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Biofunctional Health Solutions-Wellness Program Dr. Bradley Vilims

While no one can predict accidents, it is important to protect your employees from any kind of dangers in the workplace. And this becomes the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all the safety tracks are installed and the employees are safe and sound. While it has been troublesome to find a solution provider that provides efficient occupational safety, the digital boost has made it a little easier. 

Featuring for the Cover Story of The Enterprise World’s this issue of The Most Admired Companies To Watch In 2022 is Biofunctional Health Solutions, a company dedicated to providing latest technology and mobility healthcare trusted by professional athletes.

The Company-

Brent Kruel founded Biofunctional Health Solutions and is a two-time combat veteran having served 14 years active duty in the Air Force as a medical service corps officer. 

Your business and employees are unique. So are the health and wellness risks you face that impact your bottom line.

Since 2007 our customizable solutions have proven to be effective across many industries from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

BioFunctional Health Solutions was started in 2007 with one purpose and focus, to bring the same care that professional athletes trust us with to be competitive to American employees to keep them productive. Simply put, the company resolves the root causes of pain without surgery, medication, or lengthy physical therapy. 

We do this through patented screening, prevention tools, and proprietary treatments done by a provider and our own AI system, YouMari, that empowers individuals to resolve their MSKs on their own time from anywhere.  Employees and employers save the time and expense of offsite care and in most cases avoid costly medical expenses and workers’ compensation cases.  

Cutting Through the Complexities-

Biofunctional Health Solutions’ initial challenges still present themselves today and that is driving awareness to employers that there is a better way to make employees productive and happy that also attracts and retains the best employees.  

“We use the best methods to resolve pain caused by musculoskeletal conditions.”

This is the same way professional athletic teams keep their athletes competitive and avoid lengthy physical therapy, surgeries, and addictive medications.  

The Growth Quotient-

The entire world was at halt when the pandemic of Covid-19 struck, and while many of the companies are still finding a way to get through the pandemic and stand strong in the market, it was a time that forced Biofunctional Health Solutions to accelerate their offerings incubator and expand their scope of practice to offer the most complete health and wellness solution to employers.  

Biofunctional Health Solutions with their service offerings quickly became a leader in employee productivity through innovative musculoskeletal health patented systems and hands-on techniques, and now they also are the leaders in TOTAL WELLNESS through prevention programs that include nutrition, fitness, first aid, and much more.  

“We now effectively offer elite level care through a telehealth and self-treatment model to address the remote workers as well.”

Biofunctional Health Solutions has focused on solving problems for employers related to employee health and wellness since their beginnings.  It is the only company that has combined onsite occupational health, professional athletic quality soft tissue care, and state of the art wellness and prevention programs into a easily implemented corporate wellness program.  

Most companies must cobble together these programs from 5-6 different vendors whereas Biofunctional Health Solutions does it all and better. Furthermore, although the company has leveraged technology to enhance its services to customers, they have not made the same mistake their competitors have in an overreliance on technology.  

Biofunctional Health Solutions’ technology is all human-centric putting the individual at the center of every interaction the nurses have with an employee.  This results in the highest adoption rates of their programs in the nation as well as the best results for employees.  This leads to higher production for employees, lower healthcare costs, much lower workers’ compensation costs, and better retention.  

“We make magnet employers of small businesses to Fortune 500 companies that have otherwise struggled to attract talent.”

The Products and Services-

Biofunctional Health solutions are technology enabled and the company has some of the best patented technology in the industry; however, it is the fact that their nurses become part of the customer’s culture that truly makes the lasting difference in their employees’ lives and their bottom-line profitability.

The company has had tremendous success in improving employee retention and productivity through their model of resolving physical issues causing pain and correcting environmental influences that contribute to those issues.  

That is the more qualitative ROI that they support and the quantitative is reducing medical claims and workers’ compensation costs by an average of 25% for their customers.  This also has a huge impact on saving time away from work to seek offsite care as well as time spent being unproductive from distracting pain. Biofunctional Health Solutions are simply more effective, less costly, and less invasive than the traditional alternatives available to most employees.  

“Our biggest differentiator is that Biofunctional Health Solutions focuses on the relationship with each employee that leads to adoption of wellness programs and features that make employees more productive.”

The Road Ahead-

Since its inception the company has relied on listening to its customers to drive their evolution as a company. They told them they needed more focus on prevention and to be able to measure the value of their investment in health and wellness programs.  As a result, Biofunctional Health Solutions developed technology to capture data throughout the care continuum and use this data to customize programs to each unique customer for the best possible return.

Furthermore, the team is expanding their ability to reach and deliver services through strategic partnerships.

“We are continuously adding wellness services and products to our portfolio to improve the TOTAL wellness of the American worker.”

