Robots in the future world

robots in the future world

Robots in the future world

The Artificial Intelligence has made our lives easier to live. It has taken technology to a superior level, where now the AI is replacing the human work force thereby improving the productivity of the industries and also increasing the profitability. Industries are using AI for better customer care service. Instead of appointing a person to answer to all the customer queries in the first place, many companies are now installing Chabot’s, which resolve the basic problems of the customers. And if the problem is not solved, the customer the goes to the second help, the customer care executives.

Robots in the future world and Robotics

Robots in the future world and Robotics is directly connected to many technology sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc. This way, most of the workforce, which would have otherwise answered customers, can be engaged elsewhere, increasing productivity and giving way to innovations.

There was once a time, when robots existed only in the cartoons, showing all the possibilities the robots could carry out. But scientists and engineers have today developed robots that have made all the hard tasks easy. From robots being just an if-then phenomenon to actual robots that can partially function like humans, Artificial Intelligence has advanced a lot. They are now used in all the sectors widely to make things easier and to perform tasks, which would have been troublesome for humans.

The Future of Robots and Robotics is directly connected to many technology sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.

From the healthcare industry to the education industry, to government services, robots are used extensively. Some examples of robots in the future world and where they are used are:

1. Mobile Robots, Robots in the future world-

Mobile robots are robots that can move around and are not confined to a single place. These robots are found in the industry, military, and security services.

2. Industrial robots, Robots in the future world –

These robots are used in the industries in the assembly functions or manufacturing.

3. Educational robots, Robots in the future world –

Robots are used as assistants to the teachers in elementary school and high school. They help the students to better understand complicated concepts. They also help the students with disabilities to learn properly.

4. Military robots, Robots in the future world –

These are the autonomous robots or remote-controlled mobile robots which are used in the military for various purposes.

5. Healthcare, Robots in the future world –

Robots are also used in the healthcare industry, in the hospitals to assist in surgeries or the pharmacies, where a robot can produce hundreds and thousands of medicines without any errors.

With the development in the technological front, the future robots will one day surely take over human jobs. This sounds like a destructive innovation, but with robots taking over tiresome jobs of humans like the assembly of products in the automotive industry, or carrying heavy loads in other industries, the workload on humans and giving them scope for creativity and innovations.

The engineers today believe that within the next 50 years, there will be a robot in every home. Life without robots would be unimaginable. Most of us have a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine at our homes; those are kinds of robots, just the simple robots that help us with household activities. We also have Google Home or use Siri and Google Assistants on our phones, they answer our simple questions, take commands like play music, or play news, and we get the information easily. That is the AI we are using in our day-to-day life and that too so easily.

Much such advancement in technology will surely lead to advanced robots in every house, the ones that will provide assistance to the people in their household activities. They can also be used to serve tables. A café in Tokyo is using the robots, controlled by disabled people, and that way, the disabled can get jobs and it also takes the uses of technology to a greater level.

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