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Learn how any organization can use power skills through assessments, training, facilitation, and coaching with the help of flowprofiler®. 

People perform better at work when they are resilient, motivated, and emotionally aware. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of Enterprising Companies of the Year is flowprofiler® Global. . 

The Company: flowprofiler

flowprofiler® was launched in the UK in 2019. It was born from a fascination with personal excellence in the workplace and an ideal that everyone should have the opportunity to demonstrate this excellence in their roles.

Additionally, good employers should be able to expect that their people will bring the best version of themselves to the work that they do.

Seeing people who outperformed their set of circumstances to achieve and excel in unexpected ways is what inspired the spirit of flowprofiler.

“We continue to draw from the concept of flow state because it is Positive, Personal, and Powerful.”

Positive: flow is an aspirational state, it is a better way to live. 

Personal: your personal flow is as unique as you. 

Powerful: small changes result in big impacts and outcomes.

It has been designed for use in recruitment, talent retention, leadership, workplace culture, engagement, and team effectiveness. They deliver through their network of handpicked partners who share their vision of personal excellence at work.

Currently, flowprofiler® is represented in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and India. They are looking forward to bringing fflowprofiler®  to the Middle East in mid-2023. In addition, they are continuing their search for the right Partners in the USA and Canada. 

Overcoming the Challenges-

There were two primary challenges for flowprofiler® :

A steep learning curve:

flowprofiler®’s  professional growth curve became very steep. They needed to shift their mindset in the early phases of the development cycle from Management and Development Consultants to that of a tech start-up. 

They needed to learn the language of software developers as well as that of organizational psychologists. flowprofiler® also learned very early that errors can be very costly. This became a big incentive to learn fast.

Launching into the headwind of a pandemic:

Soon after launch, ran into the headwind of the Covid pandemic. Launching what is effectively a tech start-up, during a time when the world was adjusting to disruption and relentless change required some deep thought.

What Triggered The Growth?

The biggest trigger of growth was in early 2022 when the challenges of Covid began to subside in many countries and decision-makers had greater certainty and confidence in the condition of markets.

The Products and Services:

The flowprofiler® portfolio is rich with assessments, reports, training solutions, and capability pathways. Below we provide several examples as a sample featuring the unique aspects of:

  • flowprofiler® assessments
  • flowprofiler® reports
  • The flowprofiler® Retention through the Acquisition pathway

flowprofiler® Assessments:

flowprofiler® is primarily a family of validated psychometric assessments, eqflow®, resilienceflow®, motivationflow®, and the flowprofiler®.

Uniquely, their largest assessment flowprofiler® measures 18 dimensions (observable behaviors) across the four factors of resilience, motivation, emotional and social intelligence.

flowprofiler® assessments are state-based. Specifically, they measure 2 states. It measures how a person is behaving day-to-day and how they are behaving under pressure. The comparison between the two sets of data gives a deep insight into how an individual is adapting to adjust to the demands of their role. 

“Adaptive behavioral strategies are critical to professional success.

flowprofiler® Reports:

It is designed for use in recruitment,  professional development and, with teams. They offer their clients a variety of reports based on how they are using flowprofiler within their organizations:

The Team reports feature:
  • Aggregate results
  • Dimension-specific analysis across 2 states
  • Development considerations
  • Questions for team sessions
Use the flowprofiler® team reports:
  • For teams’ sessions
  • As a diagnostic tool (e.g., training needs analysis)
  • Within behavioral-based benchmarking exercises
The Development reports feature:
  • The individual’s results
  • Dimension-specific analysis across 2 states
  • Development considerations
  • Feedback for use in self-directed development
Use the flowprofiler® development reports for:
  • Professional development
  • Coaching sessions
  • Benchmarking exercises
  • Training needs analysis for behavioral-based competencies
The Management reports feature:
  • The individual’s results
  • Dimension-specific analysis across 2 states
  • Development considerations
  • Questions for the manager to ask in development sessions
Use the flowprofiler® management reports for:
  • 1:1 professional development sessions
  • Coaching sessions
The Interview reports feature:
  • The candidate’s results
  • Dimension-specific analysis across 2 states
  • Development considerations
  • Questions for the interviewer to ask in behavioral-based recruitment campaigns to assess for self-awareness and self-management strategies
Each report features:
  • Insights into what is being measured in the assessment and how the results are measured
  • Graphical presentation of results (day-to-day and under pressure)
  • Definitions for each dimension that is measured
  • Results presented as the raw data for each dimension (day-to-day and under pressure)
  • Detailed analysis of each dimension for each state
  • Self-reflection questions (development report)
  • Action planning template (development report)
flowprofiler® Pathways: 

flowprofiler® Pathways are learning journeys that bring capability and self-sufficiency to organizations in a particular business area. A popular Pathway in 2022 has been their Retention through Acquisition Programme.