Two of the most exciting products the company will be adding to their suite are-

  1. A recent strategic partnership with MSK Health Innovations, the foremost authority and experts in musculoskeletal health providing optimal treatment outcomes with measurable results.  MSK Health Innovations is the only suitable referral partner for those MSK issues that Biofunctional Health Solutions cannot resolve.  The company has been searching for the highest quality network of surgeons and pain management physicians and through MSK Health Innovations they found that and much more.  They have developed a true outcome-based system that assures the best possible results for every patient considering their unique condition and circumstances.  
  2. Launching their AI application, YouMari, which is the first of its kind clinical quality selfcare system enabling individuals to treat and resolve their pain from musculoskeletal conditions like back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and many more.  This puts the same hands-on system professional athletes trust into your hands.  Biofunctional Health Solutions calls this making you the “ACTIONER” in resolving MSKs.

Taking a Step Forward with MSK Health Innovations- Dr. Bradley Vilims named Medical Director of BHS

About Dr. Vilims- CEO, MSK Health Innovations

Dr. Vilims is a board certified Anesthesiologist and a Diplomat of the American Board of Pain Medicine. He completed a twelve-month Fellowship in Interventional Pain Medicine (IPM) at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine. Dr. Vilims specializes in diagnostic and therapeutic spinal injections and advanced interventions with over 27 years of experience, and holds numerous patents in the fields of regenerative medicine, neuromodulation, and RF thermal coagulation, with products marketed worldwide. Dr. Vilims has been practicing in Colorado since 2000 and is the CEO and President of ADX, and Colorado Pain Specialists.

Boards & Membership Affiliations

Dr. Vilims has served on many advisory and quality assurance committees and boards such as the Occupational Medicine Advisory Board of the Colorado Medical Society, Sloan’s Lake Quality Assurance Committee and he served as the IPM Advisor for Pinnacol Assurance.

Dr. Vilims is the Past President of the Colorado Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and is a member of the Colorado Pain Society, American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), North American Spine Society (NASS), The American Board of Pain Medicine, and the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP). Dr. Vilims is a member of, and master instructor/speaker for, The Spine Intervention Society, and has been a featured speaker/instructor for ISIS Munich Germany, the British Pain Society, and NASS Dubai, United Arab Emirates “Spine Masters.”

Brent Kruel- Revolutionizing Occupational Healthcare-


Brent is a distinguished healthcare executive with twenty-one years of experience in hospitals, payers, technology, and professional services companies.  He is a distinguished graduate of the Air Force Academy, 14-year two-time combat veteran, and has a Master of Healthcare Administration from UNC Chapel Hill where he was inducted in the Delta Omega and Alpha Epsilon honours societies. He is a husband, father of two, and an active volunteer in his community delivering Meals on Wheels and Committee Chair of the Cub Scouts.  Brent is a servant at heart and brings his experience and visionary leadership to improving the lives of employees nationwide.  

With Brent’s strategic leadership, the company has been recognized as corporate wellness leaders by many leading publications and organizations nationwide; however, the key achievement Brent is the proudest of is getting started.  

It is intimidating and a very humbling experience leading to becoming an entrepreneur amidst a successful and lucrative career as a healthcare executive.  

“I had a vision to disrupt a dysfunctional healthcare system which has evolved into a mission to improve the lives of people everywhere.”

A Team with a Vision-

Brent has designed a business around making people the best version of themselves and implementing programs at customers that achieve retention results.  At Biofunctional Health Solutions, they take care of their employees to the same degree and with the same programs they utilize at their customers.  Their employees have access to the best employee benefit programs and care available anywhere.  Couple that with work that really matters.  

“Biofunctional Health Solutions‘S employees are altruistically satisfied with helping American employees become healthier and more productive.”

BHS has been able to be very selective in hiring the best registered nurses to deliver their programs to Biofunctional Health Solutions customers.  Couple these exceptional nurses with innovative/new service offerings supported by patented and proprietary technology than you have a winning formula – GREAT PEOPLE + BEST PROCESSES + PATENTED TOOLS = SUCCESS.

Biofunctional Health Solutions are designed by a multidisciplinary team unmatched in the industry which includes medical doctors, nurses, attorneys, technologists, kinesiologists, and all connected through their CEO a seasoned hospital and healthcare executive.

Brent’s Strategy for the Race-

“I am encouraged by the fast-paced nature of humanity and the continuous innovation of people everywhere coupled with a connectivity that has enabled a widespread sharing of knowledge never known before.  I don’t just cope, I intentionally attempt to be in the current of the progress we are making as a species.  I see hope and inspiration everywhere.”  

Constant vigilance is both a need and a strategy.  In order to stay relevant and competitive business leaders must continuously improve themselves and those around them.  I also strongly believe that economies of scale the highest value businesses are built through like mined and like values organization through partnerships that are intelligently designed to be mutually beneficial from the onset.”  

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