5 Big Cyber Security Thefts You Should be Aware Of!

5 Big Cyber Security Thefts You Should be Aware Of-min

Cyber Security Thefts

We shouldn’t understate the vital role that cybersecurity plays in our lives. Without software, apps, and security systems that protect our data, our privacy, freedoms, rights, and public safety would be at risk. More and more of our vital infrastructure is stored online, which presents more opportunities for hackers to steal your information through the use of AI and personal skills. And more are the chances of cyber security thefts.

The 5 Cyber Security Thefts/Threat Everyone Should Know

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1. Artificial Intelligence Cyber Attacks and Defence

The tech arms race is underway, and AI research must fall into good hands. Since anyone can use artificial intelligence, research into its uses is constantly being developed, particularly in how to destroy an enemy’s defensive and civil infrastructure. Hackers, phishers, crackers, and data thieves will become more prominent within governments. So, these are big Cyber Security Thefts.

Cybersecurity agencies are attempting to tackle these hackers by using ethical coding maneuvers, but AI can adapt quicker than we can. Artificial intelligence can help the average citizen protect against attacks, but enemy AI can find other ways to infiltrate. As a result, deep learning security algorithms, biometric identity protection, and automation will become more common.

2. East vs. West Security Issues

The Internet isn’t the Wild West “anything goes” marketplace of the past; it’s now being controlled by networks, corporations, and associations who want to control it. As superpowers continue to wage war with each other over tech, natural resources, and trade, that illusion starts to become thinner. The Russian government has already attempted to create a separate Internet.

Cooperation between international entities is a major necessity. Otherwise, identity theft threats or actual breaches from foreign governments may be more common. However, the current climate is making this difficult because more government agencies have access to our data.

3. Political Interference on Data

Disinformation campaigns during the 2020 US presidential elections became a cause of concern when citizens started to believe the lies. Spreading “fake news” is commonplace on social media, but when legitimate journalistic identities are also reporting on lies, it’s difficult to tell fact from fiction. On social media, it’s impossible to stop the spread of disinformation.

Countering false narratives includes building a system that either removes propaganda from the Internet or protects personal data. On the one hand, sharing cookies gives us a more personalized shopping experience. On the other hand, it can use to push a malicious narrative. This is one of the most important theft in Cyber Security Thefts.

4. Unfilled Cybersecurity Jobs

20 years ago, computer science and cybersecurity jobs were a rarity. Nowadays, no one can fill these positions fast enough. As University admissions become more expensive and courses continue to bloat their requirements, fewer people are going to school. Many industries won’t hire “uneducated” computer programmers, so few gifted coders will become cybercriminals and will become Cyber Security Thefts.

In cybercrime, crime does pay. If you’re talented enough, you’ll be difficult to catch, and identity theft is big business. Governments and corporations need to invest in cybersecurity. Otherwise, there will be more malicious hackers than there are ethical coders to stop them.

5. Data Theft and Vehicle Hacking

Vehicles are a hacker’s dream. Modern vehicles are often equipped with sensors, GPS devices, and in-car entertainment or communication that are vulnerable to malicious attacks. Cybercriminals know how to piggyback into networks through home appliances and other smart devices, which have poor security standards when compared to WiFi and modems. 

In the same vein, the automobile becomes another backdoor to steal information as technology becomes more commonplace. Cloud services present in cars and smart devices will make it easier to commit large-scale data harvesting that we can sell to the black market.

These 5 are big Cyber Security Thefts in today’s world.

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