in sync, and to keep the company values and vision intact, is the job of a prolific, visionary, and extremely talented leader.

Chandra Pandey is the Founder and CEO of Seceon.

Chandra is an expert in cybersecurity and networking with 25+ years of experience delivering some of the industry’s most innovative game changing platforms, which changed the industry for good. 

Chandra is an inspirational leader, empowering his team to take on the complex, continually evolving cyber security challenges facing business leaders today, creating a new market category in the process. 

As Seceon’s CEO, he works closely with customers to define and address the problems, implications, consequences, and solutions of defending corporate assets in today’s highly connected enterprise. He is a beacon for the team, guiding and showing the way ahead, always there to support and nurture them into leaders of tomorrow. Chandra also holds multiple patents in application virtualization, security, highly scalable data center architecture, scalable multicast distribution, and power optimization for high-performance computers.

Chandra’s employee relations and the team of Seceon

“One of the most important things we decided from day one is that we want to develop leaders and not just good employees. And what does it mean? It means they are going to make a decision which I always look forward to. Those decisions are something I have to own, no matter what. I stand by those decisions, and I stand by my team. And even if they made a wrong decision, we can discuss it, learn from it, and correct the course of action.

We wish to develop our team members into leaders, develop their confidence, so they can take decisions on the spot to drive innovations and growth . So whatever they decide to do in the future, they can always succeed and this is a way we can give back to our employees for their exceptional support, dedication, and relentless efforts.”

Chandra Pandey, Founder, and CEO, Seceon

The team of Seceon is one of the best in the cybersecurity space, packed with industry-leading skills, expertise, and experience that comes from working in and for the best companies ranging over different sectors and industries. The team is always up to date with the latest trends, practices, and technology. With their disruptive innovation and method of approach, they can innovate products and services that set the market apart and exceed their partner’s expectations.

Also, with a leader such as Chandra Pandey, and the immensely supporting management team, they feel empowered, enabling them to work their best and offer best-in-class industry-leading services to their partners. 

Chandra’s take on the responsibilities of an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur needs to have a responsibility towards his/her customers, and towards society. Those are key parts because all of this plays a critical role in the success of an organization.

You have your role towards your employees, customers, partners, select how you stand up with them, and deliver what you are promising. There is a community around you and you have to make sure you take care of the community. 

You have to be a good citizen for society as well. If you take care of these three, your responsibility towards your shareholders is taken care of automatically, because these three are very important and directly affect everything else.

Chandra’s views on constant vigilance, as a need or a strategy

Vigilance is critical but you should not be shortsighted in your strategy, where you have to react to everything. Strategy is something, you must execute on on our case it comes down to offering the best cybersecurity platform for the CMDS. 

Whichever industry you are working in, you have to be aware. You have to ask yourself, What are the needs? What are the things happening around? What new things are coming? New problems popping up or New Challenges. 

You should look for it, or even new competition. You want to look at how the people are reacting and all the things there and what is coming. But at the same time, you have to have your vision and strategy. 

The vigilance and the data associated with that should be input into your vision and strategy. But that vigilance should not be a strategy, because if you have vigilance as a strategy, you are not going anywhere, you will be running around quite a bit, and not reach the destination where you want to be.

Chandra’s take on the competition in the market, and how he deals with it on a professional and personal level

Right from day one, when we started with a vision of delivering comprehensive cybersecurity, we left behind many people who are in the rat race of creating features and better versions of the previous generation products. We let them worry about each other and all that is there in that race in the market. 

Now, we have defined this big gap in the market for ourselves. Are we able to achieve it? How can we get to the point where we can achieve this goal? These are the questions that drive us. It pushes us to focus on that and adapt to new challenges which are popping around. 

Sometimes you can change your race altogether, and define your own. That’s what we started on day one and we are doing that each and every day with laser focused on delivering the best CMDS platform.

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