AUGUST | 2022

Fastest Growing companies in Green Energy

Fastest Growing Companies in Green Energy features,

CIMtech: (CIMtech), is a Canada based Hydrogen fuel cell components & assemblies’ manufacturer. The company has recently doubled their footprint in Vancouver, Canada through an acquisition of a 10,000 sq. ft advanced manufacturing facility. This expansion will increase CIMtech Mfg. Green, operational capabilities by 200% to allow for increased service levels for their global customers in the green energy sector.

CIMtech Mfg. Green has been nominated as a Top 10 Manufacturing Company in Canada. CIMtech has been providing manufacturing services from proof of concept to scaled manufacturing for last 15 years. Their full turnkey solutions are paving the way for the development and manufacturing of fuel cell and electric vehicle components and assemblies. 

CIMtech-manufactured fuel cell components are utilized by global players such as Walmart, Amazon, and Home Depot for their hydrogen-powered forklift equipment. Fuel cell sub-assemblies manufactured by CIMtech Mfgare also utilized in hydrogen fuel-cell powered electric vehicles such as HYVIA delivery vans in Europe (Renault Group), FedEx airport tuggers at Albany International Airport in New York and hydrogen-fuel cell electric vehicles.

With over 15+ years in operation, CIMtech Mfg. has earned a reputation for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions that save clients both time and money; having effective systems, processes, and policies in place; and project history that demonstrates a depth of expertise and experience the company is set for rapid growth in green energy sector. Since CIMtech Mfg. is a key player in providing components and assemblies to fuel cell industries since 2006. The high growth for company started in 2015 when fuel cell industry started growing in significant way.

Since the company’s global customers demand was growing CIMtech decided to put core focus of their business on green energy sector. CIMtech Mfg. is striving to be industry leader in development of upcoming green energy technologies required to make a significant difference in carbon footprint. CIMtech Mfg. Green is already working with the largest global players in fuel cell industry and playing a significant role to excel their products from proof-of-concept prototypes to large scale manufacturing. 

Hydrogen fuel cell sector, a trillion-dollar industry is on a growth trend and CIMtech is paving way to serve its customers to become a vital player in hydrogen fuel cell sector.

CIMtech Mfg. manufacturing processes are managed by the company’s digital manufacturing processes, embracing INDUSTRY 4.0 smart manufacturing initiatives. With many years of expertise in fuel cell related parts & assemblies has given CIMtech an edge over its competitors to provide full TURNED KEY SOLUTIONS from proof of concept to large scale manufacturing under one roof.

DFM- has saved its customers millions of dollars to lower the cost of manufacturing. Zero Inventory Program- Ensures that their customers never run out of parts and always have a 100% delivery on time.

Utilizing many years of CIMtech expertise in manufacturing cost reduction and DFM techniques help their green energy customers to introduce new products to market quickly, gaining market share and revenue growth.