Top Google SEO Hacks for Better Website Results

Google seo hacks

Top Google SEO Hacks

SEO is a process that helps small businesses create websites that are user-friendly. This increases their rank in the search engines which in turn helps to increase the reach of the websites and bring potential customers to the company. A proper SEO strategy from experts in the field like The Golden Advantage Search SEO experts will help you build proper brand awareness.

This is because if your company name is on the top, people generally will trust the sites that are on the first page of the search results than the ones that are at the bottom. And if you are one of a new business, then you must use the SEO strategies in order to build brand awareness and increase the traffic on your site, which will eventually get converted to potential customers. Here are a few google SEO hacks and tips that will increase the traffic on your website.

1. Shorter URLs, better traffic

When forming a website, one generally goes for the first URL that comes to mind. But for better results, note down all the URLs and filter them. Pick out shorter URLs; these make it easier for the search. According to a study by Google, shorter URLs rank better than longer ones.

2. Keywords

You must use the SEO-Friendly URL Structure. Use the target keywords in the URLs, this way your website can filter through many to a better rank, and it will increase the traffic on your website. Short URL, as mentioned in the first SEO hacks, and targeted keywords are another hack for the SEO strategy for your website.

SEO is the process that helps start-ups; small businesses create websites that are user-friendly.

3. Discard anything from the site that is slowing it down

It is now proven, that if your company website takes more than three seconds to load, then you are going to lose a number of customers. The sites that are loaded with graphics slow down very easily, and most of the time, they have not much content to offer. So make sure, your site is rich in content, and the graphics are used economically. Do not use lots of graphics, which will slow down the website.

4. Higher CTR, SEO Hacks

The CTR or the Click Through Rate determines the number of people who have clicked on your ads. This will help you know how many people have surfed through your website and what else can you do to increase the traffic on the website. The CTR depends entirely on the content you have on the site and the keywords used.

5. Utilizing the Best Landing Pages, SEO Hacks

Your landing page will make or break your campaign on Google Ads. Yes, you can have the best ads to entice potential customers to click through, but if your landing page is confusing, the click will just turn to bounce rate. The user will bounce off your page and potentially go back on the search results and ends up clicking your competitor’s ad.

If you are doing Pay-per-Click advertising, then you are paying every time someone clicks the ad and not every time they make a purchase. Thus, if people are interested in clicking your ads, you have a high bounce rate due to a confusing landing page. Then you will need Click Funnels to solve your problem. Click Funnels landing pages are created to simplify the process of getting leads and closing sales. 

6. Use of Relevant Keywords for the images, SEO Hacks

The images can be found on the web, but to find the results they want, people use certain keywords to search them. So when you are to update the images on your website, make sure that they have appropriate keywords, this will give the readers access to your website faster and increase the traffic on it.

7. Update and Republish, SEO Hacks

There might be some old content on your website that can come of use now. So all you can do is update the file, change some things in the content, add a few more points and relevant keywords, and you can republish the content on the site.

8. Use the keywords in right ways

We now know how important the keywords are for SEO Hacks, but the keywords just can’t be used anywhere, they need to be placed in the right places. The best places to use the keywords in order to optimize the search engine results are:

9. Use of social media for marketing is done extensively, but one must also use the SEO hacks for better results.

  • The Title Tags
  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Meta Descriptions and
  • The image tags

If you use the keywords in the right places, your website traffic will increase.

10. Post content that is natural

It is a common understanding, that when you post articles, it is for the knowledge of the people, and people visit your website to get some knowledge. So, what you can do is go easy on the language, and do not use language that is heavy. Use simple and natural language, so that the readers can easily comprehend the content, and will visit the website again.

11. Use Power Words

There are a few emotional words, also called the power words that can be used in the article that can boost up search engine optimization. Some of these words are

  • Wow
  • Cool
  • Easy
  • Quick
  • Simple
  • Step-by-step

Just use these powerful words in your articles and, because it is found that people like articles that are emotional and interactive. These were some of the Google SEO hacks you can use for your website. This will make sure that your company website is displayed as one of the top results in the search engines. That will attract you a lot of web traffic, and promote your website too. Use of social media for marketing is done extensively, but you must also use the Google SEO hacks for much better.

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