Importance of Cyber Security

The importance of Cyber security is in every aspect because all the institutions have to update their data on the internet. As the world inclines towards a digital makeover, where the operations of the companies, the processing, and many such processes take place online, the threat of the information leaking or getting hacked has increased all the more. It has therefore become necessary for the companies to practice proper security in order to keep their data safe. That is what cyber security exactly means.

It means the devices, technologies, processes and practices that are designed to keep the data safe from any kind of attack, or damage or unauthorized access. Information technology security is another term used for cyber security

Why Cyber Security affects everyone?

When there is a reference to cyber security, it does not only imply the security of important government assets, or businesses or just intelligence. Cyber security is a wide term and involves everything from the security of the top government assets to any personal information. This includes your personal electronic devices such as laptops, mobiles, tablets etc.

We may be unaware of the information, but it may contain certain information that the hackers and the cyber criminals would love access to. This can contain other people’s phone numbers, email addresses, names and birthdates, and all the personal information. A hacker then can input malware in their system by using your name.

With cyber-crimes increasing at an alarming rate every day, people need to take adequate measures to protect their information.

In the next decade, more people will be a subject to cybercrimes, these include all the people:

  • Who have a mobile phone
  • Who have their bank accounts
  • Who store important files and data on their computers
  • Whose name is in the direct marketing database of the companies

With cybercrimes increasing at an alarming rate every day, people need to take adequate measures to protect their information or any important information they might have. This is the reason why cyber security affects everyone, from any person having a mobile phone to people carrying important and official documents with them The Role of Cyber Security

  • Smartphones, emails, computers, text messages, phone calls, etc.
  • Internet routers, Modems. (for most of the routers, default IP Address is
  • These also include the transportation systems like the traffic control, the airplane navigation systems
  • The government databases like the tax records, social security numbers, and other important information.
  • The systems in financial institutions like bank accounts, loans etc.
  • The medical systems that have the medical records, and the equipment records.
  • Educational systems which include the research data.

With the execution of the cyber security laws, all this information can be protected. The importance of cyber security not only to the businesses or the government, but small institutions too, like the education industry, the financial institutions etc.

Importance of Cyber Security?

Cyber security is now a very important aspect because all the institutions have to update their data on the internet. And without the use of proper cyber security measures, the information uploaded on the internet may not remain exclusive and there are chances that it might be under An unauthorized access to certain sensitive data like the database of the financial institutions, the database of the government institutions, of some top-notch businesses can lead to severe negative effects. The information can land in the wrong hands and can turn out to be a threat to the nation.

So with the rise in the number of cyber-attacks, the organizations, especially the ones that handle sensitive data have to take extra measures to safeguard the information and prevent the breaching of the information. Digital spying can prove to be a great threat to the nations, which can lead to even terrorism. In this way, when you buy SSL certificate, which can be of great help as it secures the data between the server and the browser. The authentication and reliability are two foundations on which SSL certificates stand on.

Elements of Cyber Security

To ensure cyber security, one needs to make sure that there is coordination in all the elements of cyber security. These elements include

  • Application Security – this is the use of certain software and hardware to protect the applications from any threats. One can enhance the application security by creating security profiles, identifying the potential threats, defining the enterprise assets etc.
  • Information Security – this includes the development of a set of strategies for preventing, detecting and documenting counter threats to the digital or the non-digital form of information.
  • Network Security – in network security, one designs the tools that protect the usability and integrity of the network and data.
  • End-user education – the end-users are the first line of defense, so to say. So when there are threats like phishing lurking, the end-users should be able to detect these frauds and not be prey to any such threats.

So with an increase in the reach of technology, the importance of cyber security is increasing day by day. And all the institutions need to take adequate measures to protect their information from cyber-crimes.

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