A ‘Fake Drake’ AI Song Just Removed from Major Streaming Platforms

Fake Drake a AI Song Just Removed from Major Streaming Platforms | The Enterprise World

A viral Fake Drake a AI Song, ‘Heart on My Sleeve’ was removed from Spotify and Apple Music on Tuesday. Soon 2 days later, it was removed from YouTube, Amazon, SoundCloud, Tidal, Deezer, and TikTok where it was played more than 15 million times after being uploaded by Ghostwriter977, an original user. However, its various versions are still available online.

20 Million Clicks on Twitter

The viral song imitates Fake Drake a AI Song and The Weekend’s Vocals that are discarded from major streaming platforms. Ghostwriter977  (an anonymous TikTok User) told news channels that they took the help of Artificial Intelligence to write and produce the rap song. The song received 275,000 views on youtube and played 600,000 times on Spotify, shared on multiple social media platforms. Its one clip was posted on Twitter that received 20 million clicks and now it has been disabled.

The Universal Media Group (UMG) said in a statement, “The training of generative AI using our artists’ music represented both a breach of our agreements and a violation of copyright law.” According to them, it is the legal and ethical responsibility of platforms to prevent such kinds of songs from playing and utilize their service to serve artists.

Fake Drake a AI Song sparks conversation over implications of A.I. generated music

Conflicts between AI and Copyright Laws

Since the artist has never written or sung the song and was generated completely using AI then it is a part of confusion if it can really come under traditional copyright law and regulation. This could be the beginning of what are the future possibilities and complex issues regarding a conflict between excitement over expanding AI in pop culture and efforts to protect copyright.

In response to the UMG statement Edward Klaris, Media Lawyer at Klaris Law told NBC News, “We’re all waiting for some court’s decision that’s going to tell us whether training data is OK or not OK, Here, they’re using all the pre-existing songs to create new songs.

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