Finding your IKIGAI – For being a reason to get up in the Morning, to Live for

finding your ikigai

How To Find Your IKIGAI?

We all have come to this world with unique identities, personalities, problems, and realities. We are different in cultures, perceptions, and mentalities, but the thing that binds and hold us together are the basic human emotions and necessities. Everyone has different reasons to live for and different definitions and perceptions of success in their life. Some are happy with their current lifestyle, some wish for more, and some want more. There are a lot of emotions and driving forces behind an individual, making her/him work harder, be dedicated, and strive for their goals and success.

What is mean By IKIGAI?

The most important thing in an individual’s life is a reason or a goal that makes one get up in the morning, that doesn’t let one sleep, that keeps the person motivated and up and running. That aim or goal or a set of goals gives one’s life meaning and a reason to live and breathe for, this is called Ikigai. Ikigai is a Japanese word that translates for being a reason to get up in the morning, to live for.

Before finding out about your Ikigai, one needs to be in touch with oneself and aware of themselves to begin this search. As it rightly said that no one understands you more than you, thus one should know their strengths and weakness. Next comes finding one’s passion, there is always something that comes or feels natural to us. One needs to figure that out and search for the opportunities it can create for them. 

We have always heard that one should do something that they love, and it is completely true as that will not only give one utmost job satisfaction but will also be beneficial to those who will use your products/services. If one feels they are good at something, they should give that field a try as trying is the only way to find out which field or subject is for you or not. One should not overlook the fact that whatever one does, in the end, it’s the people who are going to use or consume it. Thus, one’s Ikigai is comprised of the impact one wants to have on the world.

Why you Should find Your IKIGAI?

Finding one’s Ikigai is not related to satisfaction in professional life but also gives one the feeling of completeness, thus improving one’s physical and mental health. Your Ikigai is not necessarily supposed to be something common or something that is accepted worldwide, one can take anything that they are inclined to, interested in, and turn it into a global scale. This will not only make a person work harder towards their goal but in a way, one is striving for something that could change the way the world works or consume various products and services. One should not only find their interest and inclination but should never forget to use it for the betterment of humankind.

Ikigai is something that one finds out in their life, they either search for it or stumble upon it but that should not change the way one looks at life or things. This is nothing less than a journey as there is no set age for one to find their passion or Ikigai, so always be open to experiences and things in life as they come.

Moreover, even if one does not find something that attracts or pulls them, which is highly unlikely, but one can create a passion or interest by reading and understanding different things or subjects. In the end, finding your Ikigai is not the sole reason or purpose to live, of course, it drives you to work harder and strive for perfection, and success in your life. One should always know that living and enjoying your life is also a priority and balancing is the key to happiness and your Ikigai.

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