6 Crucial Factors Employees Look For When Job Hunting

6 Crucial Factors In Job Hunting Employees Look For

Crucial Factors Employees Look For When Job Hunting

The past few years have seen a rise in digital transformation across multiple industries. Along with recognizing the importance of resilient, reliable employees, employers have also taken a hacksaw to their traditional hiring process in an attempt to attract, retain, and manage talent.

A Talent Accelerator study performed by Citrix attempted to clarify what employees expect from employers going forward, so businesses can input them into their future talent acquisition.

What Employees Look for When Job Hunting

The Citrix study has made it clear that we’re in an employee’s market, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. For businesses to compete, they need to offer the following.

1. Employees Look For Flexible Options

According to the Talent Accelerator study, 88% of workers look for employers who offer complete flexibility in their location and hours. Due to the talent shortage, employees also expect remote work to become the norm, so they’ll pass up anyone who doesn’t offer it.

Employees want to work with employers who respect their personal time, meaning you’ll need to offer great vacation benefits, cut off times for contact, and ample notice before a meeting. The best candidates will send resumes to companies with a well-established work-life balance.

2. Employees Want to Feel Respected

On JobSage, and other review sites like it, employees can rate their employers based on inclusion, purpose, growth, feedback, and flexibility. Employees no longer rely on career page descriptions to understand aspects of a business’s culture; they can conduct research.

With this in mind, your hires will check if they’re likely to be respected in your workplace. They check for fairness in your hiring process, whether your current employees are content, and if they’ll be treated as individuals. You need to show, not tell, that you care about your employees.

3. Employees Want to be Measured Differently

Another Crucial factor Employees Look For When Job Hunting is to be Measured Differently. Employees want to be measured by the quality they deliver, not the amount of work they produce. In our current environment, employers value output but will punish employees if they bite off more than they can chew. It presents a confusing yet clear message: they can’t win.

Businesses know that poor work will deliver poor results. Even your best employees will have bad days or burnout from too much work. Employees want to feel that you trust them to get the job done, so they’ll judge you if you micromanage them or use software to spy on their work.

4. Employees Want Diversity in the Workplace

Both employees and managers agree that they want to work for a company that’s more diverse, but what does that mean? A diverse company is one that hires and supports individuals from all backgrounds, races, genders, and religions because it leads to more creativity and comfort.

Remember that diversity isn’t all about what you say; it’s what you do. Employees will check your content and career pages for pictures, authors, or mentions of people from different backgrounds. If they come up short, they won’t believe you actually care about diversity.

5. Employees Want Clarity and Transparency 

Another Crucial factor Employees Look For When Job Hunting is Clarity and Transparency. Employers often lie or stretch the truth on job postings because they’re afraid that candidates won’t apply if they know the full details. However, this is a huge mistake. Not only does this start your relationship off on the wrong foot, but it also prevents you from finding the right employees.

Remember that the way you present yourself to your candidates reflects back to you, so if they had a bad experience, they’re more likely to have a negative opinion of your workplace. Even if the job you’re hiring for is undesirable, be honest. You’ll find more happy job seekers this way.

6. Employees Want to be Trained Correctly

Another important Crucial factor Employees Look For When Job Hunting isto be Trained Correctly. A candidate that knows what you expect from them is a great start, but you need to train them correctly to get the results you desire. Job seekers will look up your previous employees on LinkedIn to ask for information about your training, managing, and onboarding procedures.

The nature of work is changing dramatically, so employees who are Job Hunting will expect to be trained on new technology, how to collaborate in a hybrid workplace, and what metrics to track. They also want you to equip them with the platforms, tools, and resources they need to complete their tasks.

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