Mumbai: Everything You Need to Know about the City That Never Sleeps

Mumbai: Everything You Need to Know about the City That Never Sleeps | The Enterprise World

Mumbai, a city of dreams, or Mayanagari, a melting pot of cultures is an entertainment hub as well as the economic capital of India. It offers limitless life-changing opportunities not just for Indian citizens but also for people across borders. Many people travel here to chase their dreams and try their luck. It is a beautiful combination of three UNESCO sites and there are many fantasies built around the city in the minds of youth. In this article, you will be reading about its history and significance from India’s point of view, its interesting facts, and the culture and cuisines of “Aamchi Mumbai”.

Mumbai is Famous for?

There are numerous things that it is famous for, however, there are few attractions that are specifically known about the City of Dreams.

Mumbai: Everything You Need to Know about the City That Never Sleeps | The Enterprise World

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  1. Gateway of India: It was built in the 20th century to commemorate the royal landing of King George V in Bombay. Gateway of India overlooks the harbor in the Colaba District which is the favorite tourist attraction among visitors of the city. There are short boat rides available that can take them to historical places like Elephanta Caves, Alibaug (Mandwa), etc.
  2. Marine Drive: It is a 3.6 km long streetside walkaway place on the coast of the Arabian Sea. A C-shaped road connects Nariman Point to Bablunath and is located at the foot of Malabar Hill. People often visit Marine Drive to enjoy the sunset and cool breezy air in the evening. Its night view is eye-catchy and gives the illusion of a Queen’s Necklace. If you love to eat ‘Pav Bhaji’, there are several options available at Chaupati Beach which is within walking distance from Marine Drive.
  3. Juhu Beach: It is the most well-known spot where celebrities stay and it is surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Santacruz, Andheri, and Vile Parle are the nearest railway stations from Juhu Beach. The place offers the best street food as well as the most expensive restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food. People visit Juhu Beach to spend relaxing time on weekends and get a sneak peek into celebrities’ lives.
  4. Siddhivinayak Temple: Lord Ganesh’s Siddhivinayak Temple is a well-known spot in the city. Devotees visit it at least once a year from all over India including Bollywood celebrities. According to popular belief, it is said that if you pray to the Siddhivinayak Ganesh with a pure heart then your wish comes true. Being one of the richest temples in India, the temple receives donations from around ₹100 million to ₹ 150 million every year.
  5. Bandra-Worli Sea Link: It is a 5.6 km long bridge that connects Bandra of Suburbs to Warli. According to the statistics, it is the fourth-largest bridge in India. Driving a car from the Bandra-Worli Sea Link is an enduring experience for every driver in Mumbai.

Most Famous Food in Mumbai

Mayanagari rules over the hearts of people due to the availability of various cuisines that show the amalgamation of various cultures in a single place. However, being a cosmopolitan city people love to eat continental food as well as Indian food. It covers lip-smacking street food dishes that include vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food.

  1. Local Dishes: The mouth-watering daal-bhat, pithla-bhakari, zunka-bhakari, thecha, anda-bhurji, kabab, chicken katta, and butter chicken are part of local dishes. They are available at any Maharashtrian restaurant like Highway Gomantak at Bandra East, Mee Marathi at Vile Parle, etc.
  2. Street Food: You must have tested Vada Pav at least once in a lifetime. The favorite street food of Mumbaikars is Vada Paav, Paani Puri, Paav Bhaji, Bhel, dabeli, etc. also ranks at the top among street food lovers.
  3. Seafood and Others: Being a coastal city and Koli people as the natives, the city offers the best seafood to Goan cuisine lovers. Surmai fish curry, bombil fish curry, prawn tikki, and fish pickles are well-known seafood dishes. Moreover, it is famous for European, Mughalai, and Italian cuisines as well which are preferred by Indian citizens as well as people across borders.

Interesting Facts about Mumbai

If you are thinking of exploring the city of dreams shortly then you have to read the following spectacular facts about Mumbai which will blow your mind. 