Retention through Acquisition is designed to help organizations retain their future superstars. It features unique Fit → Secure → Engage framework.

flowprofiler® begins its journey by Benchmarking the behavioral requirements of the role in the areas of Aptitude, Attitude, and Approach. These 3As work together to ensure that clients have the right talent in the right role to ensure the best job-fit possible.

Further, they focus on how an organization can attract and appraise its future talent to secure its preferred candidate.

Here are some of the things they teach the learners:

How to write a compelling job ad based on the behavioral requirements of the role. This ensures they are speaking directly to the type of talent they wish to attract.

How to write behavioral-based interview questions so that they can assess a candidate’s ability to adapt to the changing demands of the workplace.

How to create a job offer that ensures their organization stands out in the crowd giving them the best chance of securing the talent of your choice.

Once they have secured their talent, then turns their attention to Onboarding. The Pathway shares several strategies to help learners plan for the first 8 weeks, prepare the environment, and integrate their successful candidate.

These strategies work together to engage their talent with the view of increasing their productivity in the first 90 days, increasing their engagement in the role, and increasing their chance of retaining them in the first 6 weeks.

The Retention through Acquisition pathway is based on 50 years of industry experience, helping organizations to optimize both process and capability within the business whilst integrating psychometric assessment and best practice approaches. Learners are supported by regular group coaching sessions with a certified flowprofiler® business coach.

Build capability

The Retention through Acquisition pathway is designed to build capability and competency within organizations. 

It has several benefits:

  • Consistency: This pathway standardizes internal processes
  • Cost-effective: Measurable recruitment and retention through stronger job fit, engagement, and development
  • Strong culture: This people-centric approach measures resilience, motivation drivers, and emotional and social intelligence through the flowprofiler® family of assessments
  • Empowerment: Every participant completing the Retention through Acquisition Pathway leaves with the skills and knowledge to operate autonomously and successfully
  • Long-term impact: The pathways build capability in managing retention and development across the employee lifecycle
  • Best in class: Based on over 50 years of experience

The pathway leverages insights into the emotional and social intelligence, resilience, and motivation of candidates from the family of assessments to improve success in both recruitment and retention.

Learning platform | flowprofiler® learn

Retention through Acquisition is delivered via a blended learning platform. The Learner benefits from a program of online skills development modules enhanced by coaching interventions at specific milestones.

Each of the 9 self-driven modules include:

  • Step-by-step chapters with video tutorials
  • Quizzes
  • Practical downloadable worksheets and planners
  • Regular business coaching sessions
  • Live training
  • Access to flowprofiler® assessments
  • These elements work together to ensure a flexible and engaging user experience. 
  • The flowprofiler® learning platform is:
  • Flexible: Materials are on demand allowing learners to choose their own pace
  • Engaging: Full of tips, tools, tutorials, quizzes, coaching, and downloadable material
  • High completion rate: Easy to use, engaging, and supported by live coaching
  • Tools and templates: Modules include relevant tips, tools, and templates to apply learned skills at the workplace
  • Progress checker: Easy to monitor completion progress for each learning
  • Ongoing reference resource: Users can revisit sections as many times as needed or even as a refresher as specific topics become relevant
Business coaching:

Learners have access to regular group business coaching sessions with a certified business coach. 

Benefits of Business coaching:
  • Is personal: Allowing for direct engagement with our specialists to ask specific questions
  • Keeps momentum: Coaching appointments serve as a deadline and provide an opportunity to check-in
  • Transfers knowledge: Leverage the expertise and experience of your business coach
  • Is flexible: Delivered as a multi-business session for learners who favor networking or a company-specific bespoke approach
  • Motivates: Follow-up sessions allow for any questions about the specific application in the context of the client’s own process
The Work Culture and Keeping the Motivation High:

flowprofiler®’s work culture revolves around collaboration, shared purpose, recognizing good performance, and trust. These traits are shared within their employees, Partners, and supplier networks. 

Speaking to The Enterprise World the MD of flowprofiler® , Beck Chalmers said that she  believes they would have trouble keeping a positive workplace culture without each of these key engagement drivers being actively demonstrated, daily. 

In addition, everyone at flowprofiler® lives by their personal excellence framework of Awareness, Action, and Accountability.
  • Awareness: Being aware of our behavior and the impact on others
  • Action: Taking action to modify and manage our behavioral strengths and opportunities
  • Accountability: Turning up every day and working hard to adopt the teachings from flowprofiler® 

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