Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence and machine learning

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can work hand in hand for advancement of technology sector.

A decade ago, the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was just an if-then scenario. But today, Artificial Intelligence is being used extensively in all fields. AI is changing the way of working of the companies, the productivity, and the profitability of the companies. Artificial Intelligence is used in mobile phones, like the Google Assistant, or the Apple Assistant, Siri.

They make some of the daily tasks easier. For example, you can use Google Assistant to type out emails or messages, if you can’t do it. Alexa, another of Google’s virtual presence, is a form of AI, that works on your commands and you can use it to get updates on the news, or anything else. Thus, AI is changing the lifestyle of people. artificial intelligence machine learning can work hand in hand for the advancement of the technology sector.

Artificial Intelligence is of two types, weak AI and strong AI. The Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri in the form of weak AI; whereas many institutions use much-upgraded levels of the AI, also called the strong AI, which can solve complex problems without human intervention. Strong AI is also called artificial general intelligence. This has the general human cognitive abilities, so when there is a complex task presented, it can complete it without any human help.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can work hand in hand for the advancement of the technology sector.

Even though the cost of the AI is more because of the software and the hardware used in the making of it, AI is providing a technological edge and superiority to companies. Because most of the times AI can solve some complex problems better than humans can. AI technology is helping the industries get automated and also increase the precision in the work; it has also helped the industries for faster production rates.

With the help of AI, humans are relieved with the task of performing tedious tasks, and they can concentrate and do the tasks they are good at. This has boosted innovation and creativity. If the people don’t have any tedious tasks to perform, they can easily focus on other aspects of the industry. With the use of AI, one can also find better ways of disaster management, without risking the lives of the people. Smart disaster responses can be formulated with the use of AI.

  • Machine Learning
  • Financial Sector-

Machine Learning is a subset of AI. In AI, the machine needs to be programmed a certain way for it to perform functions and solve certain problems without human help. But Machine learning, on the other hand, is a science where computers are made to perform certain activities without it being programmed that way. So machine learning aims to make the computers learn automatically, where human assistance is not needed.

Thus the process of machine learning generally focuses on the development of programs for computers. Thus Machine learning is the technology where the programmers do not have to guide the machines into solving the problems, we now just have to input the problem and leave it to the machine to solve it.

This machine learning technology is used extensively by many large-scale industries. The companies that deal with huge amounts of data can manage their tasks efficiently using machine learning technology. The insights obtained from this data collection can be optimized and it can also be used to control costs of the companies. And this in turn can give the companies a step-up from their competitors. Here are a few sectors that are implementing machine learning technology.

The financial sector is using machine learning technology to get a better understanding of the important factors. It is also used to prevent any kind of financial fraud. Machine learning technology can also help to understand the opportunities for any trade or investment.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies has improved the performances of the industry’s overall.

  • Marketing and Sales Services-

The marketing and the sales industry has benefited a lot from the use of machine learning technology like conversation intelligence ( They can now keep records and analyze the customer data, and also keep a record of the purchase history. This also helps them to give personalized recommendations to the customers.

  • Healthcare-

The use of Machine learning is becoming a fast-growing trend in the Healthcare industry. The sensors provide the medical institutions with real-time information of the patient, like the health condition, the heart rate, the blood pressure, and some other important health parameters.

  • Transport-

The use of machine learning in the transportation industry can help to fasten transport, as it can predict the traffic or other problems on a certain route and suggest alternate routes. This helps in increasing productivity and also reducing the accidents and delays generally caused.

The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies has improved the performance of the industry overall. It has also helped to boost innovation in people by reducing their workload and giving them time for more creativity.

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