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Biofunctional Health Solutions: Brent Kruel founded Biofunctional Health Solutions and is a two-time combat veteran having served 14 years active duty in the Air Force as a medical service corps officer. Your business and employees are unique. So are the health and wellness risk you face that impact your bottom line.

BioFunctional Health Solutions was started in 2007 with one purpose and focus, to bring the same care that professional athletes trust us with to be competitive to American employees to keep them productive. Simply put, the company resolves the root causes of pain without surgery, medication, or lengthy physical therapy. 

We do this through patented screening, prevention tools, and proprietary treatments done by a provider and our own AI system, YouMari, that empowers individuals to resolve their MSKs on their own time from anywhere.  Employees and employers save the time and expense of offsite care and in most cases avoid costly medical expenses and workers’ compensation cases.  

Right sure: RIGHTSURE, INC. is a leading-edge technology company, built to help people with everything related to insurance. The company conducts insurance by blending Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Mobile Apps – including the ones that they created – and the Multivariate Rating Technology, all to save individuals money and time. 

Founded in 1997 RIGHTSURE, INC. is headquartered in Arizona and proudly serves clients across 43 states. 

RIGHTSURE, INC. operates as an independent insurance agency, Insurtech, and aggregator – thereby affording consumers quality and control of their insurance. The team makes sure that the platform is continuously focused on the client’s experience, which relies upon their Famously Friendly Humans’ ability to execute and exceed every policyholder’s expectations.

Impulse4women: Impulse4women is a Non-Profit Organisation connecting female tech founders and social impact projects (regardless of gender) with investors that can help them take their business to the next level. Our matchmaking platform considers sector, maturity, location and financial need, leveraging investment performance.

Impulse4women started to realise in 2017 that there was a gap in the market. Females were not being recognised. We talked to start-ups and told them that we wanted to connect them with investors through a new marketplace. 

They were delighted to have some help. During COVID, Impulse4women saw there was opportunity for growth in March/April 2020 when we received lots of questions and responses from start-ups that we were in contact with, or that we had helped.

M3 Communications Group: M3 Communications Group, Inc. was established in 1994 as one of the first PR companies in Eastern Europe and now is one of the largest and awards winning in the whole history of this business in the region. It employs about 55 people and provides full communications service – public relations, social media, web development, graphic design, event management, public affairs, and media relations. 

We started as one-man-show company and last year the prestigious global media PRWeek announced M3 Communications Group, Inc.  as “most commended PR agency in Europe”, a year before same magazine announced Maxim Behar as “best PR professional in Europe”. What a great achievement. 

RBL Group: RBL group was formed by Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood in 1999. Each of these founders had extensive experience in thinking about and influencing people and organizations.  Norm has worked at Procter and Gamble and Imperial Oil/Esso, then co- founded Novations, a consulting firm focused on strategy, careers, and survey research. 

The company took on the title “Results Based Leadership” (RBL Group) based on a book by Dave, Norm and Jack Zenger called Results Based Leadership.  The premise of this book has been the underlying logic of the firm with a focus on results. 

Dave had been a Professor at the Ross Business School at the University of Michigan since 1982 teaching primarily in the Executive Programs.  Dave is recognized globally as “the father of modern HR”.

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