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Esposito Intellectual Enterprises-Innovation Culminates Brian J. Esposito

Innovation is often associated with uniqueness and vision. In the world of business, where companies, organizations, etc. face cutthroat competition and challenges, the one who has a unique edge goes ahead and leads the industry/sector.

In our search for the most innovative companies, we came across Esposito Intellectual Enterprises (EIE). EIE is among one of the most sought-after companies, providing companies, organizations, etc. with the right contact, opportunities, and growth options.

They have been in the industry for more than 20 years, pooling their experience and resources to make sure your company reaches its goals, finds the right contacts, markets, etc. They are much more than just a service and holding company, they are enablers towards a better world, and enhanced marketplace for everyone!

Fostering companies of today and tomorrow – Esposito Intellectual Enterprises 

Brian J. Esposito completely controls Intellectual Enterprises (EIE), which is a holding company. The company has 95+ entities, 200+ joint ventures, operates in 25+ industry sectors, and possesses a presence in over 25 locations spread throughout the world.

These entities provide incredible goods, intellectual property, services, technology, and solutions to meet the demands of the markets. EIE’s ecosystem has been designed in such a way to precisely produce win-win scenarios for all parties involved, with a constant focus on delivering actual, measurable value. 

The business strategy of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises is designed with an aim – ‘To establish and build businesses that generate cash flow and genuine positive earnings’. To achieve the same, the company has been breaking conventions and creating an entire network where their holdings and partnerships are appropriately valued at a sustainable valuation and multiplier of those earnings.

Building Blocks of EIE 

Esposito Intellectual Enterprises is one of the few brands in the world which has always put innovation and evolution at the front foot. In the 20 years of the Esposito Intellectual Enterprises journey, it is this continuously evolving ecosystem, pooled in with the experience and resources accumulated over these years, that makes the company unrivaled across industries.

During this journey to become a global brand, Brian and his team faced constant challenges and setbacks. It did affect Brian and his team, but contrarily, they pushed even harder and strived for perfection day in and out, setting a benchmark for the whole industry. 

“The hurdles have allowed me to find strengths that I never knew I had or needed, as well as allowed me to become a well-seasoned leader that has gone through tremendous life lessons and experiences that will allow me to handle any situation thrown at me”, Brian adds.  

What these challenges brought with them in disguise, was an opportunity for Brian to select the right individuals in his inner circle, along with the wrong legal, accounting, compliance firms that did not support him properly. All these hurdles enabled Brian to find his team and partners who support him, his vision, and protect him 

“You know you don’t have the right professionals protecting you if you are the one telling them how to do their jobs.” Brian J. Esposito

Factors establishing EIE’s long-standing success?

Many reasons are propelling their explosive growth, but one of the most crucial factors is their crystal clear strategies to what they aim, desire, and want to implement. This has boosted them to become a global brand, setting milestones with every partner and holding. 

Their strategies always focus on being consistent in their actions, and those actions should always come from a place of integrity, ensuring good work with good, ethical people, who have strong morals and values.  

When people are aligned and they are not solely motivated by material things or money, great things can be accomplished. These ideologies run the company to this day and establish an unbreachable trust with their partners and holdings.

What Esposito Intellectual Enterprises offers, and how it stands apart

Esposito Intellectual Enterprises is behind some tremendous technologies, products, services, and solutions that are participating in markets around the world. They take pride in finding a need and filling that need.  

Esposito Intellectual Enterprises works on a timeless yet rigorous business strategy that is backed by the principles of; producing a product the market is demanding, ensuring it is priced right to be able to travel profitably through all distribution channels, support it with the right marketing and resources, and do this all with the premise that this is a need that will be ongoing and not a fad or trend.

As Esposito Intellectual Enterprises has its reach spread across many industries and has wonderful relationships around the world, the team prides itself on being able to get to market swiftly and correctly.  

This consistency in quality, standards and impeccable services has been possible by ensuring that all parties are decent people. Esposito Intellectual Enterprises turns down more business than they take on. If they feel that the counterparties do not match their way of doing business or do not fit their company philosophy of doing good work with good people, then they simply walk away.

This is something that is not easy to accomplish, and that gives Esposito Intellectual Enterprises a wonderful competitive advantage. It is these unique factors and unparalleled services, make EIE one of the most renowned services across industries and etches the brand on the globe!

New additions to their arsenal

Esposito Intellectual Enterprises has an ecosystem that fosters innovation and growth. These factors ensure new horizons and year-round excitement-filled journeys. In terms of new additions, Esposito Intellectual Enterprises has a lot on its palette, but Nodle and TurnCoin are quite exceptional companies at the moment.

Nodle has become the world’s largest wireless network and ecosystem of connected devices. Nodle has created a way for anyone around the world to earn cryptocurrency by simply downloading the Nodle Cash App. With this revolutionary app, you can go about your everyday life and make money. Nodle Cash passively connects to nearby IoT devices through your mobile phone, and for that connectivity moment, the user earns Nodle Cash Cryptocurrency.  

TurnCoin and the launch of VirtualStax through TheXchange. TheXchange is the company behind VirtualStaX & the VirtualStaX App: A people-driven platform that empowers individuals to achieve their dreams, while giving their fans a vehicle to support them, share in their journey, and participate in their success. TheXchange currently has the public support of Drew Brews, Patrick Mahomes, Randy Jackson, Jean de Villiers, David Meltzer, and many more to soon be announced.

