European privacy watchdog creates ChatGPT task force

European privacy watchdog creates ChatGPT task force | The Enterprise World

A task force on ChatGPT has been established by the organization that unifies European privacy watchdog creates ChatGPT, marking a potentially significant first step towards a uniform policy on establishing privacy regulations for artificial intelligence.

The action by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) comes after an independent decision by Italy to restrict ChatGPT last month, a stance that Germany’s commissioner for data protection suggested should be adopted in Europe’s largest economy. On Thursday, Spain’s AEPD agency announced that it, too, will open a preliminary probe into possible ChatGPT data breaches.

Review Enforcement Actions

With more than 100 million monthly active users, European privacy watchdog creates ChatGPT, an AI program that attracted the public’s attention for its ability to write answers quickly to a variety of queries, has become the fastest-growing consumer application in history, raising concerns about the risks it may pose to safety, privacy, and employment. Concern has also been expressed by experts, the U.S. government, and several other European governments over the quick use of ChatGPT and other comparable AI technologies.

According to the EDDB statement, “The EDPB members reviewed the recent enforcement action launched by the Italian data protection authority against OpenAI regarding the Chat GPT service.” It made the decision to establish a special task force to promote collaboration and information sharing regarding potential enforcement actions taken by data protection authorities.

European privacy watchdog creates ChatGPT task force

Establish Basic Regulations

Member states sought to unify their policy stances, but this would take time, according to a source at one national watchdog who asked to remain anonymous because they lacked the authorization to speak to the media. According to the source, member states were aiming to establish basic regulations that “are transparent,” not to punish or impose restrictions on Microsoft Corp.’s (MSFT.O) ChatGPT owner OpenAI.

They said that policy specialists, as opposed to decision-makers, attended the meeting on Thursday and shared their perspectives and suggestions. The EDPB is a separate organization that monitors data protection laws in the

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