Oracle founder Larry Ellison makes first-ever trip to Microsoft headquarters for cloud announcement

Oracle's Larry Ellison Visits Microsoft's Headquarters for Historic Cloud Announcement | The Enterprise World

Oracle and Microsoft Expand Collaboration with Data Center Integration

Oracle co-founder and technology chief, Larry Ellison, and Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, made a joint announcement at Microsoft’s headquarters, signaling an extension of their long-standing partnership. Oracle plans to integrate its Exadata hardware, containing servers for databases and storage, into Microsoft’s data centers. This collaboration will allow organizations using Microsoft’s Azure cloud to access Oracle database services seamlessly.

A New Chapter in Decades-Long Rivalry

Larry Ellison and Oracle have been competing with Microsoft in the database software arena for over three decades. Despite the rivalry, both companies are taking steps to cooperate more closely, leveraging each other’s strengths in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

For the first time in his career, Larry Ellison set foot in Microsoft’s headquarters outside Seattle, symbolizing a significant milestone in the partnership between the two tech giants. In a virtual presentation, Ellison expressed his appreciation for the collaboration’s expansion, stating, “It’s actually my first time in Redmond. It’s hard to believe. I waited till very late in my career to make this trip.”

The integration of Oracle’s Exadata hardware into Microsoft’s Azure data centers holds the promise of enhanced data storage capabilities. Organizations will be able to utilize Oracle’s database software within the Azure environment, eliminating the need for installing Oracle hardware in their own data centers or relying on Oracle’s public cloud.

Satya Nadella, reflecting on his early days at Microsoft, emphasized the significance of Oracle’s presence on the Windows NT platform, highlighting the long-standing partnership between the two companies. Nadella believes that the expanded collaboration will facilitate a smoother transition for companies moving their workloads from traditional data centers to the public cloud, enhancing efficiency and agility.

Oracle and Microsoft | partnership update

Hiring a detective firm to acquire information

Despite their ongoing competition in the cloud-based infrastructure market, Oracle and Microsoft are strategically aligning to cater to the evolving needs of their customers. Azure’s extensive reach and maturity position it as a leading cloud platform, while Oracle aims to retain its customer base while it explores other cloud options. Notably, Microsoft’s databases in Azure are also available for consideration by Oracle’s longstanding customers.

The history of rivalry between Oracle and Microsoft reached a peak in 2000 during Microsoft’s high-profile antitrust case. Oracle’s tactics included hiring a detective firm to acquire information from a Microsoft-backed trade group, revealing the intensity of their competition.

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