How to Develop Enhanced Cyber Security Training for Managers

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Enhanced Cyber Security Training for Managers

In this data-oriented world, everyone comprehends the importance of cybersecurity. It is a fact that you cannot swing a wireless router unless you hit an article on cybersecurity and two-factor identification for beginners. It cannot be denied that this valuable information protects the surface of human attacks, which hackers usually target. But have you ever thought of your C-suite? Though the training for managers in cybersecurity is not emphasized as much, it should be. However, management security training does not only mean regularly change your system passwords, but it can also affect your company’s success and failure. Let’s first find out the importance of cyber security training for managers.

What is the Importance of Cyber Security Training for Managers ?

To protect your customer and company information, all employees need to complete cybersecurity training. However, the most successful and tech-savvy business people make careless errors in doing so.

The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos was the target for one of the latest incidents in the long line of hacked CEOs. The hackers from Saudi obtained access to his mobile phone and leaked private information that resulted in a divorce filing.

Today, hackers access personal accounts in a more sophisticated way, which is progress that could lead directly to accessing business accounts. The threat of hacking is even more serious for small businesses as they can partly fail in business because of security breaches. On the other hand, large-scale businesses lose hundreds of millions of dollars per year if they have been targeted by hackers. Decreased customer confidence and loss of customer information are affected continually to your company even after the breach is repaired.

How to Develop Improved Cyber Security Training for Executives and Managers

The development of improved cyber security training for executives and managers executives goes beyond looking at normal phishing scams and fixing down password requirements.

Let’s find out how training for executives and managers for cybersecurity look like by using the example of Marriott Hotels. Back in the year 2018, Marriott exposed that some hackers since 2014 were trying to tap into their Starwood Hotel’s database of frequent travelers. This affected almost 500 million people and thankfully the hackers were not able to access the social security numbers. The hackers were however successful in hacking passport numbers, travel preferences, email addresses, and payment information of that 500 million people.

Let’s now look at how to advance the cyber security training.

Reporting at All Levels

The first thing to do in such situations of a breach is to report it to all levels of the company or business. This means that cybersecurity professionals and executives are required to immediately report the breach as soon as it is recognized. Moreover, all the employees in your company must be aware to report suspicious activity.

Although, it is impossible to investigate the things that you are unaware of. But a proper cybersecurity training that includes virtual reality and drills could help the executives to walk through the stages of recording a breach.

Notifying Your Customers

Notifying your customers as soon as the breach is reported is the second step in cyber security training for managers. The reported breach should be quickly investigated and a call center should be set up for your customers to answer their questions.

By making this a crucial part of your cybersecurity training, it will help you maintain good relationships and restoring the confidence of your customers.

Elements of Cyber Security Training

The last thing to do is to offer your clients an increased level of data protection. This is one of the core parts of cyber security training for some executives and managers. The focus in this part of training is on how to protect customer and company information.

The program overhaul for quality training for managers include:

  • Depending on the size of the company, an analysis should be done for the level of training to be provided to the managers.
  • Training should be geared towards the managers’ level of interest and the time they can invest in training.
  • In place educational systems for reporting breaches, notifying the customers, and inhibiting spending attacks.

Therefore, solid cyber security training will help the managers in better understanding potential threats, which will ultimately lead towards securing company and client information.

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