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“Being prepared is half the battle won”

To battle with future challenges, financial planning is a must. There are 2 types of people in India – one who plans his financial life and the other who lets his flow with the stream. The number of the second group is much higher.

Everyone spends money to fulfill their needs and to achieve their goals but many people are unable to fulfill their dreams due to a lack of funds and investment planning. If you wish to secure your future and fulfill your dreams, you need to do financial planning, but for this, you need a trustworthy solutions provider that can transform your present and plan your future.

To bridge the gap between people unaware of investments and growth, Mr. Nikhil Deshpande incepted Falcoy Financial in 2017.

Falcoy Financial provides comprehensive Wealth Management & Financial Planning solutions to cater to the financial needs of people. Within a short period, Falcoy Financial has made a unique position with top-notched offerings.

Falcoy Financial having a license of Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) from SEBI is amongst approx. 1300 license holders in India as of Jan 2021. The Core Values of Falcoy are nothing but Moral Values which they follow since it forms part of their value system. Client First, Transparency, Unbiased Advice, and Innovation are the Core Values of their business that reflect in their work.

Mr. Nikhil spearheads the practice, oversees the business operations and compliance. He is the driving force for business strategy and works as a catalyst for keeping the interests of Falcoy Financial in alignment with the client’s interests which is in line with the Core Values of the business. He is well versed in creating sustainable investment strategies for the clientele.

Antecedent Hurdles and Pillars of the Growth

To etch a delightful sculpture, you first need to hit the stone, which is what matters! Likewise, when beginning a business, you face difficulties, which compensate for the successful time of your association. Handling such hurdles with advancement and proficiency sails your boat! Falcoy Financial has also faced some challenges, which they tackled well and become what they are; a leading wealth and management and financial planning solutions provider!

Some of the Initial challenges the consultancy faced were regulatory challenges since the RIA license was a new one which was introduced in the year 2013. When Falcoy Financial received this license there were hardly 300-350 RIAs in India. The company converted challenges into opportunities and created proprietary IT systems of its own which are the only ones in the industry. Falcoy Financial happens to be the pioneer in the advisory industry in creating unique and one of a kind IT systems. The company has also helped to build pan-India IT Platforms.

Team Falcoy’s continuous efforts to develop new offerings and striving to provide value while imparting change in the lives of investors and maintaining ‘No Minimum Ticket Size for Investment’ have helped them to grow business.

Falcoy Financial functions in a Fiduciary Capacity which is the best form of working all over the world. Falcoy’s team says, “We always put ourselves in the shoes of our clients while offering solutions. Falcoy offers customised solutions as per the client’s requirements. We also incorporate feedback and suggestions in our system and processes. Agility is of utmost importance for any business to achieve growth.”

The team Falcoy Financial attributes their success to their clients. With unmatched solutions, throughout help, guidance and handholding, the team has created a unique relation with their clients. Their clients consider them as a part of their family.

Focus is much more important than trying to do everything.

Falcoy Financial’s industry-leading and comprehensive services

Falcoy Financial provides Wealth Management and Financial Planning solutions comprising of various asset classes. The consultancy runs its business to provide value to its clients. Falcoy provides value to Businessmen, HNIs, NRIs, etc. Falcoy has in-house research expertise which helps deliver decent returns and achieve financial goals. Their Investment Selection Criteria including qualitative and quantitative factors are much different than those in the market and such factors are considered while selecting which others in the industry shall not consider.

It is always better to avail help from finance professionals who are Consultants like Falcoy Financial, having a registered license and a research background. The solutions for one’s finances ought to be sought from those who have sound technical expertise like those from a research background. It’s always better to stay away from those having a sales background providing financial services since they have their targets for which they receive bonuses and incentives. The consultancy tries to minimise paperwork to bring efficiency. At Falcoy Financial, they have a ‘No Mis-Selling’ policy. Since Falcoy Financial operates in a Fiduciary capacity, they tend to work in client’s interests and do not sell financial products. Rather, they provide customised solutions. Ethics are being followed in their consultancy consistently.

Planning forms an integral part of managing finances. Those who are HNIs require Planning to manage their finances and those who think they do not have sufficient funds to invest also require Planning to create wealth. Planning is not something that should be considered as optional as proper Planning brings efficiency.

Falcoy monitors the portfolio regularly. They have reporting mechanisms and IT systems in place to make the requisite changes as and when required as per the markets and requirements of the client. Visit ‘Videos’ page on www.falcoyfinancial.com to know more about their exciting solutions.

Leading the way – Mr. Nikhil Deshpande

Nikhil Deshpande, Founder, Falcoy Financial being MBA-Finance has corporate experience in the areas of Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Equity Research, Debt Research, Franchising, Portfolio Management, and Developing IT systems and also contributes Personal Finance articles. He happens to be a Financial Coach and successfully managed high net worth client portfolios and their finances. Mr.Nikhil was involved in advisory and research of broking companies for a leading global private equity company. He also has experience in Family Governance wherein he was responsible for creating Family Constitution for high net worth business families.

Falcoy Financial has helped clients earn decent returns and achieve their financial goals as well. The satisfaction of their clients is what Mr.Nikhil considers as his achievements of the entrepreneurial journey. Some of his clients were very happy to get their work done through Falcoy Financial since they have got sound financial advice backed by research expertise.

Mr.Nikhil says, “Stock market now is not like the 1980s-90s. It is well regulated by SEBI with the requisite system, processes, reporting, and surveillance mechanisms in place. The investors from India should invest in stock markets for wealth creation since only around 5% of Indians have invested in stock markets.”

Nikhil Deshpande admires Steve Jobs and Dhirubhai Ambani the most and their stories of Apple Inc. and Reliance Industries inspire him a lot.

He shares an important rule for investments:

  • Analyse your requirement, invest time in research, invest regularly.
  • Hire a Consultant having a research background who shall keep the client’s interests at the forefront and take care of your finances!

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Why Falcoy?

  • Adviser provides the right guidance imparts coaching and helps focus in the right direction to achieve the desired results. Even the talented ones need an Adviser. Hire Falcoy Financial to think differently and rationally.
  • Falcoy Financial solutions shall save your precious time thereby allowing you to focus on your work which is very helpful especially for Businessmen, HNIs, and NRIs. You can entrust your management of finances to Falcoy Financial. If you seek to bring a positive change in your life financially, connect with them on the bellow contact details.

Website: www.falcoyfinancial.com

Mob: +91 9930071171

Email: wm@falcoyfinancialcom

  • Why They Do? – To bring a change in the lives of investors
  • How They Do? – By working in a fiduciary capacity and challenging the status quo
  • What They Do? – Wealth Management & Financial Planning
  • You’re Benefit? – Sustainable wealth creation in the long term and peaceful sleep at night

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