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Although the era of entrepreneurship has dawned, starting their own business is still a dream for many. In the ferociously-competitive market, it is difficult for leaders to start and establish their businesses. The concept of franchising, in these cases, has turned out to be a blessing for such individuals who want to start their own businesses but lack the expertise and budget to do so.

Thanks to numerous advantages such as continuous assistance, increased brand recognition, lower failure rates, built-in customer base, etc., the franchise industry has seen steep growth over the past few years. As the number of opportunities is increasing, the competition among businesses is also getting tougher. Excelling the competition, BooXkeeping Franchise is a leading franchisor transforming the bookkeeping industry with a contemporary approach. 

A Franchise Opportunity that Works

BooXkeeping Franchise is an opportunity to own a bookkeeping business that maximizes profitability by creating a network of small-business customers and offering them comprehensive bookkeeping services at an affordable price. Its flexible bookkeeping franchise opportunity provides franchisees with all training and support and helps them build a successful business. Here are some of the advantages BooXkeeping provides.

Flexible for your goals:

As franchisees can start their business from anywhere, owning a BooXkeeping franchise allows them the freedom to grow as fast as they would like and set up their own pace. 

Low Start-up Investment:

BooXkeeping franchise costs are significantly less than most franchises due to low initial staffing needs and the ability to operate the business from virtually anywhere,

A Brand to Count On:

Unlike freelance bookkeepers, BooXkeeping franchisees have the advantages of being backed by a trusted brand, built-in processes, and 360-degree support. 

No Experience Required:

Franchisees do not have to have bookkeeping experience or be a financial professional as long as they have good people skills and can focus on business development. 

Help with Staffing and Marketing:

BooXkeeping Franchise provides everything franchisees need to get started, including a local online presence, and local marketing.Also, the Franchisor can recruit, train and house professional accounts to performthe day-to-day bookkeeping functions. This allows franchisees to concentrate more on growth, and on taking their businesses to the next level.

Outstanding Training and Support:

BooXkeeping Franchise treats franchisees like family. It invests heavily in world-class training, the latest technology, and reliable vendors, and provides unmatched ongoing support to ensure its partners are successful. 

The Competitive Edge:

BooXkeeping Franchise provides franchisees with a significant advantage over other bookkeeping opportunities, making it a great fit for a wide variety of entrepreneurs with unique backgrounds. 

Making Most of the Opportunities

Bookkeeping Franchise is not the most common franchise opportunity people are looking for, so educating potential candidates was the biggest challenge BooXkeeping Franchise had to cope with. However, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived as a blessing in disguise for the company. The fact that people can work remotely, and it was safe and reliable, were some of the only few positives coming out of the pandemic. 

During the pandemic, BooXkeeping witnessed a surge in demand for both remote bookkeeping and remote franchise opportunities. Currently, with the slowdown in the economy, the company is seeing even higher demand from business owners looking to outsource overhead functions as well as from people who lost their corporate jobs to own and operate their own businesses. 

Unrivaled Success

According to the BooXkeeping 2022 Franchise Development Document, 1 unit of BooXkeeping has an Average Gross Annual Revenue of $385,000 with an Average Gross Profit of $178,000. Max Emma (CEO of BooXkeeping Franchise, Inc.) attributes the company’s success to its culture—which was developed a long time ago when BooXkeeping started, as many businesses did, in a garage. Everyone who joins BooXkeeping Franchise either as an employee or as a franchisee is aligned with its culture, or they all follow separate ways. Here are the values that show how BooXkeeping is redefining the bookkeeping industry, using hashtag #coolbeancounters: 

  • We believe in being cool
  • We believe in acceptance and support
  • We believe in constant growth
  • We believe in personal and professional lives fully integrating into the life
  • Our BooXkeepers are cool!
  • Our franchisees are cooler!
  • Our clients are the coolest!
  • Are you ready to be cool?

Scalability and Sustainability

BooXkeeping Franchise helps franchisees increase business scalability and sustainability by giving them a blueprint on how to run a successful and profitable business. As a saying goes, “Smart people learn from their mistakes, and wise people learn from someone else’s,” BooXkeeping Franchise shares its experience with the franchisees. This empowers them to learn from what the company was doing wrong when it did not have anybody to lean on at the beginning of its bookkeeping journey, and what it knows as a team now. 

The company gives its franchisees freedom in making decisions. While most of the other bookkeeping franchises make their franchisees use only one accounting software, BooXkeeping trains its franchisees in multiple options and lets them pick and work with as many as they would like.

Also, we listen to our franchisees—if they have an idea that can benefit them and the other franchisees, we welcome and encourage it!” adds Max.  

An Intriguing Journey

BooXkeeping Franchise is a brainchild of Max, who is leveraging his avid experience across different industries to drive the company forward. Max received a degree in Finance after immigrating to the U.S.A from Eastern Europe over 30 years ago. After getting a degree in Finance, he worked for QUALCOMM for about 4 years before leaving the company to become an entrepreneur. 

Initially, Max joined his family’s construction business, eventually taking it over and growing it from 3 to 96 employees. Afterwards, the recession hit, and the new construction practically stopped in California. To cope with the situation, Max opened a landscape maintenance company, which he successfully sold a fewyears later. 

In 2011, Max started BooXkeeping Franchise with his co-founder out of a garage, eventually growing to become a nationwide provider of bookkeeping services to various franchise systems in the US. And recently the idea of sharing knowledge led the duo to start BooXkeeping Franchise, which is now available in 38 states and the US Territories. 

Talking about the challenges along his way, Max says, “When I had to shut down my construction business after years of success, I thought that it was the end of the world, something I would never be able to overcome.” He adds that getting over it and having the courage to move forward was the biggest achievement of his entrepreneurial journey. Getting the first bookkeeping client 12 years ago, and then selling the first BooXkeeping Franchise were the keystones in Max’s continuous and exciting adventure with BooXkeeping. 


Talking about the BooXkeeping employees, Max says,

The members of  the BooXkeeping team are not my employees, they are family! We are on this journey together and what we are doing together is not teamWORK, in my opinion, it is teamLIFE.” At BooXkeeping, a BooXkeeper is highly encouraged to share thoughts, feelings, growth challenges and pleasures, personal and professional passions, concerns, ideas, and suggestions with peers and management. 

Advice for the Aspiring

When asked about a piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, Max mentioned that there are a lot of people around us who are more knowledgeable than we are, and they are willing to help!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, ask for an advice. The ultimate decision to do something or not is ours, and noone else’s, however, it is much easier to make it when you hear different point of views!” he concludes. 


“With over 12 years of experience, we have policies and procedures for everything that our franchisees might face in their business journey. And even though many companies have those, the trick is to make it a ‘living’ document that gets updated and improved on a regular basis.”

“My business coach has recently taught me that the role of a manager is to fix what’s not working, while the role of an entrepreneur is to challenge what is working. I’m defienetly a challenger, along with my team, redefining one of the oldest industries.”

“Our BooXkeeping Team is not my employees, they are family! We are on this journey together, and what we are doing together is not TeamWORK, in my opinion, it is TeamLIFE”

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