Mumbai: Everything You Need to Know about the City That Never Sleeps | The Enterprise World

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  • Gifted as a part of the dowry: Clearly, dowry tradition wasn’t just limited to India in the seventeenth century. In 1661, King Charles II of England married the Portuguese princess and as a part of a dowry, he received seven islands of Bombay. Subsequently, he leased them to the British East India Company in the future. The city was known as Bombay for around 300 years and it was renamed Mumbai in 1995 to abolish the symbol of colonialism.
  • First Indian Railway: Today, Bombay local train is said to be the lifeline for residents. But do you know that the first Indian train commenced its operation from Mumbai to Thane? Though the British Government led the decision for easy transfer of the army, today it has become an important public transportation means. It has a huge contribution to making Mumbai, the economic capital of India.
  • Dabbewala- World’s Best Managed Supply Chain: A century-old lunchbox is the lunchbox delivery system. Many office workers who are living away from their native places, prefer to have home-made food. There are 200 teams of dabbawalas in which each team consisting of 25 people; therefore, 5000 dabbawalas manage everything from pick up to the delivery of lunch boxes.
  • Melting Pot of Culture: People living in Mumbai come from diverse backgrounds hence you will observe, almost every Indian festival is celebrated in Bombay. This gives every person living in the city a feeling of belongingness and now you might understand why they call the city “Amchi Mumbai”.
  • Dharavi- Asia’s largest Slum: Mayanagari is home to Asia’s largest slum which is known as Dharavi. These are the small cottages (zopadpatti) in which people of low-income backgrounds live. It is a part of curiosity for people living across borders how can so many people live together in such a small place?
  • Flamingoes: Many bird lovers, environmentalists, and photographers visit the Bhandup area to witness the swamp of Flamingoes. They migrate here from October to March.
  • Home to UNESCO sites: It is home to three UNESCO sites that includes Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensembles, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, and Elephanta Caves. These sites are the intriguing blend of ancient and modern history and culture of India.

Famous Personalities in Mumbai:

As mentioned above, Mumbai offers numerous opportunities to chase your dreams if you are ready to make an effort and have an appropriate attitude. We have picked up a list of notable residents who are successful in their fields and acknowledged at national as well as international levels.

  1. Amitabh Bachchan: He is an Indian film actor, film producer, television host, occasional playback singer, and former politician, who works in Hindi cinema. He has worked in almost 200 movies and he is one of the most popular personalities in India.
  2. Lata Mangeshkar: An Indian playback singer and an occasional music composer, Lata Mangeshkar is a Bharat Ratna (India’s highest civilian award) winner. She is one of the most influential and greatest singers in India.
  3. Sachin Tendulkar: An Indian former international cricket player, Sachin Tendulkar is known as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. He is the all-time highest scorer in both ODI and test matches.
  4. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar: A father of the Indian constitution, Dr. Ambedkar was an Indian jurist, economist, social reformer, and political leader. He played a key role in drafting the Indian constitution and giving voice to vulnerable sections of society.
  5. Mukesh Ambani: A chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani is an Indian billionaire businessman. He is one of the richest people in the world.
  6. Homi J. Bhabha: Father of the Indian Nuclear Program, Homi Bhabha was the first chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and founding director of TIFR. He played an important role in the foundation of the Indian Space Program with Dr. Vikram Sarabhai.

Super Fun Picnic Places near Mumbai to Spice up your vacations:

A city of dreams where nightlife is super exciting. It consists of numerous picnic spots which you can visit with your friends and family to have great fun.

Mumbai: Everything You Need to Know about the City That Never Sleeps | The Enterprise World

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  • Karjat: Karjat is enveloped in the lush greenery of nature. It is located close to Bombay which is just a few hours away.  You can take full advantage of the luxurious resorts at Karjat and make your holidays memorable.
  • Malshej Ghat: It is one of the famous monsoon spots for people living in Mumbai and Pune. Surely, you will witness nature at its best in Malshej Ghat and you can enjoy some ‘me time’ there.
  • Sula Vineyards: If you are looking for a picnic spot to boost your mood then you must visit Sula Vineyards. It is located 230 km from here and you can relax and rejuvenate while enjoying fine and fresh wine.
  • Kolad: Do you want to enjoy water sports? Kolad is the best adventure spot to unleash a traveler inside you. It is known for water rafting in the Kundalika River.

Just like every other city, Mumbai has seen things rising and falling. So what’s so special about Mumbai? Above mentioned interesting places to visit, famous personalities and spectacular facts, etc enrich the beauty of Mayanagari and make the city unusual. We hope you enjoyed reading our article and received amazing insights from it.

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