The Maestro at Esposito Intellectual Enterprises

The innovation, mission, and unmatched services and offering of EIE stem from the leadership and vision of its leader. Esposito Intellectual Enterprises has a leader who not only holds exquisite vision but also the experience and talent of leading a company right from ground-up to the podium.

The leadership at Esposito Intellectual Enterprises holds immense and diverse experience, who can tackle any and every problem/challenge with ease. Achieving all this along with leading an extraordinary team, and equally coveted services.

Brian J. Esposito is the Founder and CEO of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises. 

Brian J. Esposito is also a founding partner of BAPES and the BAPESCLAN. A new NFT project that has gone completely viral. In just a few short days hundreds of thousands of amazing BAPESCLAN community members from around the globe flooded the official @BAPESCLAN twitter, instagram, Discord, and Linkedin pages. All of this happened organically making BAPES the fastest growing NFT Project in the world without spending a single dollar on marketing or advertising.

Brian’s professional experience and the journey have been a complete roller coaster ride filled with amazing wins, but also with very hard setbacks and hurdles. “I would not change any of it as it has allowed me to be the man I am today, prepared to handle anything, and my journey has seasoned me to be well equipped to lead, drive, and successfully push forward in all my ventures”, Brian adds.

Over his tremendous and daunting professional journey, Brian has received numerous awards and recognition. Some of them are as follows:

  • Ranked among the world’s Top 10 CEOs for 2020 & 2021 in The World CEO Rankings Awards by Adria Management, LLC. 
  • Ranked in the Top 100 People In Real-estate in 2020. 
  • In addition to being an award-winning serial entrepreneur and business leader, one of Brian’s early businesses was ranked among The Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Inc. 5000 for six consecutive years.
  • In December 2019, he was featured in The Corporate Investment Times, the next-gen investment magazine in the Middle East.  
  • Brian is also a lead mentor in the Hype Sports Innovation Accelerator which is the largest sports technology accelerator in the world.

Despite being endowed with such prestigious awards and recognitions, it’s Brian’s humility that not only inspires but also makes him one of the most loved individuals in the industry. Brian takes these awards, recognition, and achievements as a responsibility that is given to him by the people who trust in him, his vision, and his company. Thus, fueling his will to achieve something revolutionary and provide something that will change the world! 

Brian’s views on an entrepreneur’s responsibilities

Apart from being an extraordinary leader, an exceptional entrepreneur, and a charismatic personality, he is an inspiration for entrepreneurs and established businessmen/businesswomen. 

Brian is always up for mentoring and extending his support to budding entrepreneurs, making him even more loved and respected. Mentioned below are some of the responsibilities that Brian feels an entrepreneur should possess; 

  • An entrepreneur has quite a lot of duties, but first and foremost has a fiduciary duty to protect all investors and stakeholders.
  • An entrepreneur must do whatever he or she, and ethically, needs to do to make sound business decisions and to put the company on a path of success and being self-sustainable.
  • An entrepreneur must lead from a place of calmness and make those business decisions when thinking clearly and not out of emotion.  
  • Lastly, an entrepreneur must share the successes with everyone but take sole responsibility for any failures or mistakes.

“Everyone can be an overnight success if you were to wake up each new day a little smarter, a little wiser, and a little stronger than the day before.” Brian J. Esposito

Let’s get to know about the team at EIE and how EIE functions

Esposito Intellectual Enterprises and its team feel supported and proud of having Brian as their leader. The company and its functions are designed in such a way that employees or team members always feel they are heard and valued.

This is made sure by providing them with projects or divisions within the company that caters to their strengths. Much like a sporting team, employees need to not only be in the right positions, but they need to have complete support and resources behind them to successfully do their job.

This leads to a level of self-worth and a feeling of accomplishment. Once that is achieved, it becomes contagious throughout the workforce, and the team functions like a well-oiled machine, taking care of business.

“Again leadership must always share successes with all employees and team members, but leadership must solely take the blame for any problems or issues within the company”, Brian adds.

All these factors along with the highly experienced and skilled team of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises, make sure that they put in their best foot forward, and push for nothing less than perfection. Esposito Intellectual Enterprises has an atmosphere that cultivates a sense of belongingness, growth, and vision, making the team work like a close-knit family!

Brian’s views on constant vigilance as a need or a strategy 

Constant vigilance with a strong strategy is so important to anything, however, you make plans, and god laughs. Sometimes part of that strategy is knowing when to pivot, how to pivot, and with whom to pivot.  

How Brian tackles the competition in the market

Find comfort in knowing this, nobody is immune to problems. Whether you are a startup or a multibillion-dollar enterprise, there will always be problems. You are not being picked on and it’s just part of the process and remember the harder the journey the more rewarding the outcome.

Never go in the corner and cry “why me”. That is wasted time and energy.  

When faced with a problem, setback, or losses take those moments head-on and find a solution. Get creative, and if you are out of resources, then become resourceful. If it was easy, then everyone would do it, appreciate the small wins, live within your means, create a world where you have full control over, and try not to spend time worrying or stressing over things you have 0 control of.

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